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January 10, 2017

Trump: ‘You’re Fired’—Except for Putin

“You’re fired.” Donald Trump’s (DT) favorite sentence on The Apprentice has circled the world. In a break with decades of precedent, he has ordered all politically appointed ambassadors, 39 in all, to return to the United States by Inauguration Day. The order was given two days before Christmas, about the time that DT was offering ambassadorships to booking agents who could find performers for his inauguration. New ambassadors to all these countries have to be individually confirmed by the Senate. Forget any continuity; DT is king.

DT’s ten-year-old son gets to stay in his New York school after his inauguration, but ambassadors’ children will be left in limbo. For example, Stafford Fitzgerald Haney, U.S. ambassador to Costa Rica, has four school age children, and his wife is fighting breast cancer. A question for DT’s Secretary of State nominee, Rex Tillerson, is whether he thinks that diplomats should be treated in this manner.

“You’re fired” is also what DT said to the head of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and his deputy. This $12 billion-a-year agency “maintains and enhances the safety, security, and effectiveness of the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile.” That includes responding to nuclear emergencies throughout the world, keeping the Navy in its guarding against terrorists acquiring nuclear material, and caring for the nation’s 7,000 weapons. For the first time since its creation in 2000 that the agency has no one in charge of this responsibility or its 2,300 employees. Never fear, however, because one of these days Rick Perry may be in charge as Secretary of Energy.

There are denials that the people in the top two NNSA positions were “fired,” but Gizmodo reported that “the Trump transition team has not asked the top two NNSA officials to stay on until they can be replaced.” Still sounds like being fired on the first day. And no replacements have been named.

No one knows how many more government officials will received the message of “You’re fired!” The executive branch has between 3,000 and 4,000 positions requiring a presidential appointment, and over 1,200 of these need to be confirmed by the Senate. In a recent petty DT act by DT,  he fired Charles Brotman, 89, by email and replaced him with a DT campaign volunteer. Brotman has served as official announcer for every inauguration parade since the second one for Dwight Eisenhower in 1957. That’s 11 inaugurations and 60 years.

DT will most likely not fire Vladimir Putin because of DT’s heavy financial involvement with Russia. Human rights lawyer Scott Horton has been investigating Financial Times studies that show how Russian crime lords bailed DT out of his seventh bankruptcy in the past decade and the cancellation of all his bank lines of credit.


One of DT’s many lies is that he’s a good businessman, but the above graph shows his failure during a decade from 1995 to 2005. That sham of a successful enterprise came from millions of dollars from Russian businesses fronting for mobsters and the GRU, the military intelligence service of the Russian Federation which was formerly the Red Army of the Soviet Union. One of the actors in DT’s pretend success is Sergei Millian, head of the Russian American Chamber of Commerce (RACC) in the U.S. when Donald Trump, Jr. explained the Trump solvency as coming from “money pouring in from Russia.”

Millian denied that the RACC has any relationship to the Russian government, but former Russian MP Konstantin Borovoi cited the chamber as a front for intelligence operations dating back to Soviet times. Millian called himself the Trump “exclusive broker,” and “in 2007-2008, dozens of Russians bought apartments in Trump properties in the US.” He told ABC television that the Trump Organization had received “hundreds of millions of dollars” through deals with Russian businessmen. DT denied any association with Millian despite documents and photos.

Another Financial Times article shows DT at the center of a money-laundering scheme when he used his real estate deals to hide both his infusion of Russian capital and launder hundreds of millions of dollars looted by Russian oligarchs through selling his apartments at highly inflated costs. The companies created for the laundering network were created in April 2013, a week before one LLC paid another LLC hundreds of millions of dollars in cash to buy apartments in Trump Soho—all transactions with companies having undisclosed ownership. DT’s only obligation was to ignore the background for the deal and deny any knowledge of ownership, as in the case of the Fort Lauderdale project, Bayrock.

Jody Kriss, a former Bayrock finance director, claimed the backers included “hidden interests in Russia and Kazakhstan.” Both Bayrock and DT were based in Trump Tower and collaborated in deals around the world. DT said that he had no idea who owned Bayrock, yet he was a partner who represented and took money from this corporation totaling hundreds of millions of dollars throughout the world.

DT’s involvement with Russian money came from his multiple corporate bankruptcies removing his ability to heavily borrow in the U.S. In the 2000s, he had become an entertainer who licensed his name to businesses wanting a brand. He was bankrupt but appeared to be a “successful businessman,” allowing him to carry out massive criminal activities. His only value was his image. DT still had some degree of ownership in apartments and buildings, and foreign crime bosses needs a place to hide their money.

Reports emerged today that both President Obama and DT have been briefed on compromising personal and financial information that Russian have about DT. The two-page synopsis was attached to a report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. It shows that Russia had material harmful to both political parties but chose to release only what damaged Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. The sources were credible enough to inform President Obama and DT.

The FBI was aware last August about the content of the memos that include contact between DT aides and Russian operatives as well as graphic sexual acts documented by the Russians. Whether this information is accurate has not been made public, but the United States has serious problems with just an indication that Russia can blackmail the president of the United States. Kellyanne Conway, DT’s counselor, said he is “not aware” about any briefing, but she also said that people shouldn’t believe anything he says.

Without DT’s tax returns, no one may never find out the extent of DT’s involvement  with the Russians. Yet he got money, oligarchs hid their money, and Russia got the U.S. president. And DT can’t afford to say to Russia, “You’re fired.” The real losers are the DT supporters who believed his lies about getting them jobs and a better future.

DT’s overriding motivation is revenge. His hatred for Barack Obama came with the president’s jokes at a White House Correspondent’s Dinner and throughout the years as he expressed his loathing for the “elites.” Right now he may be planning action against Meryl Streep and the Golden Globes because of Streep’s anti-bullying speech last Sunday. DT has evidenced no human decency, and now he’s in charge of millions of people who will be trampled by his fragile ego.

DT’s first press conference in six months is scheduled for tomorrow at 11:00 EST. The topic is supposedly how he plans to “divest” himself to avoid conflicts of interest. Will he show up? Will he spin? Will he lie? Last question is a no-brainer.


November 1, 2014

GOP Hopes to Exchange Fear for Votes

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Halloween is gone for 2014, but the GOP is still pouring on the fear to garner votes this next Tuesday. If they can’t stop people from voting by mandating photo IDs, then they hope to terrify them into voting for conservatives.

Conservative candidates try to convince people that ISIL is working with Mexican drug cartels to get into the United States. Senate candidates David Perdue (Georgia) and Tom Cotton (Arkansas) are pushing this thoroughly debunked idea even if their states aren’t on the border. Cotton went so far as to use his ads to disseminate terror footage provided by ISIL.

The most popular false claim just three days before the general election is that Ebola can be stopped only by banning all travel from West Africa. Scott Brown, GOP senatorial candidate in New Hampshire, is running ads that diseased people will be pouring across the southern border, ostensibly with all those ISIL warriors.

Pushing his conservative credentials, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has joined the “party of stupid” by claiming that human-caused climate change is a “Trojan horse” that liberals invented to push their economic agenda.

Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK ) invented the story that the new Common Core curriculum is an invention of socialism. Rep. State Rep. Charles Van Vant added that Common Core will cause children to be “homosexual.”

GOP Joni Ernst, ahead in the Iowa battle for U.S. senator, claims that the president is a dictator who is a threat to Congress. The Affordable Care Act is so frightening to Ernst that she wants to arrest the officials who implement it. Liberals are trying to kill innocent eggs, according to Ernst, so she wants to give them “personhood” rights and end not only abortion but also contraception. The immigrants are so fearsome that she wants to make English the official language of the United States. Her solution for people who displease her is to shoot them.

Rep. Don Young (R-AK) talked about how people commit suicide because they lack support from friends and family at Wasilla High School where a student had recently killed himself. He followed this statement the next day by saying the handouts from the government also make people kill themselves.

Thom Tillis, North Carolina’s GOP candidate for the senate, wants people to be afraid of criminals and blacks. As state House Speaker, he supported the repeal of a law allowing death-row inmates to appeal their sentences with evidence of racial bias because it didn’t honor white Republicans. He also agrees with Ernst in banning contraception and any abortion as well as agreeing with Jindal in the “Trojan horse” of a belief in human-caused climate change.

Other terrors spread by conservatives are the fear of an increase in the pay equity although Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is now claiming that he supports it in his campaign re-election. He actually did away with it in Wisconsin.

Fear of freedom of religion is a focus of Jody Hice, running for a U.S. representative from Georgia. Lack of religion in the schools has caused the mass shootings, according to Hice. He’s also opposing the “judicial terrorists” who want to give religious rights to everyone in the United States. In his book It’s Now or Never: A Call to Reclaim America, he spreads the fear of Muslims, who “[don’t] deserve First Amendment protection,” and gay people who try to “sodomize” children and persecute Christians.

Another fear that Hice spreads is that of federal officials trying to make people obey the law. He praised the armed militia groups at the Cliven Bundy ranch in Nevada who threatened violence against law enforcement officers. His position is that everyone should have the right to “any, any, any, any weapon that our government and law enforcement possesses,” including “bazookas and missiles,” to fight the government. He also spreads fear of Central American children fleeing violence in their home countries and coming into the United States, proposing militia groups at the country’s southern border.

Glenn Grothman, candidate for U.S. representative in Wisconsin, campaigns on fear of unions because they fight for a five-day work week and paid sick leave. Water disinfection programs are another fear that Grothman spreads. Another fear is “women” because “gals” are ruining the United States in their “war on men.” Single motherhood is terrifying because it is “a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect.”

Not content with just opposing gay rights in the U.S., Grothman also defended a Ugandan law that makes homosexuality a crime punishable by sentences including life in prison. He even suggested that “unbelievable” American criticism of Uganda’s law would prompt God to punish the United States. Homosexuality needs to be controlled by life imprisonment.

As an Oregon resident, I have the opportunity to oppose Monica Wehby for senator. Although she claims to be pro-choice and pro-marriage equality, she didn’t support these issues until after she had won the primary, indicating that it’s a short-term position. Her other positions are echoed by most GOP candidates across the country:

  • Repeal the Affordable Care Act
  • Support the Hobby Lobby decision that takes contraception from women
  • Oppose the Paycheck Fairness Act
  • Incentivize businesses in sending jobs offshore
  • Reduce taxes, including those for corporations
  • Eliminate federal minimum wage
  • Set all school curriculum at local level
  • Leave “all options on the table” regarding Social Security (meaning get rid of it)
  • Secure the border before any immigration reform; deport most undocumented immigrants
  • Stop new EPA regulations
  • Protect forestry industry from lawsuits
  • Oppose expansion of background checks on gun purchases
  • Send ground troops to Middle East
  • Avoid the U.N. Arms Treaty

A few months ago, David Sarasohn, my favorite Oregonian columnist, wrote that Wehby had hit the trifecta of candidate disasters: “embarrassing revelations, plagiarized positions and debate refusals.” Wehby copied material from conservative websites and from her primary opponent for her own website. She first refused to debate her opponent, before she changed her mind to do one debate in the less-populated southern part of the state. And reporters found that she was the subject of three police calls for domestic disturbance against both an ex-husband and an ex-boyfriend.

Although Wehby, a pediatric neurosurgeon, was touted as a medical expert, her health care plans were lifted from Karl Rove. When asked about this, her spokesperson said,”Dr. Wehby is too busy performing brain surgery on sick children to respond, sorry.” She wasn’t. Even after she took her website down to remove the copied material, there was still more when the website became active again.

Sarasohn missed the one about her investment in a company that owes $100,000 in back taxes. Throughout her campaign she used her private sector experience as a doctor to prove that she can “create jobs” in a small business.

Republicans likely selected the unknown Monica Wehby because of her gender, hoping that women would rally around her in the largely blue Oregon. As of last week, only 22 percent of women polled are supporting Wehby.

Almost exactly six years ago on the night that Barack Obama was elected president for the first time, Sen. Mitch McConnell secretly gathered his minions and declared, ““Our No. 1 priority is to make this president a one-term president.” Today, he promised to end gridlock if the people elect enough GOP senators to dominate the chamber. The Minority Leader of the Senate is promising that a GOP minority in the senate will continue to take hostages until the country gives in to his blackmail. This is the real fear that voters should have, electing terrorists to Congress.

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