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September 20, 2020

DDT Continues Hubris, Stupidity

Friday, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died after a lifetime of fighting for equal rights. Minutes after learning of her death, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Dictator Donald Trump (DDT) announced they would immediately put another radical right justice on the Supreme Court to allow the 6-3 majority take human rights away from the people in the United States. Both DDT and the senators who think that they will make the decision were elected by a minority of the people in the U.S.

One question is how the people of the United States feel about their power-hungry grab. Sunday’s Reuters/Ipsos poll find 62 percent of the voters oppose DDT’s plan to get Ginsburg’s replacement into the court before the next inauguration. Even half the Republicans disagree with DDT’s and McConnell’s plans. Thirty percent said they are more likely to vote for Joe Biden to make the replacement compared to 25 percent of those for another DDT term.

Healthcare is an vital consideration for voters. In 2018, people put a majority of Democrats in the House because they were afraid of losing the Affordable Care Act. In October, the Supreme Court will hear a case from AG Bill Barr to overturn the ACA, and a new justice this fall would definitely vote with other conservatives to do that. Biden said:

“If he succeeds, insurers can once again discriminate or drop coverage completely for people living with preexisting conditions like asthma, diabetes, cancer, and so many other problems. And perhaps most cruelly of all, if President Trump has his way, the complications from COVID-19.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) added:   

“If the president thinks this isn’t about the coronavirus, it is. It’s about health care. So the president is rushing to make some kind of a decision because he — November 10th is when the arguments begin on the Affordable Care Act. He doesn’t want to crush the virus. He wants to crush the Affordable Care Act.” 

DDT and his supporters keep destroying themselves though hubris and stupidity, and this week was full of it.

Earlier this week from black humor came from DDT’s ad asking the people of U.S. to “support our (Russian) troops” to “Make America Great Again.” The image uses a stock photo of Russian-made fighter jets and Russian models dressed as soldiers. It’s not the first time DDT’s campaign has used stock photography from outside the U.S. in its advertising.

Two days ago, DDT collapsed a deal with the pharmaceutical industry to lower drug prices for seniors by trying to force companies to mail $100 cash cards to millions of people on Medicare. Officials don’t want to be seen standing with him in the Rose Garden while he holds up a huge card and gloats over an “October surprise” election boost. Public affairs VP Priscilla VanderVeer of the industry’s biggest trade group said:

“One-time savings cards will neither provide lasting help, nor advance the fundamental reforms necessary to help seniors better afford their medicines.”

Last weekend, DDT signed an executive order claiming to lower Medicare drug prices to match the lowest prices in other nations, but as usual, the order only orders an agency to look into the possibility. When the drug industry backed off of giving DDT the push for election, chief-of-staff Mark Meadows threatened the companies with claiming the industry backed off over sharing costs. Industry officials, however, stated they had reached accord until DDT insisted on the pre-election distribution of cards. DDT is also claiming he can get companies to give away vaccines which he lies about being widely distributed in October, and he extended an offshore oil drilling for Florida, a possibly swing state.

The good news for Puerto Rico is DDT’s claim he will give billions of funding to the territory after frequently calling them “corrupt. Asked why he’s pushing for the aid close to the election, he claimed he’s “been working on it for a long time.” His reversal of attitude may have been inspired by Joe Biden’s introduction of a recovery plan for the island.

The collection of Republicans speaking out for Biden at the Democratic convention and joining the anti-DDT groups include governors, senators, House members, and cabinet secretaries from several GOP administrations. Republicans found a few Democrats for his convention, but none had been elected to either state or federal positions. Now the GOP has created “Democrat Voters against Joe Biden.” The group may be mythical; real Democrats would use the accurate name “Democratic Voters” which Republicans rarely do. The Daily Beast also wrote:

“Those involved, however, do include a Republican operative whose group illicitly funneled millions into political contests, a longtime Trump fan whose son works for the president’s campaign, and a self-described celebrity psychic who’s taught best practices for exorcisms.”

A project of the conservative Americans for Responsible Government, Democrat Voters against Joe Biden is not required to disclose donors. The Facebook page has only 188 followers; one of the few videos was made by Tracy Chavez, a DDT supporter from the 1980s. A website was supposedly set up in July, and the language is similar to the Republican Voters against Trump with Biden’s name substituted for that of DDT.

Republicans have formed another group to defeat DDT—the Republican Political Alliance for Integrity and Reform (REPAIR). The 26 people listed as advisers include conservative former officials of Reagan’s, both Bushes’, and DDT’s administrations as well as an unnamed senior official still in the government. Miles Taylor, co-founder of REPAIR, resigned from being HHS chief of staff in 2019. Adviser Olivia Troye, former homeland security, counterterrorism, and coronavirus adviser to VP Mike Pence for two years, said she will vote for Biden although she voted only Republican until 2016. DDT’s has a “flat out disregard for human life, and his “main concern was the economy and his reelection,” according to Troye who was an active participant in the virus task force. Her interview included details of how DDT ignored discussions in the task force to deliver an opposite message at odds with scientific recommendations or the administration’s own data. An op-ed for the Wall Street Journal minimizing fears of a second virus wave, which she was required to help write, “was ludicrous.” More here.

The growing civil death toll in Yemen has increased the risks of U.S. officials being charged for war crimes for selling bombs and other weapons to Saudi Arabia and their partners. DDT and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have tried to block the International Criminal Court (ICC) as well as conceal the expansion of its Saudi sales to UAE and other Middle East nations as the basis of DDT’s foreign policy. During the past five years, the U.S. has provided material support to the Saudi-led coalition that killed over 127,000 people including 13,500 civilians. The ICC already ruled its prosecutor could investigate U.S. actions in Afghanistan. After a State Department lawyer determined the U.S. could be charged with war crimes from its involvement in attacking Yemen, President Obama blocked the sale of precision-guided bombs. DDT immediately delivered them and looked for more sales of $8.1 billion, including 120,000 bombs and bomb parts to the Saudis and Emiratis. Lawmakers blocked shipments for two years until Pompeo circumvented Congress with an emergency declaration over Iran. The review from Inspector General Steve Linick documented the history of legal worries in a report which can increase legal risks. Linick was fired last spring.

DDT wants “blue states” to not be a part of the U.S.; if so, he would be left with this mess:

  • Highest poverty rates: Mississippi, New Mexico, Louisiana, West Virginia, and Alabama. (Three are controlled by GOP governors, and all except New Mexico voted for DDT.)
  • Least educated states: Mississippi, West Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Alabama. (All DDT-supporting states, only Louisiana has a Democratic governor.)
  • Most violent crime per 100,000 residents: Alaska, New Mexico, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Nevada. (Three of the five are DDT states led by Republicans.)
  • Most dependent on federal handouts (the “taker” states): New Mexico, Kentucky, Mississippi, West Virginia, and Montana. (Four of five voted for DDT in 2016, and three have GOP governors.)
  • Highest per capita of COVID-19 cases: Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Iowa, (All went for DDT in 2016, and eight have Republican governors.)

A new study claiming to prove COVID-19 was manufactured in a Chinese lab came from groups created by Steve Bannon, DDT’s former strategist who has been arrested for felony fraud charges. No peer review of the study has been indicated, and virologists disagree with the findings.

Jon Stewart is back on Capitol Hill, this time fighting for veterans’ issues including the affect of toxic fumes from trash burn pits during their Iraq and Afghanistan deployments. Stewart wants a law to make veterans—as many as 3.5 million—eligible for benefits if they suffer from medical conditions tied to burn pits such as cancers, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In the past, Stewart pushed for a law supporting 9/22 emergency responders. Joe Biden has connected these substances to his son’s fatal brain cancer after Beau Biden served in the Iraq War.

DDT continues to fail in managing the COVID-19 crisis. Unemployment last week added over one million if adjusted for the prior method of identifying new unemployment benefit applications, new virus cases rose 33,344 bring the total to over seven million—7,004,76800—and total deaths to 204,118. And he wants people to lose their health care.  

September 19, 2020

DDT: Week 191 – Failing the Nation

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Charlie Pierce wrote this week Dictator Donald Trump (DDT) should resign because he “failed to put his nation’s interests first.” His example was CDC’s “guidance” to not test people without symptoms of COVID-19 even if they were exposed to coronavirus. The directive on CDC website was not written by CDC; it came from DDT’s minions at HHS and placed it into CDC’s website without any scientific review process. DDT’s employees, Michael Caputo and his sidekick Paul Alexander, commonly “fixed” documents so they would match DDT’s comments. After this discovery, Caputo took a 60-day leave and Alexander left HHS, but DDT will find more political hacks to do his bidding. The New York Times has emails proving Caputo and Alexander trying to muzzle CDC

Fortunately, DDT has conservative media, including USA Today, to cover for him. Instead of blaming the pressure from DDT to falsify CDC reports and “rewriting” of CDC reports by Caputo and Alexander, USA Today lays the blame with CDC with only a weak paragraph at the end of a very long article insinuating DDT has the some responsibility.

A few more times revealed last week when DDT failed the nation:

ICE is regularly sterilizing migrant women without their knowledge or permission under their assumption she was being treated for simple problems related to cysts or menses, according to a whistleblower. How many women is not known: nine lawyers have reported the situation, but most immigrants don’t have lawyers. One woman, 30-year-old Pauline Binam brought to the U.S. from Cameroon when she was two, had an ovarian tube removed without her permission. When the situation came to light, Binam was immediately put on a plane to be deported until congressional members got her off the plane. Her lawyer filed an emergency stay. There is yet no evidence of “mass hysterectomies” but even a few unnecessary is too many except for DDT supporters.

People with apps may be receiving DDT’s fear-mongering advertisements after his campaign paid Phunware $4 million for data from ordinary app users.

Still blaming China for his problems, DDT banned any downloading of the popular TikTok app starting tomorrow. Because people can continue to use the apps, they have created a run on downloading the apps. TikTok has been sold to Oracle, and DDT said he approved “in concept” the deal forced by declaring the app a national security threat. The app came on DDT’s radar when young people used it to fake a huge crowd for DDT’s Tulsa (OK) rally that filled less than one-third of his venue. DDT still claims the government is receiving a large cash payment as part of the requirement for his approval, but the “deal” might be illegal.   Earlier, DDT admitted the government can’t profit from video app TikTok’s sale to a U.S. company.  Over 100 million young people, most of them in the U.S., have access to TikTok which DDT could then use.

A report from Brown University shows that the U.S. “war on terror” has caused at least 31 million people to flee their homes in six violent wars started by George W. Bush: Afghanistan (5.3 million); Pakistan (3.7 million); Iraq (9.2 million); Libya (1.2 million); and Syria (7.1 million); Yemen (4.4 million). The U.S. has allowed under 1 million of these 31 million refugees since 2002. After DDT bragged about all the troops he pulled out of the Middle East, the Pentagon is now “quietly” sending troops to Syria because encounters between the U.S. and Russia have escalated.

When asked about DDT’s “secret” health plan, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said reporters who want information should “work here at the White House.” It’s apparently so secret that his health officials—assistant HHS secretary Brett Giroir, HHS assistant secretary for preparedness and response Robert Kadlec, and CDC director Robert Redfield—know nothing about it. McEnany said the new “much better” plan involves a “wide array of people.” Just come “work here at the White House.” Or maybe just follow the solution for COVID-19: leave out the “blue states.”

While DDT promises a non-existent health plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, people could lose everything if DDT puts his person on the Supreme Court. That action would guarantee a Supreme Court ruling against the ACA in the midst of a pandemic to and remove ACA’s valuable provisions including the part of the law mandating insurance companies allow pre-existing conditions. At least half the people in the U.S. have pre-existing conditions, making them potentially uninsurable without the ACA, and the number grows by tens of thousands each day because COVID-19 infections are considered “pre-existing.” Republicans know how important permitting pre-existing conditions for health care is to their voters. Four senators with uncertain reelections try to hide their votes to deny healthcare insures with pre-existing conditions: Steve Daines (MT), Cory Gardner (CO), David Perdue (GA), and Martha McSally (AZ).

Thanks to DDT’s sycophant, AG Bill Barr, an investigation into the finances of International Association of Fire Fighters, the union representing 320,000 firefighters and paramedics throughout the U.S and Canada, after IAFF endorsed Joe Biden.

Venezuela’s government said it had detained eight people, including U.S. citizen Matthew John Heath, planning to blow up power plants and oil facilities. They were traveling with heavy arms, explosives, surveillance footage, and cash to destabilize the government. Last May, two former Green Berets were detained in a plot to oust the duly elected president and sentenced to 20 months in prison.

In another persecution of refugees, a Florida immigration detention center is giving Muslims the choice of eating rotten food in their religiously compliant or halal meals or pork. When Muslims went to a chaplain for help, he said, “It is what it is.”

A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court ruled 2-1 that DDT can deport over 300,000 undocumented immigrants with “temporary protected status” from El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Sudan because of disasters such as wars and natural disasters. Despite this ruling, a New York federal judge’s injunction preventing the deportation of Haitians stays in place. The two judges were appointed by DDT and George W. Bush.

A federal judge in western Pennsylvania, appointed by DDT, ruled against the governor’s lockdown of businesses and restrictions in numbers at gatherings to save people’s lives from COVID-19. (A lockdown can reduce the spread of the virus by 70 percent.) To justify his decision, the judge used the Supreme Court ruling Lochner v. New York (1905) in which five justices determined the relationship between businesses and workers is outside government regulators. That case was used for the next 30 years to strike down almost all public policies, including minimum-wage laws, to protect workers: labor laws were an unconstitutional interference into a “liberty of contract.” Therefore, people accepting a job also accept everything coming with the employment—wages, hours, working conditions, etc. If they don’t approve, they should get another job. Since Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Lockner era began to disappear, but justices such as Clarence Thomas want it to reappear.

The judge’s ingenious Lochner idea may allow meatpackers to abuse their workers, force them to work closely together while infected with COVID-19, and endanger public health with contaminated food. The meat industry wrote DDT’s executive order recommending meatpackers to continue production despite these dangers and the widespread number of virus infections in areas with meatpacking facilities. DDT’s order indicated that keeping the meatpacking plants open was far more important than producing hospital supplies and equipment. Two plants with the biggest outbreaks in the country, Smithfield Foods plant in South Dakota and JBS in Colorado, were fined $29,000 for three safety violations. The $13,494 for one of the plants came from at least 1,294 infections, 43 hospitalizations, and four deaths. At least 42,534 meatpacking workers have tested positive and 203 died from the virus in 494 meat plants. Not even these token fines were charged for six months—until six weeks from the election.

Becoming frantic about getting reelected, DDT claimed that the virus wasn’t a problem in the United States if people ignore the “blue states.” First, the office of president is for all the people in the nation, not just the ones preferred by the person in the Oval Office. And second, the nine states with the highest per capita of COVID-19 cases are “red states.” Perhaps he could say the economy is great if without the “red states.”

DDT’s rally on Thursday took him to Marathon County with a population of 135,000. As usual, the rally eschewed masks and social distancing, but the county had 925 positive virus cases by the time of the rally. Fourteen people died there between July 15 and Sept. 7. The day he visited, Wisconsin saw 2,034 new cases. Many of the cases came from college students who also don’t wear masks or observe social distancing. Tomorrow the number of U.S. COVID-19 will exceed 7 million and the say after 204,000 deaths in DDT’s health massacre.

September 15, 2020

GOP Needs to Take “Responsibility”

Danielle Pletka, 57-year-old senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, is disgusted by Dictator Donald Trump (DDT)

“[H]is odious tweets, his chronic mendacity and general crudeness. Over the past four years, like an oil slick that besmirches all it touches, Trump himself has managed to obscure his administration’s more-substantive accomplishments, such as focusing the world’s attention on China’s threat to global security and brokering a new era of Middle East peace.”

She continues:

“I fear Trump’s erratic, personality-driven decision-making. His contempt for NATO is alarming, as is his delusion that he can manage rogue leaders. I don’t doubt that his eagerness to withdraw U.S. troops from their stability missions in places such as Afghanistan and Iraq will encourage conflict and terrorism. And I fret that his bizarrely isolationist attitude toward international trade will hurt the U.S. economy and splinter the global trading juggernaut that over the past half-century has brought the world amazing prosperity, lifting hundreds of millions of people out of extreme poverty.”

Yet she writes she will vote for DDT because she is afraid of Joe Biden’s “hard-left ideologues.”

DDT’s motto wants the United States to return to the past with its statement “Make America Great Again.” Pletka is too young to remember the GOP of the past when conservative meant saving resources and money in the government. The GOP platform in 1956 when Dwight Eisenhower ran—and was elected to—a second term supported equal pay for equal work, expanded unions, trust-busting,  anti-monopoly laws, the United Nations, correction of inequities in taxation, and national parks. At that time the GOP wanted to desegregate the schools, expand a “soundly financed system of transportation,” strengthen Social Security, and provide a national health care plan. In their 1956 platform, the Republicans “endorse the present policy of freedom for the Federal Reserve System to combat both inflation and deflation by wise fiscal policy.”

In 1956, Republicans wrote about Dwight Eisenhower’s re-achievements during his first term—“the highest wages and the highest standard of living ever enjoyed by any nation.” The GOP platform bragged about raising wages “substantially” during Eisenhower’s first term as well as increasing the minimum wage and extending Social Security benefits. Other virtues were to “protect the working standards of our people.” In addition, “[Since the 1952 platform] unions have grown in strength and responsibility, and have increased their membership by 2 millions.” The Republicans built the U.S. freeway system in the 1950s; the only “infrastructure” DDT managed is about five miles of unwanted southern border wall.

The GOP platform aimed to “stimulate improved job safety of our workers” and “improve the effectiveness of the unemployment insurance system.” A goal was to “revise and improve the Taft-Hartley Act so as to protect more effectively the rights of labor unions, management, the individual worker, and the public.” Because the Republicans of 1956 considered “that the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of the people is as important as their economic health,” it had “created the Department of Health, Education and Welfare as the first new Federal department in 40 years.”

“The Republican Party supports an immigration policy which is in keeping with the traditions of America in providing a haven for oppressed peoples, and which is based on equality of treatment, freedom from implications of discrimination between racial, nationality and religious groups, and flexible enough to conform to changing needs and conditions,” according to its 1956 platform. It also stressed the important of resources’ conservation across the United States.

The 1956 GOP platform stated, “America does not prosper unless all Americans prosper,” and “government must have a heart as well as a head.” It stated, “We recommend to Congress the submission of a constitutional amendment providing equal rights for men and women.”

By the 21st century, Pletka’s Republicans support racism through QAnon, admiration of white supremacy, rejection of all immigrants, English as an official language, and reduction of wages to put even more people into poverty. Republicans want to convey full legal rights to a human fertilized egg—maybe even an unfertilized egg. The exact platform of 2020 is murky because it supports only whatever Donald Trump wants—and that changes from day to day. GOP candidates also want to eradicate the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare; diminish and/or plunder national parks; ignore equal pay; reduce the minimum wage; and eliminate unions. If the GOP were in the majority, they would erase public healthcare, Social Security, welfare, regulations to protect workers, and any financing for the infrastructure, except for DDT’s wall. The equal rights amendment no longer a consideration.

Marc Fisher wrote in The Washington Post:

“The Republican Party, viewed through its quadrennial platform documents, is consistently business-oriented and committed to a strong defense, but has morphed over the past half-century from a socially moderate, environmentally progressive, and fiscally cautious group to a conservative party that is suspicious of government, allied against abortion, and motivated by faith.”

Respected Republicans are leaving DDT—and even the GOP—in droves. The 2020 Democratic convention was crowded with former GOP leaders who understand the danger of reelecting DDT including former Ohio governor and presidential candidate John Kasich, former NJ governor Christine Todd Whitman, former Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman, former NY Rep. Susan Molinari, former senior DDT administration official Miles Taylor, and former Secretary of State Colin Powell. The anti-DDT Lincoln Project, led by Rick Wilson and George Conway until he resigned after his wife Kellyanne Conway quit as DDT counselor, endorsed Biden and has some of the sharpest ads for Biden currently on the aid. Another Lincoln Project leader, Steve Schmidt, worked on the presidential campaigns of George W. Bush and John McCain. Other former members of Congress such as Rep. Charlie Dent (PA) and Sen. Chuck Hagel (NE) support Biden as does 95-year-old World War II and Korean War veteran and NRA Edward Good who voted for DDT in 2016 and was a Republican since the 1960s until now. Over 70 former national security officials of both parties wrote about how DDT has “gravely damaged America’s role as a world leader,” “shown he is unfit to lead during a national crisis,” and “solicited foreign influence and undermined confidence in our presidential elections.” Over 20 former GOP lawmakers wrote they support Biden. That list and more Republicans for Biden are here.

Even Fox network, that has made a fortune off DDT, is backing off from him. In DDT’s long monolog on this morning’s Fox & Friends, he told viewers he would be doing this appearance every week. Surprised, host Steve Doocy said, “I haven’t heard of that.” Later Doocy told DDT, “Fox is not committed to that.” At the end of DDT’s interview, Doocy said

“We are going to take it on a case-by-case basis, and Joe Biden as well is always welcome to join us.”

In his book Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth, Brian Stelter suggests Fox thinks it might get higher ratings without DDT in the Oval Office. The propaganda network does better attacking Democratic administrations, and DDT’s constant claim of “fake news” is also tainting Fox. The network just needs to hope that DDT won’t create his own right-wing network.

For the first time in its 175 years, Scientific American endorsed a presidential candidate:

“The evidence and the science show that Donald Trump has badly damaged the U.S. and its people—because he rejects evidence and science. The most devastating example is his dishonest and inept response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which cost more than 190,000 Americans their lives by the middle of September. He has also attacked environmental protections, medical care, and the researchers and public science agencies that help this country prepare for its greatest challenges. That is why we urge you to vote for Joe Biden, who is offering fact-based plans to protect our health, our economy and the environment. These and other proposals he has put forth can set the country back on course for a safer, more prosperous and more equitable future.”

The essay addresses DDT’s horrifying statement, “I don’t take responsibility at all.” More available here.

DDT has always bragged about his alma mater from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, a place he called “super genius stuff.” A new analysis from the school concluded Joe Biden’s economic proposals will lead to greater economic growth with a faster-growing economic, higher employee wages, and greater reduction of national debt.

Pletka knows the problems with DDT, i.e., violent protesters on the right she describes as “execrable gun-toting racists [who] have received too much tacit encouragement from Trump.” Yet she claims “they do not represent the mainstream of the Republican Party,” demonstrating she doesn’t understand the swing of DDT supporters to QAnon beliefs.

Under DDT, the United States went into an economic recession last February before COVID-19 hit the country. DDT’s denial to the public about the seriousness of the virus despite his awareness of its great danger, told in Bob Woodward’s Rage, has led to the U.S.’s death toll of over 200,000 with the number of cases almost 7 million. Even today, he is “playing it down” with his indoor rallies and ridicule of mask wearing and social distancing. Having alienated almost the entire free world, DDT plans to “negotiate” for a third term to become even closer to the authoritarian leaders across the world and hide his illegal acts.

Pletka is welcome to vote for anyone she wishes, but her strong recommendation for a candidate she finds completely disgusting and worthless is professional malpractice. If he wins, I can hear Pletka in four years: “I don’t take responsibility at all.” Along with all the other people who vote for DDT.

[Note: A must read is Alexandra Petri’s satiric response to Pletka.]

September 12, 2020

DDT: Week 190 – More Struggles for White House

The busy week of Dictator Donald Trump (DDT) included lots of backlashes—Bob Woodward’s book Rage revealing more of DDT’s personal opinion than he would like; a continuation of his calling captured, wounded, and killed military members “losers” and “suckers”; the bad economy; his campaign woes; and people fighting back against DDT, to name a few.

But there’s more publicity about DDT:

Thursday, the day before the 9/11 anniversary, DDT told a rally audience Joe Biden would invite “terrorists” into the suburbs by allowing refugees into the U.S. On the same day, the Afghan government, under pressure by DDT, released high-value Taliban prisoners who killed U.S. troops. DDT bragged about how “very, very well” he is getting along at the Taliban.

Following the pattern of other agencies to produce fake news, HHS communications aides changed CDC reports to match DDT’s happy statements about beating COVID-19. After former DDT campaign official DHS assistant secretary for public affairs Mike Caputo took over, he and his deputies demanded pre-pub access to the weekly Morbidity and Mortality reports and altered the scientists’ statements. They also tried to delay and even stop the release of other reports. Caputo accused CDC of undermining DDT “to hurt” him. DDT’s message is the virus will “disappear” and the U.S. is “rounding the corner” although statistics show the opposite.  

DDT’s real infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci has tired of being DDT’s parrot; he disagreed with DDT’s assessment and gave the figures shown by the nonpartisan Worldometer. Fauci called the numbers “disturbing.” He added, “A degree of normality … is going to be well into 2021, maybe even towards the end of 2021.” The high baseline at this time is of concern to Fauci because winter will make it worse. DDT’s resumed rallies are “absolutely” risky.

According to CDC—more reliable than DDT’s wishful thinking—adults eating at restaurants have contacted COVID-19 twice as much, and those going to bars three times more within two weeks prior to getting sick. Other activities didn’t show much of a difference, but wearing a mask cannot be effectively done while a person is eating or drinking.

The initial publicity for Woodward’s book about DDT stated 18 interviews, but Woodward said there’s a 19th interview—like waiting for a shoe to drop.

DDT’s Labor Department determined that a worker’s life is worth a little over $10 when Occupational Safety and Health Administration fined Smithfield’s South Dakota meatpacking plant $13,494 for at least 1,294 infections, 43 hospitalizations, and four deaths.

“I am hard pressed to identify any significant Trump decision during my tenure that wasn’t driven by reelection calculations,” DDT’s former national security adviser John Bolton wrote in his recent book. With tremendous disasters in three Democratic states on the West Coast, DDT has made no mention other than to criticize lack of forest management and the need to sweep the forest floors. His silence covers three major areas of DDT positions: hatred for Democratic states, ignorance of climate change science, and a total failure of personal empathy. He has a chance to make up the omission when he goes to California on Monday after a weekend of electioneering. His comments will be “interesting.”

Oregon is on fire, and DDT’s Defense Department sent 60 trained National Guard firefighters and six huge firefighting helicopters from Oregon to Afghanistan to move cargo. DDT’s lies about the danger of anarchists and antifa in Oregon have made the state’s fires worse. His supporters are waiting to shoot them. Portland videographer and Army veteran Gabriel Trumbly was the subject of social media along with his partner Jennifer Paulsen after the filmed the fire at Paulsen’s childhood home of Molalla, population 9,000. Social media posts claimed they were part of antifa, left-wing anti-fascists who DDT calls a “terrorist organization,” attempting to commit arson. Hundreds of comments to a post saying Trumbly and Paulsen had started a fire included “Send people out with guns!” Armed men pursued the couple. The Molalla Police Department supported the false rumor on its Facebook page by asking people to “report any suspicious activity” including “strange people.” A response, “Make them dig a grave then shoot them.” Among other sources, right-wing website the Biggs Report claimed antifa members were starting fires through the Pacific Northwest.

By now, most of the police have asserted the rumors are false, but a Clackamas County (OR) deputy continued to spread the false rumor and added that the “antifa” were attacking firefighters. The losing GOP candidate for U.S. Senator, Paul Romero, continued to tweet the lies and refused to remove them. A member of the students conservative organization Turning Point USA also passed along the lies about the arsonists. The group’s founder, Charlie Kirk, was the first speaker for DDT’s convention last month. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) struggled to explain their signs had no connection with Black Lives Matter. Facebook waited two days before it started removing the deadly false rumors.

The people threatening to kill the “antifa” may be the same people who believe God will protect them from COVID-19. They follow DDT’s approach of fear and blame—fear of losing physical and financial safety as well as “freedom” and “culture” by anyone who doesn’t look and act like the fearful. Yet, they are selective about God’s protection from a life-threatening pandemic but not the “vengeful mob” created by DDT.

In more lies from the White House, Katie Waldman, VP Mike Pence’s press secretary and racist Stephen Miller’s wife, pushed NBC reporter Julia Ainsley to falsify the report on known or suspected terrorists at the southern border. Waldman wanted the number 4,000 instead of the Customs and Border Protection report to Congress of six. Yes, six. Waldman told Ainsley she would discredit the reporter’s article because DHS has different numbers they won’t give Congress. Neither action happened, and Waldman refused comment on the record about the NBC report.

Publicly, GOP senators say they don’t pay attention to the news when asked about the revelations in Bob Woodward’s book Rage, or they believe he was trying to stop a panic. Privately, they’re upset about DDT talking to Woodward. Not about DDT’s lying—just his giving interviews proving he lies.

To fly agents to Washington last summer, DHS moved immigrant detainees from Arizona, Florida, and Texas facilities to Virginia because the government can’t charter planes to move only the agents who DDT wanted. The transfer caused infections in 399 inmates and killed a 72-year-old Canadian national. DHS also lied about the originating facilities being at capacity, and staff members in Virginia sometimes failed to wear masks and kept working after they were sick. A new GAO report stated the federal teams were part of DDT’s efforts to “dominate” racial equity demonstrations nationwide in Washington, Buffalo, New York, Houston, Dallas, San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. More recently, federal agents were sent to Kenosha (WI) and Portland (OR). D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser had not asked for help with the mostly peaceful protesters. As of last week, 5,670 cases of COVID-19 have been detected within the average daily detainee population of 24,208.

DDT’s campaign attacked Biden for “meandering along” when he visited the graveyard where his first wife, infant daughter, and military veteran son are buried after he attended religious services. Neither DDT nor anyone in his campaign apologized for the insensitivity despite angry responses, and the campaign didn’t remove the email

Last week, when DDT was asked why he didn’t try to negotiate with congressional Democratic leaders for a deal to help people hurting from COVID-19, he said, “I know my customers; that’s what I do.” He then said they wouldn’t make a deal “because they think it’s good for politics … good for the economy.” He claims, “I don’t need to meet with them to be turned down.” DDT thinks everyone follows his values and thought patterns. The people he should help are “customers”; everyone’s in it for themselves; and he’s positive they won’t negotiate.

Democratic leaders already passed the CARES Act to help people, came down $1 trillion dollars to negotiate the HEROES Act, and turned down the GOP bill because there was nothing in for people—just more for DDT and big business. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)’s $300 billion bill has no funding for individuals, cities and states, but it allows businesses to escape liability for irresponsibility with the virus and a tax credit for students to attend private schools.

South Carolina’s sample ballots left off Democratic candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris but included candidates for the Green, Alliance, and Libertarian parties in addition to GOP DDT.

James Spillane, a New Hampshire GOP representative, told his Facebook followers to burn and loot any houses with Black Lives Matter signs.

House Republican Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) told an Axios reporter he tried to tell DDT his war on mail-in voting could cause the GOP to lose the 2020 election. Other congressional Republicans are privately concerned.

Always lower on the weekend, the 24-hour count for U.S. COVID-19 cases: 39,282 new cases (total 6,676,601); 707 new deaths (total 198,128).

September 10, 2020

DDT: ‘I’m Not to Blame’

The mantra of the “leader” of the free world,” the man sitting in the Oval Office: “I don’t take responsibility at all.” Dictator Donald Trump (DDT) is fighting back at Bob Woodward’s book Rage with this excuse

“If Bob Woodward thought what I said was bad, then he should have immediately, right after I said it, gone out to the authorities, so they can prepare and let them know.”

DDT was defending his lies to the public about COVID-19 not being dangerous at the same time he was telling Woodward, on tape, he knows how dangerous the virus is. He started out by claiming he didn’t want to panic the public—despite the crises he constantly describes—by telling them the truth. “I don’t want to jump up and down and start screaming ‘Death!,’” DDT said at the same rally when he said his opponent Joe Biden would destroy the suburbs.

On The Bulwark, Charlie Sykes wrote:

“This is the same president who has stoked fears about an invasion of Mexican rapists, caravans of marauding immigrants, and is now basing his re-election campaign on warnings about rigged elections, burning cities, thugs on planes, Antifa, anarchists, American carnage, Cory Booker invading the suburbs, and the Marxist apocalypse of a Biden presidency.”

ABC White House correspondent Jonathan Karl asked DDT at his press conference, “Why did you lie to the American people and why should we trust what you have to say now?” DDT said, “I didn’t lie.” Philip Rucker asked why he told Woodward the virus is airborne but wouldn’t tell the public. DDT said, “Everybody knew it was airborne. This was no big thing.” He continues to have large rallies with no masks and no social distancing because he doesn’t communicate any danger of the disease.

The U.S. COVID-19 statistics continue to grow at the usual rate, in the last 24 hours another 38,811 cases putting the total over 6.5 million at 6,588,163 cases and 1,090 deaths, closing in on 200,000 at 196,328. Look for a COVID-19 surge to sweep across the nation from the 400,000 people who went to the Sturgis (SD) biker rally because of DDT’s irresponsible lying. A model shows the spread of infections through 61 communities will create at least 250,000 infections at a public cost of $12.2 billion—but mostly not in the home state of South Dakota. The study from IZA Institute of Labor Economics tracked cellphone data from the rally during and after the ten-day event.

Criticized by some reviewers for not sharing DDT’s comments earlier, Woodward said that no one would have believed him. They still don’t as a crowd cheered when DDT said he was going to open up the entire country, proves. He also attacked Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) after she claimed she wouldn’t trust DDT’s credibility on a vaccination after his outrageous claims about COVID-19 cures such as swallowing disinfectant. Conservatives such as Marc Thiessen also believe Moncef Slaoui, co-director of President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed, who has massive conflicts of interest in selling the vaccine.

DDT also blamed the Democrats for his being short of money in his reelection campaign war chest—down $800 million from the $1.1 billion collected since January 2019 . He claimed the money went to justify his “handling” of the virus situation. 

Dubbed the “Death Star” by former campaign manager Brad Pascale, the name may be prescient: this fictional mobile space station and galactic superweapon created for Star Wars is a symbol of evil, destroyed by outgunned heroes who defeated the Empire’s foolhardy tyrants. Susceptible to any form of attack, one explosion came from a shot into the thermal exhaust port.

DDT runs his campaign fund in the same way he does both his business and the federal government—at a great loss. Until he went into politics, DDT persuaded banks to keep lending him money and then declaring bankruptcy. Now, he demands donations and yells at people if they stop giving to him. In 1990, banks gave money to DDT, an allowance of $450,000 a month, with the “sunk cost fallacy,” the hope they could recoup from of the money if they kept his real estate empire afloat. The 2016 donations from the wealthy paid off with the 2017 tax cut law for the wealthy and big business, but benefits in 2020 may be more doubtful.

Salon reported the campaign may be trying to hide payments to senior adviser Jason Miller or new campaign manager Bill Stepien. Court documents, however, show $35,000 a month salary to Miller (down from $60,000) at the $420,000 annual salary higher than the U.S. president. Parscale had made about $47,700 a month, but Stepien may make slightly less as DDT’s campaign manager. Joe Biden’s campaign manager Greg Schultz gets about $7,700 a month. An FEC complaint alleges DDT’s campaign had hidden at least $170 million in shell company payments, perhaps for more salaries, for example to Eric Trump’s wife and Donald Trump Jr’s wife, and $2.3 million to DDT’s private businesses.

Before Parscale was demoted to senior adviser, he put over $350 million into fundraising with a large, well-paid staff in a well-appointed office in the Virginia suburbs. Another $100 million went to a television advertising blitz before his convention, and $11 million for Super Bowl ads because DDT wanted to match Michael Bloomberg’s buy.

Parscale wasn’t the only person to gut the campaign funds; money went to DDT’s legal expenses. Using the fund for his personal piggy bank, DDT ran up almost $60 in expenses since 2015. Cases include a campaign worker claiming to be the target of sexual discrimination and harassment by another aid, investigations related to Russia and Ukraine, the request for the release of his taxes in a mélange of business interests, defense against Russia investigation, impeachment, and penalties against rivals. Donors to the account have benefitted from DDT’s patronage, including the Jones Day law firm receiving $18.8 million for 20 of DDT’s cases.

DDT may be facing more lawsuits. An ad in Wisconsin uses images of a man, a little girl, and several others supposedly cleaning up after the ad’s representation of Joe Biden’s violence, looting, etc. to protect “Wisconsin families,” footage owned by a French news organization objecting to their being taken out of context. The man in the ad is also a strong supporter of Biden and Black Live Matter.

More campaign money went into DDT’s shift of his convention from Charlotte (VA) to Jacksonville (FL) and then on to Washington. Smaller expenses included highly-paid consultants, planes for aerial banners, and magnetic pouches for cellphones to keep donors from secretly recording and leaking DDT’s remarks.  

In a possibly illegal action, USDA is putting campaign letters from DDT in food boxes with fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy, and meat for millions of people who need this food to stave off hunger. All government officials except for president and vice-president cannot engage in electioneering. That includes White House staff and agencies. DDT’s letter supposedly reinforced the CDC public health measures but contradicts the actual guidelines. The food box program has problems with questionable vendors and failing to match supplies with needs. The USDA contractor selection failed to consider regional equity, causing some areas to be “underserved.” Only 70 percent of vendors provided 90 percent of their orders.

DDT laughs at Biden’s “basement” philosophy, but it included Zoom fundraisers with top donors asking for as much as $720,000. DDT has the advantage of taxpayers providing travel funds for his campaign rallies, but Biden is spending more on advertising, especially in battleground states. During September 1-7, 2020, DDT spent under $4 million for V and radio compared to Biden’s almost $20:

Arizona: Biden $2 million, Trump $0

Florida: Biden $5.1 million, Trump $1.9 million

Michigan: Biden $2.6 million, Trump $0

North Carolina: Biden $3.0 million, Trump $1.3 million

Pennsylvania: Biden $4.7 million, Trump $0

Wisconsin: Biden $2.2 million, Trump $670,000

Biden brought in $364.5 million in just August. DDT made $150 million less.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel expressed concern to DDT about his ads not appearing in Michigan and Florida after Biden spent $90 million in a month, over four times DDT’s $18 million. Stepien said he had no choice; he couldn’t cut back on staffing or headquarters.

DDT tried to cover up for the lack of donations with this tweet:

“Because of the China Virus, my Campaign, which has raised a lot of money, was forced to spend in order to counter the Fake News reporting about the way we handled it (China Ban, etc.). We did, and are doing, a GREAT job, and have a lot of money left over, much more than 2016….”

As ill-considered as many of DDT’s campaign decisions, the dumbest one may have been to be interviewed on tape for Bob Woodward’s book. The campaign, possibly Jared Kushner, thought it was a good idea.

In mid-July, DDT was tracked at telling 20,000 lies. He’s built up lots of them in the past two months.

September 4, 2020

DDT: Week 189 – Military, Mind, & Body

Dictator Donald Trump (DDT) faced three major disasters the past week: the revelation about his negative attitude toward wounded, killed, or captured service members; the possibility that he suffered one or more strokes last fall; and the growing number of COVID-19 infections and deaths in the U.S.

Since the bombshell dropped yesterday about DDT’s disparagement for veterans, he vehemently denied calling them “losers” and “suckers” per a revelation from an Atlantic article by its editor in chief Jeffrey Goldberg. He also denied calling former presidential candidate Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), now deceased, a loser.

Some of the points:

DDT wouldn’t visit the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery during his 2018 trip to France for the 100th anniversary of World War I’s conclusion because he didn’t want to muss his hair and he didn’t find honoring the American war dead to be important.

DDT described the 1,800 Marines losing their lives at Belleau Woods “suckers” for getting killed and said, “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.”

DDT also described former president George H.W. Bush, a Navy pilot in World War II, a “loser” for being shot down by the Japanese.

After McCain’s death, DDT told his senior staff, “We’re not going to support that loser’s funeral” and became furious at seeing the flags lowered to half-staff.”

After a White House briefing by then-chair of the joint Chiefs of Staff, Joe Dunford, DDT asked his aides, “That guy is smart. Why did he join the military?”

A short time before DDT made John Kelly his chief of staff, DDT stood with him at the grave of his son, Robert Kelly, and asked, “I don’t get it. What was in it for them?” (Kelly realized later DDT didn’t mean selflessness but understood DDT doesn’t understand DDT doesn’t understand the concept.)

DDT made exaggerated claims about receiving the bodies of slain service members “many, many” times and calling “virtually all” families of service members who died: he’s gone to Dover Air Force Base only four times since he was inaugurated and rush-shipped condolence letters to families who said DDT wasn’t telling the truth.

When planning his military parade, DDT told his staff not to include wounded veterans because spectators would be uncomfortable by seeing amputees. “Nobody wants to see that,” he said.

In response to DDT’s claim he has done more than anyone else for the military:

A pay raise: Military members received a pay raise every year since 1961.

The Veterans Choice health care program: Introduced by McCain, the bill was signed into law by President Obama in 2014. (DDT falsely claimed over 150 times he got the program created.)

Increase in military spending: DDT gave the military more money to buy equipment—tanks, ships, planes—he thinks will make him look powerful.

Care of service members: DDT minimized traumatic brain injuries as “headaches.”

Visits to the military: DDT visited military hospitals three times in over three years, compared to Barack Obama’s 29 visits in his eight-year term.

Military construction funding: DDT took billions from the military to build his southern border wall and sent thousands of service members from their families for his immigration “emergency”—painting his wall and posting razor wife.

Valuing allies and overseas commitments: DDT unleashed a tirade against top military members including Dunford and then Defense Secretary James Mattis, decorated combat veterans, calling them “dopes and babies” for their attempted briefing of him.

War crimes: DDT reversed punishments or convictions for troops convicted or accused of war crimes dishonoring the military.

Honoring military members: DDT demeaned the Gold Star parents of a Muslim soldier who died in Iraq.

In June, Max Boot, a former Republican, wrote about the only military DDT admires—the Confederacy. Now, however, the beleaguered GOP presidential candidate hope to prove his loyalty to the military by saving Stars and Stripes, after the Pentagon decided to shut it down. Funded by Congress, the first copy of the newspaper was published in 1861 and then revived in 1918. Fifteen senators wrote Defense Secretary Mark Esper “that the department is legally prohibited from canceling a budget program while a temporary continuing resolution funding the federal government is in effect.” Caught between his problems with both the media and the military, DDT rode to the publication’s rescue with a tweet announcing that the “magazine” won’t close “under my watch.”

The focus on DDT attacking the military moved media attention from the possibility of DDT having strokes. Michael Schmidt’s book Donald Trump v. the United States discussed DDT’s emergency run to the hospital last fall, but DDT publicized “mini-strokes” by tweeting a denial about having them. Video shows him unable to lift a small glass of water with one hand, walk comfortably down a ramp, and climb up three steps without almost falling. He frequently mispronounces simple words such as “citizens” and failed to correctly read a teleprompter at his acceptance speech, saying “profoundly accepting” instead of “proudly.” His flubs are now accompanied by #TrumpIsNotWell.

All White House officials deny any illness on DDT’s part, especially VP Mike Pence, who can’t “recall” being on standby for DDT going under anesthesia. His doctors also deny any brain problems, but DDT’s doctors are known for lying for him. People point out he has been dragging his leg, and his voice in speeches is becoming more and more flat. In February 2017, DDT sent his bodyguard to seize DDT’s medical files from Dr. Harold Bornstein who said DDT dictated the 2016 note stating he would be “healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.” 

Physical symptoms of a mini-stroke, according to Dr. David Paydarfar, chair of the Department of Neurology at the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin, include “slurred speech, imbalance, weakness or clumsiness of one or more limb(s), loss of cognitive function” and the cognitive symptoms include “problems with comprehension and/or expression of speech, loss of recall, loss of other intellectual function like calculation, visuo-spatial orientation.” 

Order your vaccine now, the CDC tells state governments. Be ready before November 1 even if the vaccine isn’t sufficiently tested. Waive licensing and permit requirements. With no justification, the CDC issued new guidelines telling states to not bother testing asymptomatic people exposed to COVID-19. Go back to your normal life without masks and social distancing; send your kids to school, says DDT’s new coronavirus guru, Scott Atlas. That way weaker people will die and the other people might become immune. These are DDT’s new strategies for the pandemic. The coronavirus task force waited until Dr. Anthony Fauci, the voice of reason, was in surgery before making recommendations. 

States lack funding for vaccinating, and the federal government, which gave away over $10 billion to develop vaccines, hasn’t offered funding to states. The requirement of two shots three to four weeks apart using the same brand makes the procedure extremely complicated. Only 55 percent of the people said they would be vaccinated, partly because of distrust in the government after DDT’s frequent bogus claims and his refusal to permit the CDC to use scientific methods. If the U.S. can’t test people, how can it vaccinate them.

Science journalist Laurie Garrett writes:

“If a vaccine comes out before the election, there are very good reasons not to take it.”

According to Garrett, none of the over 150 vaccines being researched worldwide completed Phase 3 safety and efficacy clinical trials, and under two months remain until DDT’s election deadline. Even front-runners still search for clinical trials volunteers—at least 30,000 per potential vaccine, a sampling number too small for safety from complications as shown by the rush in 2009 to vaccinate against the swine flu leading to Guillain-Barré paralysis in 62 people. In 1955, the rush for a polio vaccine led to thousands being paralyzed and the deaths of five children.

Health agency directors caved into pressure from federal top officials, leading to a complete lack of confidence in any of their guidelines. Adding to DDT’s history of recommending unproved treatments and cures for COVID-19, remdesivir, touted as life-saving, was shown last month to have no clear benefits. Yet the FDA expanded its use. The FDA put off approval of convalescent plasma therapy for the virus treatment because scientists determined the success of the therapy had no evidence. More pressure resulted in a reversal of the FDA with wild lies about its success, and FDA Director Steven Hahn ended up with the blame for the lies. HHS Secretary Alex Azar removed authority for FDA to approve or deny the licensing of COVID-19 tests. On August 25, Azar took regulation from the market, boosting the stock market.

Three vaccine experts concluded no two companies in the world test their products in the same way, and the FDA has no standard against which to measure the vaccines’ efficacy. Comparison of one to another is impossible. No one knows how parts of the human immune system play in fighting COVID-19, especially T-cell responses, and no one can say what type of immunity will protect someone and for how long. World Health Organization standards require enough strength to protect half the vaccinated people against infection whereas the FDA requires “majority.” The U.S. refused to join the WHO Solidarity Vaccines Trial in a coalition of 172 nations. The push for a vaccine in the U.S. is in competition with the world. This extremely experimental product must be stored at -80 degree F temperature, well below the temperature of a standard freezer.

Meanwhile in the U.S., another 1,033 COVID-19 deaths (total 192,111) in the past 24 hours and an increase of daily cases 52,853 (total 6,389,057).   

August 27, 2020

DDT: Promises Made, Promises Broken

Tonight, the Republicans finished their four-day convention with perhaps the greatest number of lies this week. The biggest irony was that speakers incessantly slammed the United States because of its protests, crimes, etc., but Dictator Donald Trump (DDT), in his acceptance speech, smeared the Democrats for depicting problems in the U.S. such as systemic racism while depicting the nation as idyllic with everyone experiencing the “American Dream.” His biggest lie, however, was that he has kept all his promises. These are a few: 

Perhaps the worst promise, hydroxychloroquine and swallowing disinfectant will cure COVID-19. These “cures” have killed people; the North Texas Poison Center reported 46 cases of people swallowing disinfectant just in August.

The funniest? DDT said he wouldn’t be taking any vacations like President Obama did. DDT’s 288 days of golf as of August 22 put him on a path to 745 days if he wins a second term, and by December 2019, he had vacationed 331 of his first 1,075, 31 percent of his time. In eight years, Barack Obama had 328 days of vacation—41 days a year and one-third of DDT’s vacationing.

Mexico will pay for the wall. Nope—taxpayers are doing this, and DDT overpays for his construction by hiring a fraudulent company and not bidding the contracts. He also lied about 300 new miles of new fence: it’s three miles.

“Crime will end the day I take office.” Crime continued, and the number of homicides and aggravated assaults increased in 2019 compared with 2018. During the closing of states because of the COVID-19, crime slightly dropped, but mass shootings began the week after businesses opened again.  

DDT promised the vanquishing of ISIS, peace in the Middle East, and returning troops home. ISIS is growing, the United States has more troops in the Middle East than when he was inaugurated, and Israel is taking over lands granted Palestinians in a treaty. The only peace in the Middle East is DDT’s subservience to dictators like Saudi’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and hundreds of thousands of friendly Kurds in Syria were left without U.S. protection because DDT wants to illegally pillage the oil in the nation. 

Wanting his own trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, DDT renegotiated U.S. trade agreement, NAFTA, into a similar version that he gets to rename. Since the signing, he has broken the terms of the agreement by placing aluminum tariffs on Canada resulting in a retaliation.

DDT said tonight he brought manufacturing jobs back to the U.S. Last December, before COVID-19, factory activity was down for the fifth consecutive month, a worse drop than expected, and a concern in the swing state of Pennsylvania. The Institute of Supply Management’s manufacturing purchasing managers’ index logged its lowest level since June 2009 at 47.2. (Anything below 50 denotes a contraction.) Coal jobs also disappeared after he ridiculed Clinton for telling the truth about the problem during her campaign.

DDT did keep his promise to cut down on immigration across the southern border, but he did not mention the process would include abusing and molesting children, sexually assaulting women, separating families, and depriving immigrants of decent healthcare, food, and shelter.

DDT also met his promise of lowering taxes but not for lower- and middle-income—80 percent of the proceeds going to the wealthy and big business. Missing was the promised $4,000 increase for all average household incomes.

As for the Affordable Care Act and healthcare, DDT kept part of his promise. He destroyed part of it to remove tens of millions of people from healthcare insurance, but he didn’t replace it with anything. “We’re going to have insurance for everybody… We’re going to have a healthcare that is far less expensive and far better.” Hasn’t happened.

As for his claim his executive orders lower drug prices over 50 percent, they cover a few drugs entirely for Medicare beneficiaries, 14 percent of the population. 

DDT’s 2015 campaign promise was to save Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Now he plans to cut Medicare and Social Security programs. His proposal for Medicaid block grants will roll back help for the low-income, elderly, rural communities, differently abled, and treatment for opioid addiction. Yet tonight he promised to help all those people.

To “drain the swamp,” DDT promised “a package of ethics reforms to make our government hones again.” Democrats in the House passed reform legislation, but DDT and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) refused to touch it. DDT was impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress; dozens of his associates have been convicted or face criminal charges. In the world, the U.S. is “close to a laughingstock” because of its ethics problems. The most reason violation of law from this unethical president was to abet (or coerce) the GOP in holding his 2020 political reelection campaign event at the White House.

After the El Paso and Dayton shootings, DDT promised to promote background checks. He got very quiet, very quickly. Now he’s campaigning on the conservative version of the Second Amendment.

“We will lead our country back to safety, prosperity, and peace. We will be a country of generosity and warmth.” Again, nope. His term represents a developing crisis of U.S. foreign policy alienating all allies and encouraging friendships only with authoritarian regimes, especially Russia. DDT’s corrupt demand in Ukraine providing dirt—real or imagined—on Joe Biden undermined the U.S. credibility in the world.

DDT promised to provide “millions” of jobs by building up the U.S. infrastructure. No infrastructure, no jobs.

DDT no longer has any intention of leaving NATO as he vociferously promised. These are his lies about NATO from late.

Fortunately, DDT failed his promise of approving waterboarding “immediately” and “make it much worse.”

DDT also failed to find a reason for imprisoning Hillary Clinton, despite more conspiracy-fueled investigations into her “missing emails” and donations to the Clinton Foundation. He weaseled out of it by saying he wanted to help her to “heal.”

The “greatest economy in history”? Nowhere near. He inherited a strong economy from a president who struggled out of a Republican recession, but the benefits are for only a few. He promised up to a six-percent GDP growth; this year’s GDP is estimated at a minus 32.9 percent. His economy did not raise wages for most people and resulted in trillion-dollar deficits. Four years ago, DDT promised to erase the U.S. $19 trillion national debt in eight years. During his first three years he averaged almost $1 trillion debt a year, the same amount as March of this year. The tax cut was already scheduled to add $1.9 trillion, according to CBO. Bonuses, small the first year, disappeared after that. After the 2017 tax cut, business investment slowed from 4.6 percent to 3.5 percent. The 4.1 percent unemployment rate fell only 0.5 percent until it skyrocketed to over 15 percent last March. In 22 of 23 weeks, over one million people filed for unemployment each week.

In December, WaPo unveiled another “Trump Promise Tracker” following 60 of 280 campaign promises. DDT kept 35 percent of his promises he issued in his “Contract with the American Voter” he claimed he would fulfill on the first day and the others within 100 days. One of those he has constantly bragged about is providing veterans to receive their private doctor if they want, but he only expanded a law passed by President Obama. A few more promises.

DDT set out to deliberately hurt his base not only in the above but also in his erratic approach to trade and tariffs, against intended to help big businesses. Adding Wall Street bankers to his inner circle, he broke his promise to stop wealthy investment fund managers from “getting away with murder.” Dismantling safeguards put in place after the 2008 crisis, he gave the six biggest banks $100 billion in profits in 2018 plus their $32 billion in tax cuts from the tax law. His administration has a record number of corporate lobbyists who oversee the industries formerly employing them. A major push during the convention was school choice, benefiting DDT’s friends who own the for-profit businesses in charge of these schools.

With the 2020 GOP convention, DDT made the White House into his own palace, instead of the people’s home, and his acceptance speech was a Fidel Castro-esque speech by a monarch. The most disgusting part of his speech was his bragging about being in the White House when talking about Joe Biden and the Democrats: “We’re here and they’re not!” he smirked. Only Trumpers allowed in the “people’s house.” His campaign banners stretched across the lawn of the White House, and the fireworks on the Mall, a federal park, spelled out “Trump 2020.”

The GOP convention obsessed about protest violence in the streets for the past three months with fewer than 20 people dead. Much of the physical violence has been caused by white supremacists although conservatives refuse to recognize their participation. The convention, however, almost completely ignored the deaths and illnesses from COVID-19. In the past 24 hours, 1,143 have died in the U.S. from the unmentioned virus, bringing the total to 184,796 on August 27. The number of cases in the U.S. in the same time, 46,286, raised the total to 6,046,634.

Watch for infections within the government elite after thousands of maskless people gathered within inches each other for over four hours of “celebration” at the White House.

DDT-Supporter Kills Protesters; Anthony Rejects DDT’s Pardon

It’s Night Three of the GOP convention, and Dictator Donald Trump (DDT) plans to invade Wisconsin. As sending federal agents into Portland (OR), this action worsens the protests. Background on the protesting in Kenosha.

Sunday evening, Jacob Blake was “breaking up a fight between two women” in Kenosha (WI), according to Black’s lawyer. Police arrived, followed Blake to his car where his children were waiting, and shot Blake in the back seven times as he learned into the car. Sunday was the birthday of one of the children. Blake is now paralyzed from the waist down with kidney, liver, stomach, colon, and spinal cord injuries. A man across the street who videoed the tragedy said he heard the women arguing when Blake arrived. Before he was shot, Blake told the police a knife was in the car under the driver’s side mat.

Protests in the town of 100,000 has faced protests for three nights, and last night a 17-year-old has been charged with shooting three people, killing two of them. Kyle Rittenhouse, a self-identified militia member from Antioch (IL), was one of several armed men, but Wisconsin’s open carry law is only for people 18 years and older. On a video, Rittenhouse runs down the street to avoid apprehension, falls, and then shoots at people behind him trying to disarm him. Bystanders yelled at police about the shooter who walked toward them with his hands up, but law enforcement ignored them and drove on. Another video showed law enforcement officials giving water to the group of armed men, apparently encouraging their presence. At a press conference today, Kenosha’s police chief justified Rittenhouse’s killing by saying it wouldn’t have happened if protesters weren’t out after curfew. 

Rittenhouse’s Facebook page, no longer available, displayed photos of Blue Lives Matter pro-police slogans and images including a rifle like the one he used for the shooting. He was also in the front row at a Des Moines (IA) DDT rally earlier this year just feet from DDT. Police believe Rittenhouse was a member of a group of armed men wanting to be deputized. 

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers called in 250 National Guard members to enforce the city’s curfew last night. In a tweet, DDT claimed Evers “agreed to accept federal assistance (Portland should do the same!)…” DDT is lying: the governor’s office responded, “The Governor authorized 500 members of the Wisconsin National Guard. They haven’t requested or accepted federal support…. The President’s tweet is news to them.”

Kenosha Guard, a self-proclaimed militia, used Facebook in advance of the protest for a “call to arms.” The FB page wasn’t removed until this morning although FB users previously reported the event for inciting violence.  A statement from FB asserted it found no connection between the “mass shooting” and the “call to arms.” DDT has not spoken about the shooting of Blake or the far-right killer.

The killing by a 17-year-old far-right DDT-worshipper took place after DDT put two self-professed vigilantes, Patricia and Mark McCloskey, into primetime positions at his convention. The wealthy white couple were praised at the convention for illegally pointing firearms at Black Lives Matter protesters on the sidewalk in front of their house on their way to demonstrate at the home of the St. Louis (MO) home. About militia groups patrolling Kenosha streets this week, Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth said, “They’re like a vigilante group.”

During a convention when speakers continually warn about how horrible the United States would be under Joe Biden, the mass shooting and a huge double hurricane hitting the north of the Gulf of Mexico has been accompanied by a sports boycott. Beginning with the Milwaukee Bucks’ announcement to not play their playoff game because of Blake’s shooting, the NBA postponed Game 5 of three different playoff series—Bucks vs. Orlando Magic, Houston Rockets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder, and Los Angeles Lakers vs. Portland Trail Blazers. Players from the six teams wore shirts spelling out Blake’s name, locked arms, and knelt. Shortly afterward, three WNBA, five Major League Soccer, and three Major League Baseball games were called off in an act of solidarity. Bucks players called on the Wisconsin Legislature to “reconvene after months of inaction and take up meaningful measures to address issues of police accountability, brutality and criminal justice reform.” They also encouraged people “to educate themselves, take peaceful and responsible action, and remember to vote on Nov. 3.”

Lies “great and small”: that’s the focus of this article in The Guardian about Night Three of the convention

Last week, DDT signed “a full and complete” for Susan B. Anthony—148 years after her “crime” of trying to vote. On August 18, he found some women to gather around him in the Oval Office as a centennial celebration of women’s suffrage in the United States. Today, August 26, actually represents the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote on Women’s Equality Day. DDT found more women, some of them those who worked for him, to give speeches on how much he’s done for women.

With “religious freedom” and stripping the Affordable Care Act, DDT’s discrimination removed women’s reproductive rights and taken their access to contraception. DDT gutted funding for the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) for family planning and reproductive services to over 150 countries. In the U.S. he blocked laws to promote equal pay in the workplace and disbanded the White House Council on Women and Girls looking into the impact of new policies on women and girls. Words referencing women and girls were excised from publications of government agencies; i.e., forbidden words included fetus, transgender, and diversity. Lesbian and bisexual women’s resources were eliminated from women’s health website that no longer mention contraception, abortion, and sex education. Title X clinics are also no longer legally required to provide counselling that includes information about prenatal care, delivery, adoption and abortion.

DDT appoints women for under 20 percent of the positions, whether in small groups such as his Cabinet or the appointments for agencies and committees. Fewer than 25 percent of his federal judiciary appointments are women. (Republicans have the same problem: of the 105 women in the congressional House, only 15 were elected by the GOP.)

DDT overlooked a few facts when he preened in a pardon for Anthony:

  1. Anthony didn’t want a pardon. With his ego and patronizing attitude, DDT never thought she would be offended by his action. He should have gotten the hint when he said she helped other women get pardons but “she didn’t put her name on the list.” Her vote on November ?, 1872, violated state law. She argued the 14th Amendment gave her voting rights, but the judge ordered the jury to bring back a guilty verdict. She was fined $100 which someone else paid; she was angry about that favor because she wanted to bring attention to women’s rights. Former Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA) tweeted Anthony didn’t want to be pardoned until all women had full equality. A pardon is also seen as representative of guilt. 
  2. Women did not achieve the right to vote on August 18, 1920. That was simply the date that the last state ratified the constitutional amendment passed by Congress. Not until August 26, 1920—100 years ago today—could women vote after the 19th Amendment was certified by U.S. Secretary of State Bainbridge Colby. That’s the reason Rep. Bella Abzug (D-NY) selected August 26 as “Women’s Equality Day.” Congress passed the bill in 1973.
  3. Women voted before the 19th Amendment, for example, New Jersey, the first state with women’s suffrage, allowed women to vote from 1776 to 1807. By the ratification of the 19th Amendment, 18 U.S. states allowed some women, including Blacks, could vote in local, state, and federal elections. In 22 states, women could vote in some elections; only eight states disenfranchised all women. At least 3,586 women ran for office, mostly in newer states of the West, in the five decades before 1920. Kansas elected 750 women before 1912.
  4. Women also did not automatically vote after the passage of the amendment because states passed other laws to disenfranchise women and others. To get around both the 15th and the 19th Amendments, states passed requirements for a poll tax or literacy test. Some of them stopped women from voting if they married an immigrant. Intimidation such as lynchings kept people away from the polls. Some registrars refused to process the papers or gave Black women a blank paper. Asian immigrants didn’t have citizenship until 1924, and Native Americans didn’t have the right to vote in Arizona and New Mexico until 1948. Utah Native Americans gained the right to vote in 1957.  The Voting Rights Act of 1965 extended suffrage to many Black, Latinx, and Indigenous Americans, formerly subject to voter suppression, who lived in the southern states and others such as Arizona and South Dakota before the Supreme Court overturned parts of the law’s state oversight in 2013.
  5. DDT probably doesn’t know he pardoned a lesbian, at least according to author Victoria Brownworth who called her the “most famous lesbian in America in the 19th century.” 

The Susan B. Anthony Museum & House rejected the pardon. It suggested a way to honor Anthony was to stand against voter suppression, including his campaign against mail-in ballots. “Enforcement and expansion of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 would be celebrated,” they wrote. The Museum also urged respect for human rights and the passage of the ERA. Night 3 of the GOP convention conveniently left out that information.

Last night’s speaker Larry Kudlow suggested the pandemic is almost over. In the last 24 hours, the U.S. passed six million COVID-19 infections with 44,637 new cases, and another 1,289 deaths raised the death toll to 183,653. Continuing that death rate puts the number of known deaths in the U.S. over 200,000 in about three weeks.

August 25, 2020

DDT’s Claims False But He’s the GOP Agenda

After Day One of the GOP convention, party lawmakers and strategists asked for more vision and less doom, but the RNC has no values in its platform. It’s sole agenda is Dictator Donald Trump (DDT)—whatever he wants—“the Party’s strong support for President Donald Trump and his Administration.” His campaign page does list 50 points divided into ten categories beginning with new jobs and businesses while cutting taxes and giving more money to large companies. It finishes with hiring more police, being more punitive on immigration, and creating more military strength both here on Earth and in space. Nothing about anti-abortion, religious freedom, or the U.S. Constitution—nothing that DDT used to woo the evangelicals.

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) concluded last night’s convention by falsely claiming “our side is working on policy”—unlike the Democrats. The GOP non-platform of 2020 using only catch phrases and no debating or writing proves Scott wrong. Annie Lowrey wrote in The Atlantic, the GOP is “the party of no content,” which has grown “remarkably quiet on how they would govern” and “moved into a queasy post-policy space.” Follow Scott’s claim with questions, What policies? And where are they?”

The four-night production speaks only to DDT’s base. Former Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL), who lost his district in 2018, said that parties only “about the cult of personality don’t so well in the long term.” After his narrow loss to a Democrat in 2018, the two-term Curbelo said DDT wasn’t the future for “a small government, free enterprise party.”

The GOP has the advantage of spinning off the Democrats’ convention. Speakers last night stressed what a lovely person DDT is: kind, compassionate, empathetic, just downright sweet. Certainly not racist, despite references to “Chinese virus,” and much better than his opponent, Joe Biden. Other rosy views included how well DDT did in handling COVID-19—with no numbers of deaths or infections—and his humanitarian treatment in criminal justice. These perspectives, as well as the sunny view of the economy, erased the past seven months. [A round-up of commentary from the Daily Kos.]

Tonight, Eric Trump who professed his love for his father, touted peace in the Middle East, (eradicating any notice of Palestinians), and cited his father’s love for law and order, (ignoring the many arrests of his associates and Eric’s subpoena to appear in a fraud investigation regarding the Trump Organization). If Eric wants to claim the Fifth Amendment, he must appear in court and give that response to every question.

Also discordant was the naturalization ceremony for five people in the White House while DDT is blocking all other naturalizations throughout the U.S. because they must appear in person. For purely partisan purposes, DDT used the White House to present people as props from places he called “sh*thole countries.” 

Another speaker allowed to speak, Abby John, praised the police of being “smart” if they racially-profile her biracial son, saying, “Statistically, my brown son is more likely to commit a violent offense over my white sons.” 

The speech drawing the biggest controversy was the one from Pompeo who bragged about giving a possibly illegal, and definitely unethical, partisan speech from Jerusalem, where he is on official business. U.S. policy is that the U.S. speaks with one voice overseas and not for one political party. According to updated memos, approved by Pompeo, give this instruction:

“Senate-confirmed Presidential appointees may not even attend a political party convention or convention-related event.”

Pompeo is not exempted, and restrictions are more strict for U.S. diplomats overseas. Last month, he sent the directive to all people on diplomatic and consular posts. State Department employees expressed disappointment in Pompeo, but many were not surprised because of his past partisan activities. Left-learning pro-Israel organizations expressed opposition to Pompeo’s choice of backdrop for his speech because of the partisan U.S.-Israel relationship. Yet he needs DDT’s support for a 2024 presidential run.

My favorite message from many of the speakers is that people in the United States need to think for themselves—as long as they think the way that these same speakers tell them to do.

One of the speakers for the second night of the Republican National Convention was scrubbed from the program for her QAnon tweet telling her 40,000+ followers to investigate an evidence-free Jewish plot to enslave the world. On the same night that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke from Israel, Mary Ann Mendoza, a DDT campaign advisory board member, was supposedly going to speak about her son’s 2014 death caused by a drunk driver illegally in the U.S. The anti-Semitic tweet related lying smears about Jewish banking forces determined to enslave non-Jews and promote world wars as well as Nazi hoaxes. Her tweet described Hillary Clinton as a “Satanic High Priestess” and the smell of sulfur in Barack Obama’s Washington home, relating him to the devil and Hell. Former Utah GOP legislator Sheryl Allen has called for the RNC to remove House candidate Burgess Owens, another Qanon believer, from speaking tomorrow night.

In a disastrous press conference, DDT rolled out  his convention the day before with a “breakthrough” for his new COVID-19 miracle cure. He pushed an emergency use authorization (EUA) of the convalescent plasma transfusion treatment with antibodies with the claim of 35 percent mortality reduction. HHS Secretary Alex Azar said “we dream” of this statistic, and FDA commissioner Steven Hahn glowed about “a 35 percent improvement in survival,” even defending it to a reporter who questioned whether he was over-selling the treatment.

The truth emerged about the “breakthrough” being only hype from incomplete data by a subgroup of hospitalized patients. A scientist from the Mayo Clinic study didn’t know the source of DDT’s figure he attributed to the study. It wasn’t in any material. Dr. Walid Gellad, leader of the Center for Pharmaceutical Policy and Prescribing at the University of Pittsburgh, added, “For the first time ever, I feel like official people in communications and people at the F.D.A. grossly misrepresented data about a therapy.”

In addition, the study, lacking a placebo group, was not a randomized clinical trial,  Duncan Young, a professor of intensive care medicine at the University of Oxford, UK described problems with the EUA:

“We will not know if it works, as the EUA essentially causes clinicians to give the treatment rather than entering patients in clinical trials. There may also be a rationing problem as it may be in short supply.”

Hahn said the criticisms are “entirely justified”; DDT and Azar are keeping mum.

Lawmakers have written Hahn about concerns of politicization. The day before Hahn’s erroneous comments, DDT tweeted an evidence-free accusation of the FDA being part of the “deep state” and creating difficulties in testing “vaccines and therapeutics … hoping to delay the answer until after November 3rd.”  The letter cited the announcement as the latest example of politicizing science since the pandemic, i.e., the hydroxychloroquine debacle, criticism of Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the White House coronavirus task force sidelining the CDC. Hahn also refused to answer a question about DDT’s evidence-free claim about 99 percent of virus cases being “totally harmless.”

The letter requests information about future vaccine reviews and FDA’s safeguards against political pressure by September 4.

Although the White House denies the information, DDT is considering a EUA to avoid regulatory procedures for vaccines so he can get a vaccine out by Election Day. U.S. health agencies require a trial of 30,000 people; an experimental virus vaccine is being tested in the UK on 10,000 people. HHS stated the FDA won’t issue an EUA before the election, hoping the vaccine will be developed by early 2021. We’ll see: DDT said Sunday, “You’ll be hearing about [vaccines] very soon.” Russia and China bypassed large clinical trials, but only 24 percent of Russian doctors said they would take the vaccine.

Yesterday was another disaster for DDT with the testimony of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy before the House Oversight Committee. Although he felt that DDT’s war against mail-in ballots was “not helpful,” he thinks his only job with the USPS is making the trucks run on time. According to DeJoy, he isn’t responsible for removing the sorting machines, cutting overtime, and slowing down delivery. He doesn’t know who is, and he doesn’t care. And he won’t change them. He doesn’t know how much anything costs in the postal service except for a first-class stamp. He lied about delayed deliveries before he took over, and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) said she will subpoena his calendar for information about his secret meetings after he said he’d check with counsel to see if he has to submit a public record to Congress. To a question from Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) about his Senate testimony, he said he couldn’t remember what he told them—a problem for a person who lies.

According to internal USPS not available to members of the Senate when DeJoy lied to them, steep declines began when DeJoy started and not in April or May with the pandemic.  He took over in early June; priority mail was delivered over 90 percent of the time in early July but dropped to under 80 percent within a month. Marketing mail experienced an 8.42 percent decline and periodical deliveries, 9.57 percent. DeJoy did not share these documents with Congress. DeJoy said anyone who blamed him for the changes in USPS is lying. Walter Einenkel describes questioning by 30-year postal employee, Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D-MI).  answer—democracy and rights.

For the first time in two days of hate-filled monologues, Melania Trump expressed sympathy for the families and friends of the 182,404 people (or more) who have died from COVID-19 in the U.S. All the hugging, kissing, and closeness of people at the convention may add to the 5,955,728 people in the U.S. known to contract the disease. That figure will top six million before the convention ends.

August 18, 2020

DDT’s ‘Chaos and Confusion’ Equals Evil

Last night, the first of four nights for the 2020 Democratic convention bracketed its events, beginning with a virtual choir of 57 young multicultural people across the nation representing each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, the five populated U.S. territories, and the Cherokee Nation with a closing speech by former First Lady Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama In under 19 minutes, Obama covered a multitude of topics:  human dignity, truth, leadership, healthcare, the environment, racial justice, racism, white supremacy, empathy, raising children, selfishness, greed, military violence, the use of a Bible for a photo prop, motherhood, meekness, cruelty, family and neighbors, compassion, and grief. She expressed concern because Dictator Donald Trump (DDT) lacked the ability to be a president.

DDT criticized Obama’s pre-taped speech for putting the number of COVID-19 deaths at 20,000 fewer deaths than recorded by yesterday. He was concerned about not getting him credit for the full fatality total from his mismanagement for the pandemic. Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany falsely claimed DDT had brought the country together, and DDT called Michelle Obama “divisive.” Yet the day before the beginning of the DNC after DDT retweeted a message about Democratic cities, “Let them rot.”

Right-wing media didn’t know how to respond to Michelle Obama’s speech. Fox’s Laura Ingraham ignored it, but some Fox network news hosts were more positive. Dana Perino said Obama had “authenticity … in spades,” and Chris Wallace said:

“She really flayed, sliced and diced Donald Trump, talking about the chaos and confusion and lack of empathy, especially coming from this president and from this White House.”

Tonight’s show, with the theme “Leadership Matters,” presented 30-second vignettes highlighting the diversity of states, DC, and territories as they cast votes for Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. Biden was nominated as the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate with 3,558 delegates. Sanders, the only other nominated candidate, received 1,151.

Those who doubt DDT’s creating “chaos and confusion and lack of empathy” should consider a few of his current attempts at diversion and win the election:

Accusing Kamala Harris of birtherism: DDT tries to pretend that he’s not part of the crowd falsely claiming that the Democratic vice-presidential candidate isn’t eligible because she wasn’t born in the U.S. The purpose of DDT’s accusation, mildly said with the statement that he “won’t pursue” the issue. If he did, the end result would be the same as it was with Barack Obama. DDT’s reason for pushing birtherism is not to put President Obama and Kamala Harris out of their position: obviously Harris was born in the United States because her home town is Oakland (CA). The real reason for birtherism is to attack people of color for not being white. DDT proudly talks about his mother coming from Scotland—she’s white. And he never talks about any white person of birtherism. DDT supports white “birtherism”: his properties, owned by Russians, are available to pregnant Russian women deliberately coming to the U.S. where the birth of their children gives the offspring dual citizenship. In 2017, journalists found DDT’s apartments, owned by Russians, were part of packages costing $75,000 and up, including medical care. Dual citizenship gives children born in the U.S. advantages in education, jobs, and applications for green cards to move their family here.

Giving COVID-19 data to GOP mega-donors: CDC no longer has first-hand information on COVID-19 hospital occupancy, ICU usage, contagious disease, and death to be made public. In July, DDT gave this information to Michael Zamagias who demanded changes in data and its coding while blocking the information from any source other than TeleTracking Technologies. The CDC had not information for days and never gained a complete set of data. Governors can’t find out what’s happening in their own states, and numbers now made public are probably not accurate. TeleTracking has signed the Trumpian “no disclosure agreement” and won’t give even the Congress any information.

Making more false charges against Joe Biden: Republicans in both congressional chambers openly refuse to prevent DDT from encouraging foreign interference in the November election, and AG Bill Barr’s job is to stop any prosecutions of DDT’s friends despite confessions of crimes. Both Barr and his “assistant” John Durham have circled the world, soliciting information to back up DDT’s conspiracies about Biden and Russian investigation. Barr promised to release any negative information before the 2020 election. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave Republicans 1,600 pages of damning information to swing the election to DDT—but not to the Democrats—and DDT’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani gave Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) more “dirt” shared with GOP friends.

Creating a non-existent threat to excuse violence: The removal of DDT’s personal militia from Portland (OR) has calmed down the protests, but DDT has provided he can ratchet up racial tension and cause his own “riots” whenever and wherever he wishes. DDT has shown the fake dangers of “antifa” to his conservative world and refuses to mention problems of violence from the right wing. For example, a far-right protester fired two gunshots into a group of about Black Lives Matter demonstrators at the “Rally against Domestic Terrorism.” Several other right-wing protesters carried high-powered guns as well as Mace, paintball guns, and a 9 mm handgun.  The man firing at the demonstrators has been making violent threats about knives and guns against antifa for years. Last week, a group of leftist demonstrators in Laurelhurst Park reported pipe bombs thrown at them, and another pipe bomb was thrown at demonstrators in downtown Portland as they were dispersing. DDT hasn’t mentioned the far-right violence.

Refusing to negotiate on pandemic relief: The House gave the Senate a stimulus relief bill over two months ago, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) refused it and blamed Democrats for being the hold-up, and DDT is ignoring the crisis. McConnell threw together a bill including billions for F-35 fighter jets—that still don’t work to look as if he’s making some effort, and DDT signed useless measures to great fanfare.

Trying to steal the election by destroying the post office: Even if Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s lives up to his promise to suspend USPS sabotage until after the election, he has already done a tremendous amount of damage. Mail sorting machines—at least 671 of them—have been not only removed but also destroyed at the loss of millions of dollars. Many of these were in places considered swing districts for the election. Estimates of reduction in pieces of mail processed per hours are 394,000 in Pontiac (MI), 327,000 in Columbus (OH), and 324,000 in Philadelphia (PA). Nationwide, DeJoy’s removal of the machine reduced 21.4 million pieces of mail process per hour. DeJoy even took out plain shelves used for manual mail sorting. People in southeast Washington, DC have waited weeks for their mail, including medications and paychecks. In rural Michigan, people are waiting two weeks for their diabetes medicine [Above left: The view of DDT when a reporter asks him how removing sorting machines speeds up mail delivery.]

[Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) may also be in reelection trouble with the USPS debacle. Although she expressed “concern” about the slowdown of the delivery, she co-sponsored the 2005 legislation requiring the USPS to pre-pay the next 50 years of health and retirement benefits for all employees, unique among federal agencies, and then forced it through a lame-duck congressional session. The law forced the postal service to put $5.5 billion into a pension fund every year from 2007 and 2016 as well as prohibiting the USPS from any new money-making activities. Three-fourths of the debt is because of the pension plan, and the USPS has no way to create new revenue. Maine voters have noticed.]

Attempting to commit genocide: Worse that the above destructive actions, DDT’s mishandling of COVID-19 wasn’t entirely careless or mistaken. DDT, Kushner, and the entire coronavirus team knew hundreds of thousands of people would die without action. They did nothing because they figured only people in blue states would die and then they could blame the governors of those states. It was all a ploy to help DDT’s election. They didn’t realize the pandemic would hit red states and DDT’s base. DDT’s sabotage of coronavirus testing has led to people waiting outside in the Arizona and Texas heat for up to 13 hours. With this election strategy, at least 175,074 people have died in the U.S. of the virus. The report of fewer infections—43,999—in the U.S. during the last 24 hours is most likely lower than reality because DDT’s donor running the only place with data an conceal the daily additions. Even so, the number of infections in the U.S. is closing in on six million. DDT never followed through with any of his promises because he thought it would lose him the election. The deaths, the cases, the lack of testing and PPE—it was all premeditated.  

Tomorrow, the theme for the third night of the Democratic Convention is “A More Perfect Union.”

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