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December 5, 2019

DDT’s Disasters: Impeachment Inquiry, NATO

This week’s news has largely focused on the impeachment inquiry and the NATO conference in London, both of them crazy. Corrupt GOP Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz wants to impeach President Obama—who left the office almost three years ago—for wiretapping Dictator Donald Trump (DDT) which didn’t happen. DDT pretends he’s in charge of the impeachment and tweeted, “Do it now, fast …. We will have Schiff, the Bidens, Pelosi and many more testify.”

When the House Judiciary Committee entered the impeachment inquiry yesterday, three of the constitutional experts were selected by Democrats, and Republicans picked the fourth, Jonathan Turley who had already written op-eds opposing the impeachment. His weak arguments against impeachment included Democrats are acting only out of anger and moving too fast. Turley testified for Bill Clinton’s impeachment because he was a “perjurer” but now finds insufficient evidence despite DDT’s refusal to allow executive employees to comply with subpoenas, threats to deny congressionally approved funding for Ukraine without an investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden, lying under oath, attacks and intimidation on impeachment inquiry witnesses, cover-ups of the scheme, setting himself up above the law, etc.

Republicans piled on by supporting Russian propaganda, claiming insufficient information, listing faults of other presidents, and crying “unfair” as well as the argument that Democrats shouldn’t polarize the country with impeachment. Outside the hearing, Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) said DDT is just using “the blunt talk of a Manhattan businessman” instead of “smarmy talk of politicians.” Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) said withholding the aid for corruption in exchange for investigating a major political opponent was just a coincidence. He added that changing the term quid pro quo to bribery proves that there are no grounds for an impeachment inquiry. DDT’s latest defense is that the term “do us a favor though” is actually “doing U.S. a favor though.” That one took 130 days to think up. The GOP defenses for DDT are remarkably similar to those for Richard Nixon almost 50 years ago as shown in this Art Buchwald column during Nixon’s impeachment.  [visual Art]

In 2010, Turley defended the most recent person impeached in the U.S., Louisiana federal district court Judge G. Thomas Porteous Jr, who was charged with taking a vast sum of gifts while he was a state court judge and lied under oath to the Senate and FBI to be confirmed. Although Turley didn’t disagree that Porteous had taken money and other gifts, he defended his client with claims that Porteous didn’t break any laws, although he may have been guilty of bad judgment; he didn’t act unethically; and his actions were business as usual in New Orleans. Turley described Porteous’ decades-long egregious behavior as mostly personal failings that failed to meet the “high crimes and misdemeanor” standard for impeachment. A super majority of Senators found Porteous guilty of all four counts, one of them with a vote of 96-0. This is the constitutional expert who Republicans hired to present their defense of DDT and who opposes “perjurers.”  

Today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) asked House committee chairs to draft articles of impeachment.  

Angered by the House hearings, DDT had a rocky time in London from NATO colleagues. Intending to look like a statesman, he either argued or suffered ridicule. He schmoozed with reporters for over two hours on the first day but escaped more mocking by unexpectedly canceling a press conference on the second day of the 70th anniversary meeting of 29 countries to immediately leave for the U.S. The night before, a secret mike at the Buckingham Palace reception caught Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gossiping with French President Emmanuel Macron, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. DDT first called Trudeau “two-faced” and then referred to himself as “funny.”

Macron had called out Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for threatening to oppose NATO’s defense plan for Baltic countries if NATO refuses to classify as terrorists anyone Turkey wishes. Then he criticized the lack of U.S. leadership because DDT pulled troops out of northern Syria without warning NATO allies, allowing Turkey to send troops against the Kurds. DDT called Macron’s comments “nasty” and met with Erdogan at NATO, perhaps the only NATO leader who wasn’t upset with him. Up for election on December 12, Johnson avoided photographs with DDT.

NATO leaders have agreed to “a forwarding-looking reflection process … to further strengthen NATO’s political dimension including consultation.” The next meeting is scheduled for 2021 to avoid DDT’s fourth year in office.

While DDT was in London, North Korea’s Vice Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui called him a dotard, a “an old person, especially one who has become physically weak or whose mental faculties have declined,” in his dotage, “the period of life in which a person is old and weak.” DDT had earlier said the U.S. would use force against North Korea if necessary and called President Kim Jong-Un “Rocket Man”–again. Despite DDT saying that North Korea was no problem for the U.S., the hostile country has regularly launched missiles while DDT called off military exercises. Kim’s latest threat is an unwelcome “Christmas gift” for the U.S.

Rudy Giuliani is back in Ukraine this week, meeting with discredited prosecutors Yuri Lutsenko, Viktor Shokin and Kostiantyn Kulyk and still looking for damaging information connected to his conspiracy theories. He’s also working on his documentary series highlighting the same falsehoods. Investigations into Giuliani’s affairs show that a major source of his income may result from selling access to DDT and the DOJ. For example, Giuliani charged Lutsenko $200,000 for a meeting with AG Bill Barr. DDT’s officials indicated irritation and frustration about the trouble that Giuliani may be causing during the impeachment inquiry.

As Giuliani digs deeper and deeper in trouble, DDT distances himself from his private lawyer. DDT told Bill O’Reilly that he “didn’t direct [Giuliani] to go” to Ukraine on his behalf, that he was just one of Giuliani’s clients, in direct contradiction to DDT’s own transcript of the July 25 phone call to Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky. A few days before that claim, Giuliani declared to Fox that DDT would never “throw me under the bus” but that he has “insurance.”

DDT’s aides dispute the report of Giuliani’s many calls to the White House and the Office of Management and Budget during the freeze on funds to Ukraine. They did not dispute, however, the close contact with DDT while he ran DDT’s shadow Ukraine policy pushing Ukraine’s president to announce investigations that personally benefit DDT politically. And they are refusing to comply with subpoenas to clarify who Giuliani called. Two days ago, Giuliani said that he had nothing to do with withholding aid from Ukraine and talked to the OMB about other subjects. The next day he said he didn’t talk to anyone in OMB. Russian can most likely provide the text of any phone calls to the White House.

Like Giuliani, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo may disappear from DDT’s circle. In London, he visited with GOP donors, possibly raising funds for a Senate run in Kansas this coming year. Pompeo is still pushing Russian propaganda that Ukraine interfered in the U.S. election after swearing as CIA director that Russia was totally responsible for the inference.

Republicans like Sen. John Neeley Kennedy (R-LA) still behave like Russian assets by spreading Russian propaganda. Kennedy sees the false claim about Ukraine interfering with the U.S. election as “fact” and Ukrainian expert Fiona Hill’s testimony refuting this conspiracy theory as “opinion.” Senators were briefed on Russian involvement as opposed to the false Ukrainian theory, but Kennedy didn’t attend the briefing. The GOP-run Senate Intelligence Committee found no evidence that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election.

Fox’s Tucker Carlson has joined the Russian assets in the United States when he said:

“Why do I care what is going on in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia? I’m serious. Why shouldn’t I root for Russia? Which by the way I am.”

Members of DDT’s base proudly wear shirts stating, “I’d rather be Russian than Democrat.” Their position about DDT? All businessmen cheat. So what? 

Get some rest this weekend. The impeachment inquiry continues on Monday with Democratic and Republican counsels to the House Intelligence and House Judiciary committees. It begins just hours before the DOJ release of the internal review of the 2016 Russian investigation origins, predicted to be a bust for AG Bill Barr who wants evidence for his personal conspiracy theories.

September 5, 2013

Fox Network–How Many Lies?!

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Tucker_Carlson_AsleepHave you ever fallen asleep while watching television? Even the scintillating Fox network?  Tucker Carlson did. While he was on air.  Don’t know who Carlson is? He’s a co-host of Fox & Friends, with the self-proclaimed “fair and balanced” perspective toward reporting.

No support from his co-hosts either. They openly ridiculed him before waking him up with “Good to see ya. Welcome to Fox and Friends.” Carlson tried to cover his gaffe by saying, “I know we’re not on television so it doesn’t bother me.” Maybe the camera’s red light alerted him to his mistake when he said, “Are we live? Is this honestly live?”

His excuse was substituting for Sean Hannity the evening before. Even if the program ran overtime, Carlson still had enough time for four to five hours of sleep. Maybe that’s why Fox gets so many things wrong: they just sleep through everything that they report.

Thomas Kersting, therapist and school counselor, wasn’t sleeping on Fox and Friends when he advocated a plan in a New Jersey’s school district to throw away a child’s meal if their parents hadn’t filled out the right paperwork for the Free and Reduce Lunch program. He considered it a “teaching moment” and claimed that the hungry kids aren’t actually punished. He said,

“We have more food than any other nation. You know, no kid is going to starve. You know, if one day a kid doesn’t have lunch, right, maybe that’s a teaching moment when that kid doesn’t have lunch. That may sound harsh saying that, but we’ve got to get people to start being responsible for themselves.”

Last fall, Fox fell asleep throughout all the polling that showed Barack Obama would win a second term and then looked shell-shocked when Ohio’s results came in. Karl Rove had a meltdown, which made me wonder if he had planned something else with the potentially rigged computers. 

Last month, a host on Fox explained that the network Al Jazeera is popular in the Arab world because most of the people there sympathize with Osama bin Laden’s attempts to kill U.S. citizens. Jim Pinkerton, a Fox contributor and writer for American Conservative, agreed, citing Pew surveys. But the survey results show the opposite. In 2011, Pew found that “in the months leading up to Osama bin Laden’s death, a survey of Muslim publics around the world  found little support for the al Qaeda leader.” Al Jazeera America bought Current TV last January and launched in August to almost half of the U.S. homes subscribing to television.

After President Obama called for the expansion of universal early childhood education, Fox accused the plan of being a government handout, “literally, the nanny state,” designed to entice toddlers to vote for him. Fox’s sister station, Fox Business, then called the proposal “immoral” because the country couldn’t afford it. “It’s immoral to put this across as something that’s actually doable, when it’s not.” No education, no dreams.

If statistics don’t match the conservative view, Fox presents charts to make their case, for example, making an unemployment rate of 8.6 percent look higher than 8.9 percent. Fox slept through the Benghazi briefings, claiming that the CIA had denied a diplomat permission to fend off the attack on the embassy. When one coal company laid off employees, Fox frequently ran pieces on the president’s “War on Coal” and its huge layoffs in the industry. At the same time, the industry actually had tremendous growth.

Almost all Fox’s climate coverage is wrong: the Union of Concerned Scientists found that 93 percent of Fox coverage on the topic was “misleading.” According to Fox, wind power causes global warming, carbon dioxide cannot cause global warming because it doesn’t mix well in the atmosphere, and solar energy won’t work in the U.S. because it isn’t sunny like in Germany. They’re wrong on all of these.

If stories don’t fit their conservative philosophy, they ignore them, even if the important ones. For example, Fox did almost no reporting on senatorial candidate Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments, the conflict surrounding the death of teenager Trayvon Martin, and the passage of New York’s marriage equality law.

Fox pushed the falsehood that President Obama gave more “freebies” than any other administration when George W. Bush wins the award for the largest increase in food stamps. Fox pundit Liz Trotta said that military women should “expect” to be raped if they join the service. Geraldo Rivera blamed Trayvon Martin’s murder on what he was wearing—his hoodie. Voter oppression was commonly described on Fox as an “attempt to fight voter fraud.” Conspiracy theorists on Fox claimed that the polls denying Mitt Romney the presidency were wrong—right up to the night of the election.

Even when Fox wakes up, it acts as a bully. Convinced that Attorney General Eric Holder lied during his testimony before Congress in June, they started a petition for his ouster from office. Appearing with Sean Hannity, Bill Cunningham verbally abused another panelist, Tamara Holder, when he demanded that she sign the petition. When she addressed his rudeness, Cunningham delivered a string of sexist remarks after saying, “Wait a minute, you shut up. Know your role and shut your mouth.”

His sexism was in keeping with earlier comments from Fox contributor Erick Erickson, who claimed that science proves that women should be submissive to women and that men should earn more money. That was only part of the Fox’s sexist dismay after a study showed that women are increasingly making the most money in their relationships.

It doesn’t stop there. Last month, Fox “medical expert” Dr. David Samadi (again on Fox & Friends)  declared that Obamacare should drop the “gender equality” requirement because women have breasts, and ovaries, and a uterus. He evidently slept through the class about male reproductive organs. Pregnancy, as a “pre-existing condition,” wouldn’t occur without males.

Even Fox women behave like bullies. Enraged by the Justice Department investigating a Fox reporter, co-host of The Five Andrea Tantaros, ranted:

“Fox said, we’re targets, clearly Media Matters and others have put us on a target list. And they said, ‘Oh, Fox is just crazy! They’re just paranoid!’ Really? Are we? This is what is happening to our press! This is Obama’s America! It’s like the Soviet Union. He said he would change the country. He said it. And a lot of people voted for him.”

Tantaros finished by telling the audience that if her audience finds any of these people who voted for President Obama, “do me a favor, punch them in the face.” When a caller worried that she was sending the wrong message, she explained:

“To be clear, I didn’t say punch Obama in the face. You’re going to get me arrested with this type of government. If someone voted for him! If anyone that you know who voted for President Obama, smack ‘em down.”

And there’s much, much more. Although this article is over a year old, it shows how Fox badly informs its viewers. Here’s a newer one. And a former devoted Fox watcher has devoted his entire blog to Fox lies. We’re all better off if everyone on Fox just sleeps.


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