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August 4, 2016

Clinton’s ‘Woman Card,’ Sexism

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Hillary Clinton has decided “to go all in as the woman-candidate,” according to conservative columnist Jonah Goldberg. As the “woman-candidate,” however, Clinton faces a tremendous level of sexism. People call her dishonest although her record finds her to be the most honest of all presidential candidates for the past three terms. Donald Trump is the most dishonest of all the candidates. Our culture teaches that girls and women lie—for example, rape victims are frequently accused of lying but rapists are believed. Women are less likely to be accepted as bosses or employees—and get paid less.

Life is harder for women who challenge gender norms—like running for president. Eleanor Roosevelt was frequently hated because she advocated for policies beyond the traditional First Lady role. Hillary Clinton’s favorability was shattered when she worked on health care reform during Bill Clinton’s early presidential years. As First Lady, she regained popularity when she was pictured holding babies as she traveled the world.

People repeat the myth that Clinton lied about her emails, but FBI Director James Comey, highly critical of Clinton, said, “We have no basis to believe she lied to the FBI.” He could find only three messages that might have been classified—all not properly marked classified when she received them. A video purporting to have 13 minutes of Clinton lying shows out-of-context statements and outdated viewpoints that Cliniton has since changed.

Overtly sexist remarks about Clinton are that her voice is too shrill—that she’s “nagging”—a common complaint for wives and mothers. She’s “too loud,” but Trump shouts and harangues. No one ever asks men to “smile,” but male pundits have called on Clinton to smile perhaps thinking they are being helpful.

If Clinton speaks firmly, she’s being aggressive—not assertive—but if she doesn’t, she’s not tough enough. When Bernie Sanders yells, he’s being “passionate,” but Clinton is criticized for yelling—and then criticized for not being passionate if she doesn’t yell. Jay Newton-Small, author of Broad Influence: How Women Are Changing the Way America Works, said:

“It is a subtle kind of sexism that exists that we don’t recognize. When women raise their voices, people tend to get their hackles up. People I talk to at Clinton events put her in a maternal role: ‘Why is she screaming at me? Am I in trouble?’”

Sanders tacitly encouraged his misogynist Bernie Bro followers when he criticized Clinton’s “drama” and her “shouting.” No one puts down Bernie Sanders for his wife’s economic mistakes while a college president, but Hillary Clinton is held responsible for all her husband’s perceived misbehavior.

Hillary Clinton has no charges against her for any of the scandals that the GOP have manufactured about her and her husband, but she is pursued by these scandals and the allegations that she’s too guarded or cautious. People who believe that Clinton is responsible for Benghazi or releasing classified emails refuse to accept exoneration from extensive investigations. The media even overlook a possible collusion between Trump and Russia. According to research, Clinton coverage has been far more negative than for Sanders or Trump perhaps because invented charges are far more acceptable against women than men.

Clinton has an 83.9 percent “liberal score,” a “F” rating from the NRA, and a calculation of “more liberal” than Barack Obama. Yet, the Progressive Left calls her a “neocon” who “was “bought by Wall Street,” thanks to repetition from the GOP and her opponent. No proof exists for these claims, but people want to believe that she must be guilty because no woman could have achieved her power without deception.

Donald Trump has now moved back to medieval times when he calls Clinton “the devil.” Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver told CNN over three months ago that Clinton “made a deal with the devil” in taking campaign funds from Wall Street, and Larry Nichols accused Clinton of engaging in Satan worship a year ago. Yet this is the first time that Trump made this accusation himself.

Referring to a female presidential candidate as the devil is not new: Victoria Woodhull, the first female presidential candidate in the U.S., was called “Mrs. Satan” and the devil almost 150 years ago. As usual, the pejorative is a way to discredit women. Sen. Orrin Hatch succeeded in getting Clarence Thomas approved as a justice of the Supreme Court by connecting Anita Hill to the devil through accusing her of taking her story from The Exorcist. Since that hearing 15 years ago, Hill’s claims of Thomas’ sexual harassment have been shown to be true, but Thomas still sits silent on the high court and consistently rules against human rights.

Three days before Election Day in 1872, Woodhull was arrested and sent to jail on trumped-up charges. At both conventions this year, Trump and Sanders delegates screamed “Lock her up” at Hillary Clinton—again on trumped-up charges. The fight against Clinton has frequently been referred to a witch hunt, a practice that targeted females, poor people, minorities, the disabled, and the old as “devil-worshippers.” The reason for calling women witches is to lower female status and create fear of women’s power. Killings in the U.S. for witchcraft have stopped, but people still compare feminism to witchcraft.

Sanders supporters love his bold masculine approach of vigorous rallies and strong independence in bucking the establishment, blaming it for everything. Clinton’s strength lies in what people perceive as “feminine”—listening, collaborating, evoking realism in not promising something that she thinks she can’t deliver. People who don’t complain about Clinton’s policies still call her boring and denigrate her approach to work. She’s rational, competent, detail-oriented, and hard-working, but revolutionaries want a big picture without giving a guide to achieving these goals.

David Brooks suggested that Hillary Clinton is unpopular because she’s a workaholic, caught up in her career. He wants her to have “fun” and be “intimate, personal, revealing, trusting and vulnerable.” Yet his political party incessantly complains about President Obama taking vacations and playing golf although he spends far less time doing this than George W. Bush did in cutting brush on his Texas ranch.

At this time, Congress is failing because members refuse to compromise. The current problems began on the night that Barack Obama was first elected as president: then Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) vowed that the only goal for Republicans in Congress was to make sure that the president-elect would not get a second term. He lost for the next two years on some congressional decisions, and he lost the next presidential election. To accomplish this mission, GOP members of Congress started in 2010 to create total gridlock by refusing to cooperate with President Obama.

Research shows that compromise always occurs when a female is included among two decision makers or if both are women. The theory behind the failure of two men to compromise is that men need to prove their masculinity when they’re around other men. Because extremism is a more masculine trait, two male decision makers almost never strike a deal. Men are also far more willing than women to sacrifice ethics for money or job success. Women are less inclined to give up their ethics for bonuses, promotions, favors, and other career advancements.

Trump started the “woman card” fight in April by claiming that Clinton had nothing else going for her. When Trump is attacked, he gets mad, and he no doubt thought that would happen with Clinton. Another response to attack is get even. Clinton responded:

 “The other day, Mr. Trump accused me, of playing the, quote, ‘woman card.’ Well, if fighting for women’s health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in.”

Since then, she used this as a rallying cry. Women who are paid less than men while working harder, who watch less qualified men get promotions over them identify with the “woman card.” They know that being female keeps women from deserved success, not giving them undeserved success. Alexandra Petri listed what she gets from her woman card: “a sizable discount on your earnings” from 9 to 37 percent; an increase of 11 percent over what men pay for the same products; commercials telling you how horrible you look; lectures from men; limits on reproductive rights; loss of personal space; constant negative judgment; and far more.

I’m voting for Hillary Clinton, not because she’s a woman but because she’s the most accomplished person for the U.S. presidency. Yet her abilities as a woman are a bonus for my decision.

Trump Watch:

  • Trump’s craziness may be his way to keep the press from addressing his close relationship to Russia.
  • The minutes of the RNC meeting when Trump supporters drastically changed the party’s platform to give Russia’s Vladimir Putin an advantage in attacking Ukraine have disappeared, but people who attended the meeting remember.
  • Trump has nothing to say about the growing problems of the deadly Zika virus, especially predominant in Florida.
  • Trump said that he met with Gold Star families.
  • Today’s big lie (confusion?) is that he watched a transfer of cash to Iran for ransom. It was repayment for a 1979 debt, and Fox network showed the release of three people released from a Tehran prison. Trump’s lie got four Pinocchios from the Washington Post.  

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