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May 26, 2012

Dems Drop the Brass Ring

Every time the Democrats almost reach the brass ring, they just quit. That’s the case with the recall on Wisconsin recall of Gov. Scott Walker. Debbie Wasserman Schulz doesn’t like his “attacks on workers” and recalling the governor on June 5 would “[send] a powerful message to the far-right extremists.” But she said that nationally, “there aren’t going to be any repercussions” if the recall fails, perhaps justifying the fact that the Democratic National Committee has put very little money into the fray.

Let’s hope that it was just a CYA attempt if Walker actually walks away with the election. But it’s definitely a tragic comment for the morale of the country. In paraphrasing a famous speech from Martin Niemöller about the refusal to stop the Nazis during World War II, “First they came for the people of Wisconsin, and I did not speak because I’m not from Wisconsin.”

From my limited perspective in the balcony watching the comedy called “American Politics 2012,” I see that two decisions in June will direct this country: the Walker recall and the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act, one decision from the voters of a state and the other from the nation’s top court.

The Koch-purchased governor has received three times the money for his opposition to the recall as his opponent with most of Walker’s money coming from outside the state. His win would show that money buys political figures (which is mostly true) and that other states should go full force ahead to control the country with far-right conservatives.

Conservatives in charge of state legislatures cause the middle class to disintegrate and women to lose any rights they might have had while most Republicans demand that every citizen bow down before the bible—or at least their personal interpretation of the bible. Even worse for the country, however, they will continue to gerrymander the legislative districts, sending more and more conservative wingnuts to Washington, D.C. to push all of us in a corner with no rights.

As Rachel Maddow proclaimed, “Democrats should be fighting like the existence of their party depends on it. Because it does.”

The loss of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) not only kills many people because they won’t have insurance but also impacts all the other safety nets, including Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Conservatives don’t like any of these, and they may decide to void everything that the New Deal and President Johnson provided for people in the country.

I just read a newspaper article about a woman who voted against President Obama in 2008 and opposed the ACA but said that she would be dead without it because of the insurance that she was able to get after some of the provisions went into effect. Either she’s suicidal and resented the ACA because she didn’t die, or she’s so mentally challenged that she doesn’t understand the logic of what she said. By now that describes the majority of the Republican party.

A friend traveling in England for a month used the country’s health care, going to the emergency room first because of a prior injury to her knee and then for a broken wrist. The latter took three hours from being admitted to leaving with a cast. Name me the one place in the United States where she would get that kind of treatment—free!—unless she were one of the very wealthy top 0.1 percent.

Researchers have found that most people opposed to ACA are just afraid that there won’t be enough doctors, nurses, and hospital rooms for them if “they,” meaning the people without insurance, have health care rights. The Republicans are unbelievably selfish, thinking they they deserve all the resources of the country with the rest of the people allowed to occasionally glean the chaff.


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