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August 2, 2015

What Do Christians Do?

What do Christians do? One thing is individuals’ and businesses’ begging for money. Businesses refused to serve some of the population and tried to use GoFundMe websites for being bigots. Now the Duggars—19 Kids and Counting—have lost their $25-million salary after some people were upset with the oldest’s sons pedophilia. As a teenager, Josh Duggar molested five little girls and was protected from prosecution and punishment by his parents while living under the same room with four of his victims. It appears that $25 million a year isn’t enough to save money. Blaming the victims didn’t work for the Duggars, and TLC canceled the show. Instead of getting jobs, they asked fans to contribute to their YouTube account. Fortunately, ridicule made them delete their Internet begging—at least for now.

Rep. Steve King (R-IA), known for rabid comments against young immigrants in the country, has decided that the Supreme Court legalization of same-gender marriage means presidential candidate Mike Huckabee “can marry my lawnmower.” I don’t know why King thinks that Huckabee might want to do this because he’s been busy wanting to shower with girls. Maybe King has a thing for his lawnmower and is trying to cover his own desire. I’m still waiting for an announcement that people are marrying their lawnmowers or potted plants or any other inanimate object.

As presidential candidates Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, and Rick Perry show off the ultrasounds of their children as fetuses, they might want to take Pat Robertson’s warning. Asked about the safety of posting these on Facebook, Robertson cautioned about the “demons” and “evil people in the world” who may use ultrasound images to start “muttering curses against an unborn child.” Earlier he had claimed that these cultists could use any photos to curse people.

Christians work to lower education standards in the United States. The latest victim is the College Board, which issues standards for high school Advanced Placement courses. Attacks from conservatives have caused this previously venerated organization to issue a whitewashed revisionist history. Oklahoma, Georgia, and Texas all introduced bills threatening to pull the course altogether, and the Republican National Committee passed a resolution accusing the 2014 AP U.S. framework of promoting “a radically revisionist view of American history that emphasizes negative aspects of our nation’s history while omitting or minimizing positive aspects.” These are some changes:

  • Passages explaining racial attitudes, stereotyping, and white superiority in early American history are rewritten or deleted.
  • “White supremacy” disappeared from the Europeans’ rationale “to justify their subjugation of Africans and American Indians; instead extended contact with Native Americans and Africans produced “evolving religious, cultural, and racial justifications for [their] subjugation.”
  • Removed was a line about the slave trade “leading to the emergence of racial stereotyping and the development of strict racial categories among British colonists, which contrasted with Spanish and French acceptance of racial gradations.”
  • Also removed was the “Key concept” that read, “By supplying American Indian allies with deadlier weapons and alcohol, and by rewarding Indian military actions, Europeans helped increase the intensity and destructiveness of American Indian warfare.”
  • Implications of early European colonists’ racism and aiding in destructive Native American warfare are softened and replaced with more passive language.
  • President Reagan’s rhetoric is no longer “bellicose.”
  • “American exceptionalism” is added to the standards.
  • Sections on the Progressive Era and the New Deal now include inequality, a legacy of “regulatory agencies,” and the divisions of Progressives.
  • Instead of progressive-era journalists and reformers working to address “social problems associated with an industrial society,” the journalists “attacked” “what they saw” as corruption and inequality.
  • Removed from the document was a section that described English colonialists’ lack of “accepted intermarriage and cross-racial sexual unions” with native people and enslaved Africans that led “to the development of a rigid racial hierarchy” in English colonies.

More details here.

AP students will learn that slaves created institutions to preserve their family unit and formed communities on their own; the Free Market created the American economy; most Native Americans were killed off by the Spanish with the U.S. playing only a minor role in their genocide; and Ronald Reagan single handedly caused the collapse of the Soviet Union. The scant mention of the labor movement ignores leaders such as Eugene Debs, and the United States fought Germany and Japan in World War II all by itself with no help from other countries. Liberalism didn’t exist before the 1960s as an expression of anti-Communism and is now dying off after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

The College Board has joined the trend of blaming others, making inaccurate portrayals, and destroying any historical accuracy through far-right propaganda.

pamela beckhamThe religious freedom excuse has now gone beyond denying people goods and services. A Christian woman in Ohio, 62-year-old Marilyn Perry (below), let “Jesus take the wheel” while she was praying—and driving. The result of Perry’s bowing her head while driving was a serious injury to 50-year-old Pamela Beckham (left) who was getting her grandchildren out of a car in front of Bellevue’s public library. Beckham rolled onto Perry’s windshield breaking the glass and Beckham’s neck. A Huron County judge placed Perry into an intervention program with no jail time and pays up to $10,000 for medical costs. Without prayer, vehicular assault is punishable by up to 18 months in prison and a mandatory license suspension of one to five years.

Marilyn PerryPerry should know that Jesus is a bad driver. A few months ago, Pridonna Hill handed the wheel to her savior in Indiana and ran over a motorcyclist. “God told her that he would take it from here and she let go of the wheel and let him take it,” police said. Then she just kept driving.

Pastor Matthew Becker, a professor of theology at Valparaiso University, was thrown out of his church because he thinks that women should be able to serve the church and children should be taught evolution. Church president, Mathew Harrison, disagrees and ousted Becker. He had no answer for Becker’s claim that “you don’t need a certain body part to share the love of God.”

Earlier last month, Fox network radio host Todd Starnes told the Abilene Baptist Church (Augusta, GA) that “Chick-Fil-A … is the Official Chicken of Jesus, according to the Baptist Faith & Message.” No, this story didn’t come from Internet satire; he really said it.

straight parade

Almost 50 years ago, the first LGBT pride parades had 50 to 100 people, a number that has grown to tens and even hundreds of thousands of people. Straight pride activist Anthony Rebello started small when he organized a Straight Pride Parade in Seattle. He invited over 2,400 people on Facebook, but he was the only one there. Not even his girlfriend showed up. He said that it was a “warm up” and plans another one next year. Rebello blamed negative attention from the LGBT community for the low turnout. If he were right, no one would have ever gone to any gay pride parade.

Much to the dismay of conservative Christian groups, the Boy Scouts of America lifted its ban on gay leaders with 79 percent of its board members in agreement. The reason was not for ethical reasons: Robert M. Gates, the organization’s president, said that it was to avoid costly “simultaneous legal battles in multiple legal jurisdictions.” Not all troops have to accept gay leaders, either. Discrimination can continue if troops refuse gay leaders on the basis of religious belief. Even that doesn’t satisfy groups such as the Mormon Church that may pull all of its troops out of BSA. On the other hand, Gates may not be avoiding legal battles with his “religious freedom” excuse.

Cheers this week for a group of good Christians who visited a Chattanooga mosque in Chattanooga to pray with Muslim worshippers during the funeral procession for Marine Staff Sgt. David Wyatt, one of four Marines fatally shot by Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez on July 16. They said they wanted a show of love for the Muslim community. Mainly Baptists with at least one Presbyterian, the Christians requested that their churches not be identified because not everyone agreed with their visit.

What do Christians do? Lie, beg, discriminate, twist facts, and reject church members while the real Christians are forced to hide doing good works. At least that’s what happened last week.


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