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January 20, 2012

Perry Gone

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The “Oops Man” who couldn’t remember all three of the federal agencies that he would abolish is gone. Rick Perry, the Republican presidential candidate who would give the wealthiest 1 percent an average tax cut of $272,730 (more than 270 times more than his flat-tax proposal would provide for a middle-income U.S. taxpayer, a tax cut that would add $1 trillion to the deficit in 2015), went back to the Texas that he and George W. Bush created.

This is the state where the annual median wage in 2010 was $31,500, 7 percent less than the national median. The growing job environment in Texas came from the expansion of hydraulic fracturing and offshore drilling operations; other states with the fracturing are suffering from unexpected earthquakes. Don Baylor, a senior economic analyst at the liberal Center for Public Policy Priorities, projected that the state’s economy would suffer after budget cuts and loss of federal stimulus funds last September. The loss of 49,000 government jobs, especially from education financing, really hurts the state. Fortunately for Texans, the economy will probably survive thanks to rising oil prices, military expenditures, and drug trafficking.

Speaking of education, this is the Texas where the Fordham Institute gave the schools an overall grade of D, describing them as “a politicized distortion of history” that is “both unwieldy and troubling” while “offering misrepresentations at every turn.”

Perry is the man who flew around the country in corporate jets. While trying to rid the country of ethanol requirements in gasoline so that feed prices would be lowered, Perry flew to Washington on a private plane provided by the head of Pilgrim’s Price Corporation to get cheap feed for the company’s chickens. The more than 200 free flights from corporate executives and wealthy donors during his 11 years as governor are worth $1.3 million, according to Texas Ethics Commission records. Perry also flew free thanks to oil corporations, road-building contractors, and Verizon.

Comedians will miss Perry because of the tremendous number of gaffes that he committed. The height of his ridiculous behavior was his peculiar behavior at a New Hampshire speech when he finished by cuddling a small bottle of maple syrup. People who had seen Brokeback Mountain noticed that in one of his TV ads Perry wore a jacket almost identical to one worn by the movie’s gay character–in the same ad that denigrated gays. He also got the date of the 2012 election wrong, didn’t know the legal age for voting in the U.S., confused Iran and Iraq, put the American Revolution in the 16th century, believed that New Hampshire holds caucuses and not primaries, and referred to the U.S. Supreme Court as “eight unelected and frankly unaccountable judges.”

Perry spent $408 on each vote in Iowa. Both Perry and his super-PACs spent at least $21 million on his campaign. That money netted him 14,000 votes, about $1,500 per vote. His donors may think that they didn’t make a good investment.

Tomorrow we’ll see who gets Perry’s votes in South Carolina’s primary—both of them. Until yesterday I would have guessed some of them would go to Mitt Romney, but after Romney’s recent appearances, Romney probably won’t get the votes that he had previously expected. In fact, sources say that he might lose the primary and was considering not even participating in the first Florida debate. Every day brings more revelations about and from the Republican presidential candidates.




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