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April 6, 2014

Christians Want a U.S. Theocracy

Eight-year-olds are smarter than legislators, as Olivia McConnell from South Carolina proves. She wants a state fossil to go along with all the other state stuff such as tree, flower, bird, stone, fish, fruit, dog, opera, etc. The third-grader at Carolina Academy (Lake City) wrote her state lawmakers, Rep. Robert Ridgeway and Sen. Kevin Johnson, asking them sponsor a bill to make the woolly mammoth the official state fossil. She gave them three reasons:

  • One of the first discoveries of a vertebrae fossil in North America was on an S.C. plantation when slaves dug up wooly mammoth teeth from a swamp in 1725.
  • All but seven states have an official state fossil.
  • “Fossils tell us about our past.”

McConnell’s representatives  introduced bills on her behalf, and the state House passed it by 94 to 3. State Sen. Kevin Bryant (R), however, demanded an amendment with terminology from Genesis to give “the creator” credit for creating woolly mammoths and everything else.  Ruled out of order, he insisted that the bill explain that the mammoth was “created on the Sixth Day with the beasts of the field.”

Another GOP state senator who represents the district with Bob Jones University put a hold on the legislation. National attention forced the majority leader to bring the resolution to the floor without the “creator” reference but with the “sixth day” reference. The bill passed unanimously. The United States has officially become a theocracy.

Arizona may have backed down on a state law allowing discrimination in the state using the excuse of religious beliefs, but Mississippi’s Gov. Phil Byrant (R) has signed a similar bill for his state. According to the law, people’s “right to the exercise of religion” should not suffer a burden, which is defined as “any action that … compels any action contrary to a person’s exercise of religion.”  That term “includes, but is not limited to, the ability to act or the refusal to act in a manner that is substantially motivated by one’s sincerely held religious belief, whether or not the exercise is compulsory or central to a larger system of religious belief.” In other words, people can deny goods, services, medical care, etc. to anyone and ignore civil rights legislation if they claim “exercise of religion.”

Other Christian claims from the last couple of weeks:

  • World Vision: “If we cannot love one another, how will we show Christ’s love to the world?” That was what President Richard Stearns said when one of the world’s biggest Christian charities decided to hire LGBT people who are either married or abstinent. The love lasted for only two days after Christians objected. The reversal of the former policy has now been reversed.
  • Pat Buchanan: God is on the side of Vladimir Putin because he is “planting Russia’s flag firmly on the side of traditional Christianity.” Putin was also right in annexing Crimea, and the decline of the U.S. began with declaring “[t]hat women and men are equal” and “[t]hat all races, religions and ethnic groups are equal.” Franklin Graham, Billy Graham’s grandson, agrees that Putin is right about LGBT people because he’s “taken a stand to protect his nation’s children.”
  • Pat Robertson: Signing up for a health insurance plan will make personal information readily available, and the Affordable Care Act is “killing people.” That’s what Robertson said on air before he announced a safe telephone number for people to enroll in a private health insurance plan. The number goes to
  • Robertson asked Daniel Lapin, “What is it about Jewish people that make them prosper financially? You almost never find Jews tinkering with their cars on the weekends or mowing their lawns. That’s what Daniel Lapin says and there’s a very good reason for that, and it lies within the business secrets of the Bible.” Robertson added that Jews are “polishing diamonds, not fixing cars.” The far-right rabbi agreed and said that paying for such services is all about “taking care of God’s other children.”
  • In Robertson’s world, Jesus would not have had to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding because the bible calls for gay couples to be stoned to death. He seems to miss the good old times when he said, “But we don’t have that in this country here so that’s the way it is.” And atheists are possibly possessed by demons or survivors of rape or other abuse.
  • Pastor Steven Anderson (Faithful Word Baptist Church, Tempe, AZ): Women are to be silent in church so that men can teach them their place during “learning time.” Chatting before the service and singing praises to God are okay. No “amens” out of them. A year ago, he preached about how women should not choose what they read or wear. They should also be banned from having sex, speaking in public, and leaving their homes. He probably agrees with Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson who thinks that women should not be allowed to vote.
  • The American Decency Association/One Million Moms of the American Family Association: These two groups are boycotting Honey Maid graham crackers because its “This Is Wholesome” ad includes a same-sex couple with children. ADA’s Steve Huston claims that the ad is part of Satan’s “attack on God’s design.”
  • Ralph Reed: It is becoming too easy for women with children to get a divorce from their husbands. The Faith and Freedom Coalition founder also said that the national debt is related to the decline in the nation’s morality.

Gay Crazy:

  • News Corp chairman Rupert Murdoch: The News Corp chairman urged “all Irish” to boycott Guinness because they chose not to sponsor the discriminatory St. Patrick’s Day parade in Boston.
  • Lt. Colonel Oliver North: The man arrested for illegal sales of arms to Iran said that the GOP must ban marriage equality just as the abolitionists fought to end slavery.
  • Bobby Jindal: The Louisiana governor claims that efforts to overturn bans on marriage equality are a war.
  • Ted Cruz: The GOP Texas senator who called on Congress to shut down the government calls the current administration’s support for LGBT equal right is an “abuse of power and lawlessness” and calls on a defense against this equality.
  • Fox News, the Christian Right, and the GOP: The far-right equates the “horror” of a business being required to sell a wedding cake to same-sex couples with the religious discrimination of the Holocaust and the Shia versus Sunni violence in Iraq.

Sex Ed Classes in the South:

  • Oxford (MS): Teachers asked students to take a piece of chocolate out of its wrapper and then pass it around the classroom. The message is that girls having sex are just as dirty as the candy becomes after it has been touched by all the class members. In that state, 76 percent of teenagers will have sex before they leave high school.
  • Texas: A school district told teachers to compare sex to used toothbrushes or chewed gum. No one wants either of these after they have been used; they just get thrown away.

U.S. Catholics:

  • Wilton Gregory, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Atlanta, apologized for his building a new $2.2 million home and may sell it. After parishioners protested, Gregory wrote: “I failed to consider the impact on the families throughout the Archdiocese who, though struggling to pay their mortgages, utilities, tuition and other bills, faithfully respond year after year to my pleas to assist with funding our ministries and services.” Not all parishioners are convinced that he will leave his mansion.
  • Sister Jane Dominic Laurel told students that divorce and masturbation make guys gay, according to a the Dominican nun’s speech at a Charlotte Catholic High School (NC) assembly. After parents protested, her subsequent lectures were cancelled and she has requested a sabbatical.

Question of the Week:  Bible literalists claim that their good book opposes abortion, birth control, LGBTs, etc. Yet many verses in the book support the belief in a flat earth. Why don’t fundamentalist Christians oppose the belief in a round earth and boycott airplanes?

The God Finale: Almost a year ago when Colorado floods killed at least 8 people, Roy Ortiz lived because North Metro Rescue first responders saved him from drowning in a creek. Ortiz thinks that God saved him so he’s suing a fire district, four cities, a dive team member, and two Boulder County sheriff’s deputies for not closing the road. He wants $500,000 in damages from taxpayers. There are several questions about Ortiz’s actions, including the fact that he called his wife before he called 911 when he went into the water.


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