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January 5, 2017

What Passes for News on NBC:

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Criticized for being close to Donald Trump (DT) and advising him on his campaign, Joe Scarborough, host of MSNBC’s The Morning Show, claimed that people had to be good friends with political figures in order to get news from them. The conservative “news” show host has stayed while MSNBC fired progressive talk show hosts and replaced them with hacks such as Chuck Todd who has a daily show on that cable network as well as destroying the reputation of Meet the Press.

Now NBC has picked up Megyn Kelly from Fox, despite the latter’s offer of $100 million for her to stay. Kelly became a Fox star after she verbally attacked DT in the first primary debate. Now NBC is trying to boost its ratings by scheduling her as host of a daily daytime show and a Sunday newsmagazine program while she covers major political events.

Here’s some of Kelly’s past “journalism”:

Santa Claus is white. Kelly responded to a Slate column suggesting that black Santa Clauses make people of color feel more included:

“Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn’t mean it has to change, you know? I mean, Jesus was a white man too. He was a historical figure, that’s a verifiable fact, as is Santa — I just want the kids watching to know that.”

A journalist should know that “white” didn’t exist in first-century Palestine or third-century Turkey. Or that Santa Claus is not “a historical figure.”

Oh yes, Jesus was also white.

Victims should be blamed. Kelly said that Dajerria Becton, a 15-year-old black girl thrown to the ground by a police officer, deserves blame because of being “no saint.”

“The girl was no saint, either. He had told her to leave, and she continued to linger. When a cop tells you to leave, get out.”

Becton was doing exactly what the cop ordered: he said to leave “now” and she walked away. Corporal Eric Casebolt yelled at her, ran after her, grabbed her, and dragged her to the ground. He only stopped because two other officers grabbed him. He resigned, and she was not charged.

Pepper spray is just “a food product.” Kelly says that being sprayed is not any problem.

“It’s a derivative of actual pepper, it’s a food product, essentially. A lot of experts are looking at saying is that the real deal. Has it been diluted?”

Police-grade pepper spray is 5.5 times hotter than the hottest known pepper, the ghost chili that has been compared to “a cocktail of battery acid and glass shards.” A U.S. Army study stated that pepper spray’s active ingredient “is capable of producing mutagenic and carcinogenic effects, sensitization, cardiovascular and pulmonary toxicity, neurotoxicity, as well as possible human fatalities.”It can cause corneal damage and was associated with 26 deaths in California between 1993 and 1995—one in every 600 people sprayed by state police officials. The product is banned for military use overseas by the Chemical Weapons Convention, which prohibits the use of “any chemical which through its chemical action on life processes can cause death, temporary incapacitation or permanent harm to humans or animals.” 

Criticism of the Vietnam War sounds like Osama bin Laden. Bill Ayers, a former member of the Weather Underground, agreed that it was fair to criticize his actions in bombing government buildings during the 1960s but that people should criticize violent actions that the U.S. takes in its military campaigns throughout the world. Kelly responded:

“I hear you saying — You sound like, with respect, Osama bin Laden.”

People in Colorado can commit voter fraud by printing out ballots at home. No they can’t! Kelly failed to understand the vote by mail process when she claimed that a new law “literally allows residents to print ballots from their home computers, then encourages them to turn ballots over to ‘collectors’ in what appears to be an effort to do away with traditional polling places.” Only people living abroad or serving in the military can receive them via email.

The New Black Panther Party is the greatest threat to American democracy ever. Six years ago, Kelly found prominence on the Fox network through her “shocking” reports about the organization that she accused of leading a vicious voter intimidation campaign during the 2008 election. In reality—not something of importance to either Kelly or Fox—two Black Panthers stood outside a heavily black Philadelphia voting place. Police removed them after complaints. Two years later, one Black Panther was at the same location, politely opening the door for voters. Media Matters reported that Kelly “devoted 45 segments, totaling more than 3.5 hours, to the investigation in a two-week timeframe” on the “scandal.” Her story was one of anti-white racism from Eric Holder, then head of the Department of Justice, who protected the NBPP and refused to investigate black people.

“Well, think about that. Think about that. … Now you’re going to have instances like this where Black Panthers and others can go to the polling stations and do this if they so choose. And they just basically are gonna get a pass because while it’s not an official thing, it’s been made very clear to all the rank-and-file voting rights attorneys in the DOJ those cases are not to be pursued.”

Racism has no relationship to police shootings of black people. Again not true! Yet Kelly continually used former Los Angeles Police Department officer Mark Fuhrman on her show to dismiss any racism. She also decried the “anti-cop, thug mentality” in black communities and criticized the Obama administration for encouraging integrated neighborhoods “whether the communities want it or not.”


Kelly gently searches for Donald Trump’s (DT) sensitive side. After her original attack on DT in the first primary debate and his refusal to attend another debate because of her, she changed to a cozy interview after he gained his GOP candidacy. At one point, she asked:

“Has anyone ever hurt you emotionally?”

Racist “jokes” among officials are acceptable and normal. After a police officer killed Michael Brown in Ferguson (MO), an investigation uncovered blatantly racist email exchanges among the town’s commanders, police officers, and court officials. For example, the comment that President Obama would not keep his job in the 2012 election because “what black man holds a steady job for four years” and depicted him as a chimpanzee. Another example was the “joke” about a man seeking “welfare” for his dogs because they are “mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no frigging clue who their Daddies are.”

Most of the points above illustrate Kelly’s racist approach in her “news.” Her move to NBC appears to be a support of racist conspiracies and falsehoods in mainstream news.

Over a year ago, Andrew Lack, head of news for NBC and MSNBC, said that he was shifting away from left-wing hosts to save the network. Since then, the networks concentrated on presidential candidate DT over his competition and became another venue to tout the right wingers.

If NBC hopes to bring Fox network watchers to its network, they’re sadly mistaken. Reading the comments on the NYT article shows that the conservatives dislike her more than the progressives do. Of course, the highly conservative CEO of NBC won’t mind copying Fox in its non-progressive policies.

A much quieter move from Fox to MSNBC was accomplished by Greta Van Susteren. It appears that Megyn Kelly had already sucked all the oxygen out of the two networks.

November 13, 2012

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With all the big stories out there—especially the David Petraeus scandal—some of the other information is falling through the cracks. Here’s an attempt to pull them back out.

Bobby Jindal shows the deep schism in the GOP with this statement: “It is no secret we had a number of Republicans damage our brand this year with offensive, bizarre comments — enough of that. It’s not going to be the last time anyone says something stupid within our party, but it can’t be tolerated within our party. We’ve also had enough of this dumbed-down conservatism. We need to stop being simplistic, we need to trust the intelligence of the American people and we need to stop insulting the intelligence of the voters.”

One newly elected Republican senator also understands the GOP’s serious problems. Ted Cruz, a Canadian-born Cuban-American from Texas told The New Yorker: “In not too many years, Texas could switch from being all Republican to all Democrat. If that happens, no Republican will ever again win the White House. New York and California are for the foreseeable future unalterably Democrat… If Texas is bright blue, you can’t get to two-seventy electoral votes. The Republican Party would cease to exist. We would become like the Whig Party.” Cruz indicated that he might be aiming for the presidency. There may be a crowd in 2016.

Former VP Republican candidate Paul Ryan (doesn’t the word “former” sound wonderful!) has another reason for his loss. He had no idea that the “urban turnout” would be so huge. Is there something about vote suppression that he knew and we didn’t? Whatever it was, it didn’t seem to work. And another question for Rep. Ryan (R-WI). When he bragged that he and Mitt Romney would win, he said that could justly claim a mandate to push through his initiatives. He lost. Maybe that means that Barack Obama and Joe Biden now have a mandate to push through their initiatives. 

Wisconsin is still as crazy as ever. Refusing to accept that Obamacare is the law of the land, nine members of the state legislature serving for the next two years are backing a bill to arrest any federal officials who try to implement the health care law. Eight of these nine also want to write a law that would see Transportation Security Administration agents charged with sexual assault if they conduct pat-downs of passengers going through airport security. Other positions they support are carrying guns without permits and blocking state funding for the federal Real ID law that requires states to develop more secure driver’s licenses.

The GOP is finding less and less support for their opposition to Obamacare. The latest poll, one from the Kaiser Family Foundation poll, shows that 49 percent of Americans want this health care as compared to 33 percent for the opposition to the Affordable Care Act. The percentage of approval just keeps growing.

In their public statements since President Obama was re-elected, conservatives have been speaking about the GOP compromise for the tax problem—to follow the Romney proposal. The Republican definition of compromise is still “do exactly what we want.” They have a few days left to legislate, considering that they meet a small percentage of the time, in the less than seven weeks before the 112th Congress is finished.

There’s a good chance that Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) will chair the House Judiciary Committee, starting in January. This is the man who thinks that Social Security and Medicare are unconstitutional. In fact, he thinks most of what the government does is unconstitutional.

Arizona still can’t decide one House and one Senate seat because over 324,000 ballots of the 1.8 million cast in the state are still not counted. Although the count must be finished by Friday, the pace is slow—only 18,000 finished today. Meanwhile Rep. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) assumed that he had been elected for the Senate without the counts done and showed up at the freshmen orientation, one of only three new Republican senators as compared to the eight Democrats. Krysten Sinema, a bisexual woman who calls herself “non-theist,” has been declared the winner of a House seat after an extremely tight race, making four Democrats and four Republicans in the House from this traditionally red state.

The ninth House seat is up in the air, lacking counts and in court after Republican contender Martha McSally wanted some of the ballots pulled for improprieties. She seemed fine with the counting process until she started losing. A judge left the decision open this afternoon regarding McSally’s demand for a half to 130 ballots, ordering that the ballots be counted and kept separate until a later ruling.

At this time, Democrat Ron Barber, former aide to Gabby Gifford who was seriously wounded almost two years ago, has a lead of 879 votes. The number of uncounted ballots from this district, CD2, is not available, but 26,000 ballots are still not counted in Pima County where Barber has a lead of 8,700 votes. McSally is ahead by about 8,000 votes in Cochise County that still has 9,000 uncounted ballots, including 2,300 provisional ballots that must be verified.

The infamous Maricopa County Sherriff Joe Arpaio who is positive that President Obama’s birth certificate is false, who has declared a vendetta against Hispanics, and who perpetrated a large number of abuses on the prisoners of the county jail is losing his lead. In the past few days, it has gone from 53 percent to 51 percent with tens of thousands of county ballots still not counted.

Megyn Kelly may have had the best quote of Election Night when she said to Karl Rove on the Fox network as he scrambled for numbers that would prove Romney had not lost Ohio: “Is this just math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better?” This is the woman who complained about Candy Crowley’s moderating of the VP debate, had a hissy fit about Sandra Fluke who Rush Limbaugh had designated as “slut,” and declared pepper spray “a food product” after students at UC Davis were shot in the eyes with the high-grade commercial product.

After this one slip, Kelly is back in the fold, calling Bill O’Reilly’s racist remarks “interesting.” Her contract is up this coming summer, and Howard Kurtz guesses that she may be headed for greater things than a daytime show.

At a white supremacist rally in North Carolina, the 50 protesters from the National Socialist Movement and the KKK were outnumbered five to one by red-nosed, squeaky toyed clowns who threw white flour in the air every time that the protesters chanted “White Power.” The protest was expanded with the presence of 75 police officers.



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