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June 3, 2014

Ammosexuals Pervert Constitution

HomeDepotOCT-3cropHow did some gun nuts spend Memorial Day, a day to honor those in the military who sacrificed for their country? In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, they harassed a Marine veteran before sending him death threats and calling him at work.

A television producer, James Henry, films events such as the open-carry demonstration in a public space where members of Open Carry Texas were toting their AK-47 and AR-15 semi-automatic rifles. Their threats led him to leave, but the gunners chased him back to his car, shouting insults such as “Are you gonna cry? Sounds like you’re about to cry.” After that, they posted his work and contact information online and used social media for death threats. This intimidation is an example of actions by “good guys,” as gunners label anyone legally carrying weapons. The group with the guns said that they chased the one man with the camera because they felt threatened.

The same weekend, over 100 demonstrators stood around with their long guns for several hours in a North Richland Hills Home Depot parking lot for several hours. [Photo above left taken at the demonstration.]

Gunners also target women and the disabled. As Jennifer Longdon sat in her wheelchair in an airport after appearing in a press conference with a new group Everytown for Gun Safety, a man spit in her face. No one reacted. Longdon was paralyzed in 2004 after unknown assailants shot her in her car. It’s not the first time she has been threatened. After attending a fundraiser in Phoenix (AZ), a man appeared at her home and pulled the trigger on a rifle pointed at her, hitting her with a stream of water.  “Don’t you wish you had a gun now, bitch?” he said before he left.

Gunners have made vicious, sexually-degrading attacks on a woman for simply trying to sell the new “smart guns,” invading her privacy, trolling her online, and bullying her through telephone calls.

Last April, Brett Sanders, a member of Open Carry Texas in Plano (TX) posted the name and cell phone number of a woman who had called the police after seeing a group of heavily armed men when she went to a shopping mall. The post claimed that she had called 911 although she had contacted the nonemergency police line. Footage of the demonstration were from friendly-looking demonstrations, not the once that the woman encountered. Callers told the woman, a high school teacher, that was a “a piece of shit,” a “stupid bitch,” and “motherfucking whore”—amid death threats. Two men also called in about the demonstration, but Open Carry Texas did not publicize their information.

Open Carry Texas is the same group that posted 40 heavily-armed members at an Arlington restaurant where four women from Moms Demand Action were having lunch.

mannequin mad minuteAlthough the group tries to present an image of friendly people, some of their actions belie this claim. In March, a group held a “mad minute” with a female mannequin at a firing range. The figure was positioned naked from the waist up with arms raised in surrender. After blowing off the arms, the shooters pulled down the mannequin’s pants to the ankles. “Mad minute” comes from the term Open Carry Texas members use for Moms Demand Action—“mad moms.” Four of the shooters were at the Arlington restaurant; one is listed as a Open Carry Texas board member and the group’s Director of Operations.

CJ Grisham, the founder of Open Carry Texas, said he wasn’t part of the group of shooters, but the Facebook posting elicited his comment: “Warms the cockles of my heart.” He calls Moms Demand Action “ignorant, retarded people” and “thugs with jugs.”

Last October, Open Carry Texas invited radio host Alex Jones as a rally speaker to hundreds of armed people at the Alamo.”These scumbags are all the same!” he shouted as he described a worldwide conspiracy to take away everyone’s guns. He concluded by saying, “Don’t be mean to the million mom march, all five of ’em. These are pathetic zombies. Just realize they’re stupid victims that want us to live like they do, slaves.”

Jones left the rally to harass people at a Moms Demand Action midday kids’ event with crafts and family activities. Stephanie Lundy explained to Jones’ associate, Anthony Gucciardi, that Jones was physically harassing Lonnie Philips, the father of 24-year-old Jessica Philips who was murdered in the 2012 gun massacre at the Aurora (CO) movie theater. Gucciardi ignored Lundy, but Phillips finally told him that an assault rifle had killed his daughter. Jones’ video, posted later, ended with his saying, “There’s five people here against the guns, and they’re claiming—it’s probably true, there’s a guy whose got a lot of sadness in his eyes—that it’s his loved one that was lost at Aurora, and that that’s basically our fault.”

It’s not the first time that Open Carry Texas has harassed the Phillips. Earlier, the director of operations had posted on her Facebook, “Sandy, nice banner pic of you eating at In ‘n’ Out burger. I open carry there all the time. Very gun friendly place.”

A Florida firearms instructor filmed himself blasting a paper target bearing the Moms Demand Action. He posted the cluster of bullet holes on the group’s Facebook page with a grin and the statement, “Happy Mother’s Day.” The group shared the video on the Facebook page of the man’s local church, and negative comments led to the removal of the instructor’s video.

Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, said, “For me, the question is always, ‘Why does this person want to kill or rape or silence me?’ I think the answer is that this issue touches a cultural nerve based on gender, geography, and other politics. There are pundits who make a good deal of money encouraging this type of anger.”

The NRA originally denounced the open-carry demonstrations as “foolishness” and “downright weird” but later apologized to Open Carry Texas for their statement. Once again, the NRA has proved that their only interest is in making money and following the dictates of gun manufacturers.

Other businesses are starting realize that they are losing money, however, because people don’t want to go in a place where gunners insist on carrying their semi-automatic rifles. At least seven restaurants have noted that the proliferation of semi-automatic rifles is unnerving and angering patrons. Sonic and Chili’s Grill & Bar are the most recent to institute a no-carry policy.

A new poll has found that 55 percent of people in the U.S. prefer that guns stay out of retail stores and restaurants while only 32 percent think that guns belong there. By a 61 percent to 32 percent margin, people approve of Chipotle’s decision to keep guns out of their restaurants. Only 39 percent of people are in favor of open carry laws, with 44 percent in opposition. The poll found a difference between political parties in their approval of open carry guns and carrying them in businesses where they take their families.

Thanks to loose gun laws in red states, many people live in areas where people—primarily white men—strut around with semi-automatic rifles throughout the streets and inside businesses including bars. As they appear at political events, others are intimidated, becoming more and more afraid of voicing their opinions. People aren’t even safe in their own homes because information about them is posted online.

No one disagreeing with a gunner is safe. Gunners threaten people for any actions. Recently a Minnesota man pulled a gun on his neighbor because the man wouldn’t teach his daughter to ride a bicycle in the way that the gunner wanted. Shooting people for any reason has become part of U.S. culture.

In The Second Amendment: A Biography, Michael Waldman has documented the history of gun laws and discusses ways to change the culture. He cites Abraham Lincoln who said, when talking about slavery:

“Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it, nothing can succeed. Consequently he who molds public sentiment goes deeper than he who enacts statutes or pronounces decisions. He makes statutes and decisions possible or impossible to be executed.”

As long as the public thinks that people have the right to use guns to intimidate and threaten anyone for anything, the culture—and the law—will not change. We have gone far beyond the right to “bear arms.” The United States now allows gunners to threaten everyone else.

We have become a country controlled by ammosexuals. The Urban Dictionary explains the term:

“A sexual fetish that finds pleasure in the power to kill dozens of people with the pull of a trigger. An ammosexual may understand the desire of other people to live, but feels all the greater pleasure in contemplating that he has the power to overcome that desire with his power. Ammosexuals are very protective of their fetish, and attack even the slightest gun safety measure on the grounds that they interfere with their pleasure. Many ammosexuals practice the religion of gundamentalism or demand the invasion of weaker countries as a means of reaching wargasm. After every mass killing, ammosexuals gather for an orgy of suppressing gun control measures.”

Not every person owning a gun is an ammosexual, only those who are willing to use powerful weapons to control everyone else by destroying their rights. Those are the people who chase people with cameras, make anonymous death threats, and spit on paralyzed women. Those are the people who have perverted the U.S. Constitution.


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