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November 9, 2012

Republicans Show Themselves Jerks

Some GOP members behaving like spoiled rich kids—which, with Super-PACs, is what they are! Rep. Allen West (R-FL) is a prime example. Swept into the 112th Congress with other extremist Tea Party members, West accused the Congress of sheltering 81 Communists among the Democrats and called Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz as “vile” and “despicable” after she said that West had a large number of Medicare clients in his district. He also said President Barack Obama, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and others should “get the hell out of the United States.”

Before West ran for the House, he had been relieved of his command in Iraq after he violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice laws on torture. Although his $17 million, mostly from out of state, overshadowed the $3.6 million of his opponent, Patrick Murphy, West failed by 2,456  votes, a margin of 0.8 percent. Now West is screaming ballot tampering and suing Murphy.

On another note, when President Obama telephoned House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to extend the arm of bi-partisanship and affirm his intent to move forward on addressing the looming “fiscal cliff,” the Commander-in-Chief was unceremoniously told that the pair was “asleep.” An awkward beginning for the Republicans to “work across the aisle.”

One of the major meltdowns came from Glenn Beck, former Fox host, who told people to buy guns and farmland. He added, “If you live in the East, may I recommend get the hell out of the East. Find a place where you are surrounded by like-minded people and the best way to find those people is, you should probably look at the maps on how counties voted… May I highly suggest you get grandfathered in to the second amendment today. Oh and don’t forget the ammunition.”

Huffington Post collected some of the most common GOP whines: The media selectively reported Romney’s gaffes; fact-checkers were biased (yes but against President Obama); Hurricane Isaac hit the Tampa convention; Romney was too nice in his advertising; Superstorm Sandy and NJ Gov. Chris Christie were to blame; Obama won by “suppressing the vote”; Romney wasn’t conservative enough (which Romney?); Obama was backed by the 47 percent; and  America’s white establishment is now a minority. The GOP sees the last one as a problem because, according to Fox’s Bill O’Reilly, all minorities, including women, “want stuff.”

My two favorites. Americans are basically ignorant: Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) may be right but if true, that whine hurt, not helped, the president. And liberals bought the election. Liberals got 20 percent—at best—of the super-PAC money, and they “bought the election”!?

Rhetoric in the past year has accelerated about racism: liberals have written about racist attitudes toward President Obama, moderates claimed it didn’t exist, and conservatives (aka Fox News) have called the president a racist. Now it’s definitely out in the open. Hundreds of students at “Ole Miss,” for example, rioted, shouting racial slurs just like 50 years ago when violent rioting followed the forced integration with James Meredith’s enrollment as the school’s first black student. Mississippi is also the state in which 46 percent of the Republicans think that interracial marriage should be illegal. Floating Sheep has analyzed locations of the racist tweets following the election. They seem to match the voting patterns of the geographical areas.








What the GOP will never admit is that the amazing amount of gerrymandering that the Republican states accomplished after their sweeping election in 2010 is the only reason that they maintained the House. When these legislators crammed all the Dems into small areas, the rest of the states turn red, as shown by Ohio and Pennyslvania.












Although House Republicans have kept a similar majority to the last Congress,  237-197 majority plus or minus four seats, more than half the people in the country voted for Democrats.  In areas where Republicans can’t control the districts—the Senate and the presidency–Democrats won outright. That’s why there’s a group of GOP legislators who want to repeal the 17th Amendment and let state legislatures determine the senators, so the GOP can take over the Senate too.

Everyone this year worried about who would vote. Democrats were concerned that people wouldn’t show up, and the GOP hoped that the people who voted in 2008 would not bother to go to the polls this year, partially because of the heavy GOP vote suppression. They were wrong. People of color comprised 28 percent of the voters, 2 percent higher than in 2008 and 5 percent more than in 2010; young voters comprised 19 percent of the vote this year, 1 percent up from four years ago and way up from only 12 percent in 2010. Some people think that the reason for the increases was the GOP’s suppression strategy. Senior turnout stayed the same, but liberals went up 3 points to 25 percent of voters in 2012. At 35 percent, conservatives were down 7 points from the 2010 vote.

Although the president went from 59-percent support of whites in 2008 to 55-percent support this year, he made up the difference among minorities, increasing among Hispanics from 67 percent in 2008 to 71 percent in 2012. One report indicated that the Hispanic support may have been greater because Spanish-dominant Latinos are undersampled because they are poorer and live in less assimilated communities. Latino Decisions pool found Latino support for Obama at 75 percent nationally and up in swing states. Asian-American support rose from 62 percent in 2008 to 73 percent this year. Those who said that the president’s marriage equality position would lose him big-time among black voters were wrong; his 93-percent support showed only a 2-point drop from 2008. The GOP appeals to none of these groups in the majority.

The GOP plans an exhaustive search into the reasons behind their loss of the presidency and Senate. Asked about the GOP’s demographic problems, Boehner said: “What Republicans need to learn is: How do we speak to all Americans? You know, not just the people who look like us and act like us, but how do we speak to all Americans?” Some hard-core conservatives claim the problem stems from being too far left—just move to the right. Collecting information will not do the GOP any good: Republicans will not accept these facts any more than they accepted the polls.

Charles Krauthammer, an old white man, is the classic example of the GOP’s refusal to look at the people in 21st-century United States. His take on Hispanics? Their only liberal issue is immigration. Thus Krauthammer puts 16.7 percent of the country’s 300+ million citizens into a tiny box. His solution is “Border fence plus amnesty.” He then suggests that running Marco Rubio (R-FL) is enough to win the Hispanic vote, a racist assumption that people vote for those of their own race in spite of different beliefs in policy.

According to Krauthammer, the rest of minorities, including women, are all liberal.  Again he shows his ignorance about the face that many blacks are actually conservative. Krauthammer wrote that the majority of women are anti-choice, but 60 percent of the 2012 voters want abortion legal in all or most cases.

Despite the failure of massive amounts of money for conservative causes and candidates and the open attempts at voter suppression to achieve a presidential win, Krauthammer repeats the GOP mantra: “The problem here for Republicans is not policy but delicacy–speaking about culturally sensitive and philosophically complex issues with reflection and prudence.” It appears that women’s issues such as forced transvaginal ultrasounds just need to explained with “delicacy.”

Chances are good that the GOP wants to believe Krauthammer and will continue down the same path while they  will ignore conservative columnist George Will’s succinct conclusion: “Demography is destiny.” Keep it up, GOP. I don’t want you to change your position. It’s what makes you lose.

November 8, 2012

Romney, GOP in Denial

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Mitt Romney must have been as positive as Fox News, Drudge Report, Dick Morris, Newt Gringrich, Rush Limbaugh, Joe Scarborough, Karl Rove, and all the other conservatives that he would win the presidency. He posted his “Mitt Romney President-Elect” website the day before the election. On Wednesday, a draft version of his transition website was available to the public on a server belonging to the company that designed it, a Utah software shop called SolutionStream. The website is gone now, but the Internet never forgets.



Romney didn’t even write his concession speech until Ohio was declared for President Obama. But he did have time that night to take care of some other important details—like cancelling his campaign staff’s credit cards. It was a surprise to the team members who straggled home in the early hours of the morning after Election Day. The next afternoon, Romney thanked them, and Ann Romney told them that they would always be part of the fabric of the Romney family. Their son Tagg drove them one of their homes in Belmont. Meanwhile the campaigners are all unemployed.

The excuses for Romney’s losing the election just keep rolling in. Forced to explain to his donors the waste of all the super-PAC money, Karl Rove said, “The president succeeded by suppressing the vote, by saying to people, ‘you may not like who I am and I know you can’t bring yourself to vote for me, but I’m going to paint this other guy as simply a rich guy who only cares about himself.’”

Rove ignored the fact that the GOP supporters are primarily white and mostly men as compared to the demographics for President Obama supporters. Women comprise almost 51 percent of people in this country; people of color, including Hispanics, comprise 36 percent. Put these figures together, and you get 69 percent of the country’s population that the GOP considered irrelevant. At this time, white men are the minority; within the next 20-30 years, the entire white population will be a minority.

We may never find out what happened in the discussion Rove had today with his donors, but one GOP operative said, “The billionaire donors I hear are livid. There is some holy hell to pay. Karl Rove has a lot of explaining to do … I don’t know how you tell your donors that we spent $390 million and got nothing.” Rove’s American Crossroads got a one-percent return on its $300 million investment.

Rather than considering the changing demographics of the United States, Michael Needham, chief executive of Heritage Action, an arm of the conservative Washington think tank, declared another war. “We are in a war. We’re in a war to save this nation,” Needham said.

The most popular excuse for the president’s victory is Superstorm Sandy, which probably lost him about 800,000 votes. Redstate has another 30 excuses, some of which are so crazy that the blog almost looks like a parody.

Two examples of the GOP narrow vision stand out. Yesterday I wrote about the House election of the Michigan reindeer farmer, Kerry Bentivolio,  although his brother says that the man is outright crazy. Bentivolio defeated Syed Taj, a name that some might consider foreign. Yet Bentivolio lost to David Curson in a special election to replace Thaddeus Cotter for the next two months. Therefore David Curson is a Michigan representative until the beginning of January 3 when Bentivolio takes over.

As Daily Kos explained the equation:  “completely unknown Dem with Anglo name > demonstrably crazy Republican > Dem with strong resume but poor campaign skills and furrn’r name. Could someone with Syed Taj’s resume, but named, say, Jay Teds, have won the full two-year term?”

Another peculiar vote comes from Alabama where voters passed ten out of eleven amendments. The one failure, which also failed six years ago, was a bill to delete remaining “Jim Crow” provisions from the state’s 1901 constitution, including the removal of the term “colored children” from the Constitution, deleting the mandate for poll taxes before blacks can vote, and mandating that all children in the state should have an equal education. Sixty percent of voters rejected this amendment, about the same percentage of people who voted for Romney.

Leader of the narrow, Rush Limbaugh, is still getting his audience through such outrageous statements as women voting for President Obama although ‘he treats them like vaginas.”

Any faint compromise from the GOP is fading. House Speaker John Boehner said that while tax hikes for the wealthy are unacceptable but did offer up Romney’s tax plan. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) is threatening to maintain the current debt ceiling agreement if there aren’t deep cuts to the safety net. He also insists that Obamacare be on the table during negotiations.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has been silent since his message to President Obama immediately after the president won the majority of the popular vote and the electoral vote. McConnell basically stated that he hoped the president had learned to do what the Republicans want because the president’s election was a mandate to follow GOP wishes.

The truth of the “mandate,” if there is any, is that a majority of the Senate is Democratic, the president won with a majority of the popular vote, and a majority of voters supported Democratic representatives although the GOP gerrymandering doesn’t show this to the casual observer.

A cheery note of hope comes from Arizona. Yes, Arizona. Two-thirds of the voters turned down a proposition to claim ownership of all the state’s natural resources, including the Grand Canyon and other federal park. Theodore Roosevelt would be pleased.


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