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December 18, 2011

Bachmann, Gingrich Want Religious Law

“I hold a biblical view of law. If you look at the original constitution and the founding documents of our country, it was clear that the founders wanted to separate power, they wanted to separate the presidency from the Supreme Court and from the Congress, because they thought that the Congress should be the most powerful of all the people’s voices because the people would have the ability to change out the members of the House every two years, originally the state legislatures would chose the Senators and they would have the state’s interest in mind, and the President was meant to execute the laws that Congress would put into place. The courts had a relatively minor function, it was to take current facts and apply it to the law that Congress had passed. So it was really a beautiful system that set up but it’s been distorted since then, and that’s what we need to do, get back to the original view of the Founders because it worked beautifully.”—Michelle Bachmann on The Jan Mickelson Show (12/16/11)

I have two questions:

Would a law against “sharia” law that prevents religion guiding the courts also apply to “biblical” law?

Would Michelle Bachmann continue to believe that the presidency should be subordinate to Congress if she were (shudder!) to become president?

Meanwhile Newt Gingrich wants to rid the United States of “secular” courts. “we’ve in fact attempted to create a secular country, which I think is frankly a nightmare,” said Gingrich. The irony is that he claims to be an “historian” who should know that the country was founded to free people from the oppression of religion.

He also said that he is disturbed by the “steady encroachment of secularism through the courts to redefine America as a nonreligious country and the encroachment of the courts on the president’s commander-in-chief powers which is enormously dangerous.” As the president wannabe, Gingrich wants the power himself.

Last spring Gingrich, now a Roman Catholic, espoused his new values approach at the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio (TX) where Pastor Rev. John Hagee described the Roman Catholic Church as “the great whore,” and argued that Adolf Hitler was a “hunter” sent by God to expedite God’s will to have Jews reestablish a state of Israel.

With Gingrich’s polling sinking to the level of the other Republican presidential candidates, it is unlikely that he will be the chosen nominee. If he were, however, opponents will have a rich video library of Gingrich quotes for their advertising.



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