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June 2, 2020

DDT Hides in Bunker After Fueling Violence

One week ago, white police officers deliberately killed a black man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis. Floyd had been accused of paying for cigarettes with a counterfeit $20 bill but didn’t resist when police handcuffed him and put him into a police car. He may not have known the bill was counterfeit. For some unknown reason, they took him out of the car, and one of the officers knelt on Floyd’s neck with his knee for almost nine minutes—over two minutes after Floyd had no pulse. The others watched.

Protests building during the week boiled over into violence by last Friday in over 75 cities across the nation. This morning, Dictator Donald Trump (DDT), called the governors of the 50 states to harangue them for looking “weak.”  He accused governors of looking like “fools” to people in the world who laughed at the U.S. “If you don’t dominate, you’re wasting your time,” DDT declared. He ordered governors to “use the military” and stated “we have a wonderful military” while frequently referring to the Occupy Wall Street movement. “You’re allowed to fight back,” DDT said while calling the protests a “war.”   

DDT ranted for most of the first 17 minutes, but AG Bill Barr also repeated his evidence-free accusations against left-wing organizing and ordered governors to arrest protesters. GOP governors, such as Brian Kemp (GA) and Doug Ducey (AZ), took the opportunity to preen about their accomplishments. Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker did call out DDT for his rhetoric and mishandling of his state’s pandemic. About the telephone call, Massachusetts GOP Gov. Charlie Baker blamed DDT’s comments for their “bitterness, combativeness and self-interest” instead of “compassion and leadership.” Baker also praised peaceful protesters in Boston for their “powerful statement.”

Last Friday, after DDT fueled violence with violent comments, he went to his bunker for terrorism attacks because of the protesters. The next morning, he bragged about how safe he felt in the White House with the “most vicious dogs, and most ominous weapons.” DDT has pushed his followers to be violent since he was inaugurated, continuing to praise white supremacist protests such as the one on May 1 when armed people broke into the Michigan capitol and stopped the legislative work. He said, “These are very good people, but they are angry.” Now, protesters are “bad guys.”

While DDT bragged about his safety, he lambasted Washington, D.C.’s mayor, Muriel Bowser, for not sending the D.C. police to protect him. Bowser tweeted back:

“While he hides behind his fence afraid/alone, I stand w/ people peacefully exercising their First Amendment Right after the murder of #GeorgeFloyd & hundreds of years of institutional racism. There are no vicious dogs & ominous weapons. There is just a scared man.”

Later, the Secret Service admitted that it coordinated with the D.C. police and the U.S. Park Police throughout the evening and night. Bowser said, “At no time was [D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham] concerned about losing control of protest activity in Washington, D.C.”

DDT’s advisers initially wanted an Oval Office address to ease tensions but rejected the idea because DDT has no policy proposals and no interest in a message of unity. His position is shown by a retweet from Buck Sexton, far-right radio host:

“This isn’t going to stop until the good guys are willing to use overwhelming force against the bad guys.”

DDT also emphasized that people are allowed to “fight back,” a phrase he repeated several times. His “good guys” are pushing for a race war by instigating riots in the name of protesters against systemic racism.  In the hour-long telephone all, DDT also told states to pass strict laws against flag burning and said that with a “different court” the Supreme Court may outlaw flag-burning. 

DDT said he put Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark A. Milley in charge but didn’t say of what. A military takeover? Introducing the Defense Secretary Mark Esper, DDT said that he was looking for arrests. A military takeover? Esper called the streets of U.S. a “battlespace.” DDT also said that he will “activate” him “very strongly. Later, he said that he was activating the Army into D.C., something he can do because D.C. is not a state. DDT said he was protecting the Second Amendment, allowing people to carry guns. He also claimed to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807 to deploy the military everywhere in the U.S., ignoring a demand that people “disperse” and to their “abodes.” The Pentagon doesn’t know if DDT has taken that action, and DDT can take this action only if the states have failed.

DDT reiterated his sending in the military during an afternoon speech in the White House Rose Garden:

“If a city or state refuses to take the actions necessary to defend the life and property of their residents, then I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them.”

Pentagon officials seem uncomfortable with sending in their troops because they, unlike DDT, understand the law. The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 outlaws use of the military without permission of Congress. No president can help civil officials by ordering the military to enforce the law or suppress civil disorder. The law was passed because of military occupation of former Confederate states after the Civil War. Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) also called the military to be deployed, but he would need another 267 other Congressional members to support this action.

Without any warning, the police broke up a peaceful protest near the White House after DDT’s speech by teargassing and firing rubber bullets at about 1,000 people so that DDT could walk across the street to give a photo-op at the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church. Asked if the Bible he held up was his, DDT said, “It’s a Bible.”

Police in riot gear assaulted two Australian journalists outside the White House while the area was being cleared for DDT’s walk to the church. Cameraman Tim Myers was repeatedly struck with a shield and punched while U.S. correspondent Amelia Brace was his in her back with a rubber bullet. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told Australia’s embassy in the U.S. to investigate, after two Australian journalists were assaulted by police during a protest outside the White House. An officer tried to hold the other two back when one of them also tried to hit them with a baton while they tried to escape. Brace said that they were caught between the National Guard behind them as the police rapidly moved forward. The video is horrifying.

The Right Rev. Mariann Budde, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, said she learned of Trump’s visit by watching it on the news. She said she was “outraged.“   

“I don’t want President Trump speaking for St. John’s… I am the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington and was not given even a courtesy call that they would be clearing with tear gas so they could use one of our churches as a prop, holding a Bible, one that declares that God is love and when everything he has said and done is to enflame violence.”

Before coming to Washington, Budde was rector of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Minneapolis. She said the church disassociates itself from the messages of the president.

“We hold the teachings of our sacred texts to be so grounding to our lives and everything we do, and it is about love of neighbor and sacrificial love and justice.”

Arlington County (VA) officials have pulled their police officers out of Washington, D.C. after they were used to fire chemical canisters and stingers at protesters that included families with children. The county’s police department had been helping National Park Police for crowd control. Libby Garvey, the chair of Arlington County’s board, said the photo-op “endangered all our officers. We don’t do that.”

DOJ said that a number of agencies would protect DDT, including the DOD, DHS, FBI, DEA, Marshals Service, Federal Bureau of Prisons, and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Also involved are the Metropolitan Police Department, the Capitol Police, the Federal Protective Service, the U.S. Secret Service, and the D.C. National Guard.

DDT’s ranting tweets are usually saved for weekends, but today was an exception—hostile messages toward Democrats and Joe Biden after the polls show DDT lower than ever compared to Biden in the presidential race. In another tweet from mid-morning today, he posted a photograph with the statement, “Anarchists, we see you!”

On Sunday, while DDT was spreading hate and division, Democratic presidential candidate used social media to ask people to turn “anguish into purpose.” During the day, he walked around Wilmington (DE) to visit the site of the protesting on Saturday night.

In a frightening symbol of DDT’s administration, the lights were turned off at the White House last night. 

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