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November 10, 2017

DDT: One Year In

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 This week marks the one-year anniversary of shock and aargh of a presidential election after Dictator Donald Trump (DDT) promised to give the United States back to the people. He promised infrastructure projects, vast growth of the economy, and “common ground, not hostility.” Just hours after his win, DDT declared, “I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all Americans, and this is so important to me.”

As with his oath to defend the U.S. Constitution, DDT has failed.

United Nation:

  • Constant attacks on Hillary Clinton give the impression that she is the president.
  • DDT has banned almost everyone who criticized him from his administration.
  • Any criticism of him has resulted in DDT’s vicious attacks against the media, intelligence agencies, Republicans, a Broadway show, minority athletes, and even the widow of a soldier killed in Niger.
  • Executive orders promote racism—bans on people from Muslim countries, vastly increased deportation of undocumented immigrants who have no criminal record, withdrawal of DACA.
  • Other orders and speeches favor white males.


  • No plans have been introduced for either of these, and his budget cuts funds for the infrastructure.
  • Tax cuts will damage the economy.
  • DDT said that he would eliminate the federal debt in eight years while his tax plan raises the deficit by trillions of dollars.
  • DDT falsely equates a rising stock market with an improving economy.

Support for Working People:

  • Failed attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act led to DDT’s orders to weaken health care and renege on his promise to provide health “insurance for everybody.” The result is higher premiums joined by a larger number of uninsured people.
  • His budget slashes affordable housing, education, college financial aid, and Head Start while he wants to give massive tax cuts to the wealthy.
  • DDT’s budget cuts $473 to Medicare and over $1 trillion to Medicaid after he promised not to cut either one of them.
  • DDT promised to keep jobs in the U.S., but in the first three months after he was inaugurated at least 11,934 U.S. jobs either moved abroad or were ready to leave. No agency keeps accurate figures, so the number is surely higher. His tax cut bill will incentivize companies to further offshore their jobs. Meanwhile DDT is hiring foreign workers for his resorts.

Foreign Policy:

  • DDT promised to renegotiate the Iran deal but instead decertified it to help Saudi Arabia and Israel create an impending war in the Middle East.
  • DDT bragged that he would renegotiate the Paris climate agreement, but the United States is now the only country not participating after Syria joined into the deal.He has become the “cheese” in the singing game “The Farmer in the Dell” in which only the cheese remains after everyone else has found someone.
  • The international conference to defeat ISIS does not exist. Nor does the peace between Israel and Palestine that he promised would be brokered by his son-in-law, Jared Kushner.

Drain the Swamp:

  • DDT has brought more billionaires into his administration than any president before him.
  • After promising to stop the pharmaceutical industry from “getting away with murder,” DDT chose an FDA director who got millions of dollars from pharmaceutical corporations and opposing lower drug prices.
  • DDT deregulated Wall Street institutions that illegally lost homes, jobs, and life savings for people after his promise to “stop Wall Street from getting away with murder.”
  • Sessions and DDT (above) let Citigroup-owned Banamex USA get away with six years of illegal activity with a mere $140 million and no jail time for anyone involved.
  • Less than three weeks before the election, DDT released a five-point plan for ethics reform to restrict lobbying. The swamp he promised to drain is now a sinkhole that he’s rapidly filling. Most of the plans haven’t been carried out, and many Washington lobbyists say business is better than ever.

DDT criticized President Obama for signing executive orders, but DDT signed more executive orders in his first 100 days than any other president since 1945—because he can’t get anything legislated. By now he has signed almost twice as many orders as President Obama in the same time frame.

After criticizing President Obama for lack of transparency, DDT has concealed the visitors coming to the White House, stopped any taping of press briefings, refused completion of ethics forms to identify conflicts of interests by staffers, failed to release his tax returns, and otherwise attempted to hide all his actions.

Despite constitutional mandates, DDT has retained interest in his businesses and financially profited from being elected president.

Leonard Pitts described other reversals of DDT’s promises:

“The guy who once said he would be working so hard he would seldom leave the White House spends more time on golf courses than a groundskeeper.

“As credible accusations of treason, obstruction, collusion, and corruption swirl about this White House, the GOP has been conspicuous in its acquiescent silence. It seems the elephant has laryngitis.”

What promises has DDT kept? About ISIS, he said he “would just bomb those suckers.” He assigned the task to Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis who stated that civilian casualties were to be expected. In the first six months after DDT was inaugurated, U.S.-led airstrikes killed over 2,200 civilians in Iraq and Syria, about the same number as died during the last two years of President Obama’s second term. Finding any record of casualties since then is almost impossible under the opaque DDT regime.

Politifact has tracked a large number of DDT’s promises and where they stand at this time. As has NBC. 

During his first year, DDT has promoted a culture of cruelty, incivility, corruption, ignorance, authoritarianism, racism, misogyny, bullying, worship of money, and disdain for science.

A striking revelation for DDT supporters who have paid attention to DDT’s first year is his inability to make a deal. “Deals are my art form,” he bragged, but he has no proof for his claim. DDT inherited his money, cheated people out of money, and hired clever lawyers for bankruptcies—none of which required skill in negotiation. Every large piece of legislation this year has thus far failed, partly due to DDT’s inept impatience and flip-flopping, and the current center piece, tax cuts, may be struggling. DDT’s MO is to shout orders and threats from ignorance while giving away leverage.

DDT’s first year has been marked by infighting, firings and resignations, and conflicts around the world as DDT threatens, bombs, and generally destroys any possibility of diplomacy. Divisions within the United States come from DDT’s support of white supremacy and his opposition to all ethnic, religious, and gender minorities. The Republicans may have taken over Congress, but their infighting has stopped any significant legislation thus far. All they can point to as a success is putting a justice on the supreme Court, and the Senate had to change the rules by lowering the number of votes need to vote him in. Rational Republicans, many of them past leaders, have fled the party.

DDT threatens independent agencies such as the DOJ and intelligence agencies with revenge if they don’t follow his orders and left top positions empty. He issues mandates by tweets, many of which he has to take back, and his governing style is controlled by insults, tantrums, and lies. His followers have fled: business leaders after he supported neo-Nazi violence at Charlottesville, GOP senators who wouldn’t repeal the Affordable Care Act, Alabama GOP voters who supported a sexual predator for senator instead of the appointed incumbent, NFL owners angry over DDT’s definition of patriotism. The investigation into DDT’s connections with Russian collusion regarding the presidential election is moving forward while people connected with DDT are falling like bowling pins.

States are taking over the nation’s leadership in environment. Automakers and other corporations must follow California’s regulations to see to 12 percent of the U.S. population. Federal courts have struck down many of DDT’s orders, including three versions of his travel ban, unconstitutional voter ID laws, and police profiling and harassment. Grassroots’ efforts are getting out the vote to reclaim democracy, fight Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’ attempt to privatize the nation’s educational system, and EPA director Scott Pruitt’s crusade against science.

The world is now waiting for the 2018 elections to see if the United States can be saved from the man elected as president a year ago.

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