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April 9, 2017

Activism: Lists of ‘Not Normal,’ Accomplishments

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Activist Jen Hofmann is currently publishing a weekly list of suggested activities to resist the dreadful actions of Dictator Donald Trump (DDT) and his GOP minions in Congress. This is the link to her website for those who wish to keep up on what can be done.

This week’s list, as usual, includes an explanation of why people must not begin to think of DDT’s behavior as normal. In addition, she provided a list of successes for the past week. You can get more details here.

Not Normal – Avoid normalizing this presidency and #staywoke:

  • A normal president doesn’t lie 367 times within his first 80 days in office.
  • A normal president doesn’t sneak money from his business after agreeing not to. In fact, a normal president doesn’t run or own a business at all during his presidency.
  • A normal president doesn’t make money from waging war.
  • A normal president doesn’t bomb another country without Congressional approval.
  • A normal president doesn’t publicly support an accused sexual predator.
  • A normal president doesn’t revoke women’s rights in favor of corporate power.
  • A normal president doesn’t spend $24M on travel in the first 10 weeks of his term.
  • A normal president doesn’t take golf vacations for ten consecutive weekends.

Past “not normal” list:

  • A normal president doesn’t lie about a former POTUS.
  • The campaign staff of a normal president are not under FBI investigation for collusion with a foreign government.
  • A normal president doesn’t move a business partner into the West Wing.
  • A normal president doesn’t threaten congresswo/men for voting against his wishes.
  • A normal president talks to all Americans, rather than holding rallies for a small number.
  • A normal president doesn’t tweet his versions of events while a hearing is in progress.
  • A normal president doesn’t lie throughout an interview or say so little that is true.
  • A normal president doesn’t take land away from Americans.
  • Normal elected leaders care about the country’s safety more than the source of leaked information.
  • A normal Congressional committee is qualified to investigate treasonous behavior and has no questionable conflicts of interest.

Good news:

  • Court rules in favor of equal rights in employment for LGBT people.
  • Steve Bannon is off the National Security Council…and two qualified leaders, previously excluded, are once again attending the meetings.
  • Nunes “stepped down” from leading the House investigation on 45-Russia ties.
  • The Wall is looking increasingly less likely.
  • A lawsuit will proceed against 45 for inciting violence at a campaign rally.
  • Four senators (2 Dem, 2 GOP) present a bill preventing unwarranted searches of Americans’ devices at the border.
  • Some GOP leaders are starting to publicly support elements of the ACA.
  • The Department of Homeland Security withdraws its request for Twitter to release a user’s account information.
  • Jeff Sessions loses battle in attempt to bully Baltimore Police.
  • EPA staffer shares a piece of his mind on his last day on the job.
  • 8,000 millennial Democrats plan to run for office. (I heart this generation.)
  • Delaware Democrats win a swing vote and keep control of the legislature.
  • Cards Against Humanity founder will buy and publish Congress’ internet browsing data.
  • In response to a violent hate crime against a gay couple, men in The Netherlands are holding hands in public.
  • New Mexico becomes the 8th state to ban the practice of gay “conversion therapy.”
  • NY state becomes the first in the nation to provide legal assistance to ICE detainees.
  • NYC will raise the age at which youth are sentenced as adults from 16 to 18.
  • Nebraska court strikes down rule banning gay foster parents.
  • California court upholds innovative cap-and-trade program–a win for the environment.
  • Maryland will financially support its Planned Parenthood clinics.
  • Advertisers flee en masse from The O’Reilly Factor, and show oddly shortened.
  • California’s drought is declared over with snowpack at 164% above normal.
  • Renewable energy is taking over fossil fuels.
  • Due to public health concerns, KFC stops using chicken treated with human antibiotics.
  • TV satirists are covering 45 better than the news. Hilarious example.
  • Unemployment went down again and wage gains are up.
  • US women’s soccer scores a goal for pay parity.
  • Vermont’s New Farms for New Americans’ programs feed body and soul.
  • We’re still the majority.

And positive actions from the week before last:

  • We defeated the effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act, saving millions of Americans from suffering and premature death!
  • The rusty-patched bumblebee is now listed as endangered!
  • CA upholds stricter auto-emissions standards, despite 45’s efforts to lower them.
  • Fox stops repeating wiretap lies by pulling Napolitano off the air.
  • Alex Jones apologizes for fueling Pizzagate conspiracy theories.
  • The New York Attorney General takes on Trump.
  • VA governor vetoes bills that discriminate against LGBTQI Americans.
  • Conservative governors oppose 45’s damaging budget.
  • Syrian immigrants show love through food in their adopted countries.
  • Indian villagers knit pajamas for rescued elephants to stay warm in winter.
  • Three sacred rivers are granted legal status as people.

Ways that people can protect themselves from new guidelines permitting Internet Service Providers to sell personal information from subscribers:

  • Call your provider and opt out of having your information shared.
  • Pressure ISPs to have opt-in consent.
  • Use sites that encrypt the connection between themselves and your browser, usually identified with an “https” prefix to an address or a lock icon in the address bar so that the ISP sees only the domain name that you visit.
  • Use a VPN, Virtual Private Network, for a safeguard or other ISPs that respect your privacy.
  • Opt out of supercookies and other ISP tracking by checking your account settings under privacy, marketing, or ads settings.
  • Set your PC to use a third-party DNS provider such as Open DNS.
  • Tell your congressional representatives and senators that you want the privacy back.

Little by little! Thanks, Jen!

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