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July 26, 2016

Mainstream Media Ignores Trump Issues

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According to Nate Silver, excellent prognosticator of elections, Donald Trump is winning the election. Minorities, women, poor people, and liberal whites are all in danger if the GOP dominates the nation. While the GOP, Bernie Sanders’ supporters, and the media spread falsehoods about Hillary Clinton, this less-publicized factual information paints a grim picture of the man who could be president at this time next year.

Russia: The researchers at ThreatConnect traced the recently hacked emails from the DNC to bureaucrats from the propaganda arm of the Russian government in Vladimir Putin’s connection to Trump. As Trump’s debt grows, he fails to get loans from U.S. banks and turned to wealthy Russians associated with Putin. Trump and his family members count on Russian investors to put up the money for their properties throughout the world, and an election for Trump could mean that he might attain his dream of a Trump Tower in Moscow. Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chair, has made multimillion-dollar deals with Russians and worked for Putin-backed Ukrainian Viktor Yanukovych whose ousting in 2014 led to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and seizure of the Crimean Peninsula.  Two Trump advisers, Carter Page and Michael Caputo, work with Russia’s government-controlled natural gas corporation, a possible model Trump in the U.S. to control such a corporation for personal revenue and patronage.

With Trump at the helm, NATO may not keep Russia from swallowing up smaller countries. Trump said he fails to see why NATO should protect countries that don’t pay their share and he wants to lift economic sanctions on Russia. Thanks to Trump, the GOP platform jettisoned its condemnation of Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine and support Ukraine against Putin, who has directed Russian state media to support Trump as president.

A Lithuanian artist has noticed the closeness between Putin and Trump.


A couple kisses in front of graffiti depicting Russian President Vladimir Putin, left, and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, on the walls of a bar in the old town in Vilnius, Lithuania,  Saturday, May 14, 2016. (AP Photo/Mindaugas Kulbis)

(AP Photo/Mindaugas Kulbis)

Even the farthest right Republicans are nervous about Trump’s bromance with Putin. Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), author of the letter telling Iran that the U.S. may not keep its promises, hopes that classified briefings, which Trump will receive now that he is the GOP presidential candidate, may give him “a different perspective on Vladimir Putin and what Russia is doing to America’s interests and allies in Europe and the Middle East and Asia.” The question is whether he will change—unlikely—and, if not, whether Russia will directly received classified information instead of being forced to hack emails.

Other Business Dealings: In the past 30 years, Trump has been involved in over 3,500 lawsuits, including 70 in the past year at an average of one every three days. Many of these were with small companies after he refused to pay them for contracted work, and many of them had to declare bankruptcy because he refused to pay for them. These lawsuits, along with hundreds of liens, judgments, and other government filings are with people like dishwashers, plumbers, painters, waiters, bartenders, and other hourly workers. At just one project, the Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, at least 253 subcontractors weren’t paid $69.5 million in full or on time, including people who installed walls and chandeliers. Two years ago, Trump National Doral Miami golf resort stiffed The Paint Spot for the final $34,863 payment of a $200,000 contract. Trump said that they had “paid enough” for the paint. Judge Jorge Cueto has now charted Trump and his company $300,000 to cover The Paint Shop’s attorney and court fees.

New York has filed liens against his property three dozen times for unpaid taxes. Since 2005, his companies have also been cited with 24 violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act since 2005, and last week the National Labor Relations Board fined Trump $11,200 for either firing or retaliating against employees who tried to join a labor union. And despite Trump’s denying having any mobster connections, he has financial and personal collaboration with organized crime.

Campaign Violations: Trump’s campaign has a strong connection—possibly illegal—with his company, Trump Organization. For example, Meredith McIver, who supposedly was paid to write Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech, wrote her apology on Trump Organization letterhead and identified herself as an employee of Trump’s company. Trump has sought donations from outside the U.S. although seeking and/or accepting this money would be illegal. Called on this issue, Trump repeated it. The results could be civil and criminal penalties.

Although technically not illegal, the practice of paying himself for holding events at his properties is shady. So far he’s paid himself over $6 million. A mistake as little as picking up a pen at the concierge desk at Trump Tower, however, could be classified as an illegal campaign donation. Trump also may be using an employee of the Trump Organization—not his campaign—to issue a cease and desist order for Right to Rise as well as other groups.

White Supremacist Connections: Called to task earlier for not rejecting support from former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, Trump said at that time he didn’t know who he was. (He did.) Last Sunday, Chuck Todd asked Trump against about Duke, who said that he was inspired to run for office because of Trump’s campaign. Although Trump said he doesn’t support Duke’s run, he said he didn’t know if he would support a Democrat running against Duke. It would depend on who is running against Duke, Trump said.

Bigotry: In an effort to look presidential, Trump is no longer using the term “Muslims” in his intent to ban immigrants, but everyone knows who he means. Now he advocates a freeze on immigrants from countries “compromised by terrorism.” Which countries could be confusing because he said the French “have totally been” compromised by deadly Islamist attacks. He plans to definitely ban anyone coming into the U.S. from Syria. He said he switched to the term “territory” because “people were so upset when I used the word Muslim.”

Revenge: Well known for seeking retribution against anyone who opposes him, Trump started with John Kasich and Ted Cruz, former presidential candidate opponents, immediately after last week’s convention. After Cruz’ refusal to endorse him, Trump repeated his insinuation that Cruz’ father may have been involved in John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Kasich refused to be Trump’s vice-president or even attend the convention so Trump called him “dishonorable.” As part of this payback, Trump is moving millions of dollars into a super-PAC against their 2018 re-election bids. Trump has no money for charities, but he can afford to donate money out of hate.

Sexual Harassment: Trump declared his allegiance to former Fox CEO Roger Ailes after Gretchen Carlson accused her boss of sexual harassment by calling the accusations “unfounded. Trump explained:

“I can tell you that some of the women that are complaining, I know how much he’s helped them. And even recently. And when they write books that are fairly recently released, and they say wonderful things about him. And now all of a sudden they’re saying these horrible things about him.”

Two dozen women, including Fox star Megyn Kelly, have joined culture in describing the culture at the network of requesting sexual favors of women in exchange for advances or being subjected to crude remarks and sexual putdowns to keep the job. Ailes isn’t the only person accused of sexual harassment. Rudi Bakhtiar is now talking about how her career at Fox failed after she refused to be “friends with benefits” with her then-supervisor Fox News Washington Bureau Chief Brian Wilson.

Rape: A third woman has accused Trump of non-consensual sexual assault. In a 1997 lawsuit, the woman detailed Trump’s inappropriate sexual behavior toward her but dropped her lawsuit after she and her boyfriend settled a business dispute for an undisclosed amount. She brought the issue up again only after Trump called her a liar during his campaign and daughter Ivanka said that her father was “not a groper.”

Last month, a lawsuit accused Trump of raping a 13-year-old girl in 1994 during a party at the home of Trump’s billionaire friend, Jeffrey Epstein. In 2008, Epstein served 13 months in prison for soliciting underage girls for sex and remains a registered sex-offender. The description in the lawsuit graphically describes Trump’s attack. The victim explained that Trump told her that she and her family would be physically harmed or killed unless she stayed quiet about his assault. Another woman said she witnessed the rape. Trump’s first wife, Ivana, also said that Trump raped her.

Vanity Fair has published an article about Keith Olbermann regarding Trump’s mental imbalance using such elements as inability to take responsibility, pathological lying, promiscuity, lack of empathy or senses of remorse or guilt, grandiose sense of self-worth, and much more. Obviously it’s impossible to diagnose anyone without talking to them, but the analysis includes interesting pieces of Trump’s life, including his bragging about punching a music teacher in the eye because he thought the teacher didn’t know anything about music. Trump was seven at the time.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg about Donald Trump.

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