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August 9, 2015

Craziness, Hypocrisy in Christian Land

courser affairMy #1 craziest “religious” story is about Michigan state Rep. Todd Courser (R), 43, who advocated for a complete ban on abortion and attacked the LGBT community for its “gay agenda.” In between his rants, he had an affair with colleague Rep. Cindy Gamrat (R), 42. In May, when he was leading the charge against same-gender marriage, the couple’s sex scandal was also on the verge of being exposed. (Here’s where it gets crazy.)

To protect his “Judeo-Christian values,” he told his staffer, 25-year-old Ben Graham, to send a mass email across the state from an anonymous person explaining that Courser had been “caught behind a Lansing nightclub” having sex with a man. He figured that a “smear campaign” would blunt claims about his affair (“inoculate the herd,” according to Courser) and make that—as he said in a recording—“tame by comparison.” Asked if he wasn’t being dishonest, Courser said, “In a controlled burn, you do a little bit of truth mixed in with a lot of lies.”

After Graham refused to participate in the scam, Courser fired him and other staffers because they also wouldn’t participate in the cover-up. Republicans across the state still got copies a couple of days after Graham refused. It calls Gamrat “a tramp” and claims she “has covered” for courser “and her involvement is the real reason she was thrown out” of the House Republican caucus in April. The Detroit News covered the story in glorious detail.

Courser admitted that he was on the recording but claimed that it was illegal. He was in his taxpayer-paid office with a taxpayer-paid staffer, maybe like Nixon’s White House tapes? A Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled that participants in a conversation may record a discussion without getting permission from other participants.

Tea Partiers keep tripping. Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt (R-CO), who has a show called “Pray in Jesus’ Name,” hates gay men because he thinks they are all child molesters. He’s also friends with conservative activist David Dorty, who is a known and convicted child molester. Dorty has twice been convicted of sexually assaulting a child, once by a person in a position of trust, and is a registered sex offender in Woodland Park (CO).

Judge RogersWhether shooting at U.S. soldiers, killing people for not using a car signal, or threatening state officials, some Texans are not renown for their intelligence. Judge Randall Rogers of Smith County continues this tradition. He ruled that Josten Bundy,20, could avoid 15 days in jail for hitting a man in the jaw if he married his 19-year-old girlfriend, Elizabeth Jaynes, within 30 days and wrote down bible verses.

bundy jaynesTo keep his job, Bundy married Jaynes with little ceremony—no family members, no white dress, no tux, nothing that they had planned for their ceremony. Bundy had simply fought Jaynes’ ex-boyfriend after he said derogatory things to her.

Stupidity isn’t confined to Texas. An elected Michigan judge, Lisa Gorcyca, sentenced three children ages 14, 10, and 9 to juvenile detention until they graduate from high school because they wouldn’t have lunch with their father. After comparing them to Charles Manson’s cult for refusing to comply with her orders, she took them from their mother, separated them from each other in two separate detention centers, and barred the children’s mother from visiting.

judge three kids

Bad publicity and petitions may have caused her to dismiss the contempt charges after two weeks. The father works for GM and lives primarily  in Israel with his new wife and two-year-old son. The children wanted nothing to do with their father because they had seen him abuse their mother. Five years ago, an unsupervised visit between the children and the father ended when the children called 911 to report that their father “threatened to kill them while at the park.” The same year, Gorcyca denied the children’s mother a request for a personal protection order because of physical abuse and threats to kill the children. The judge told the children that their father was “a great man.”

Another government employee, a teacher at Forest Park Elementary School in Fort Wayne (IN), made life hell for a seven-year-old second-grader. A classmate had asked the boy if he went to church, and the boy explained his personal beliefs, adding that it was okay if the inquisitive classmate believed in God. She said that hurt her feelings and started to cry. After he told the classmate that he didn’t believe in God, teacher Michelle Meyer quizzed him about his religious beliefs and his parents’ beliefs before telling him that his mother would be very unhappy with him.

For punishment, the teacher made him eat lunch alone for three days and not talk to other children. The teacher threatened to tell the boy’s mother and sent the children to another adult who told the girl it was a good thing she had faith and shouldn’t listen to the boy’s “bad ideas.” After a call from the boy’s mother, the teacher and other participating adults told the boy that he could believe what he wants.

The situation is still not settled. No one has apologized the the boy or his family, and the school has not taken any action. The boy was afraid to go to school and came home every day crying because he thinks that everyone there hates him. The boy’s mother has filed a lawsuit, but school will never be the same for the boy because a teacher chose to lecture him about his beliefs.

Rowan County (KY) elected clerk Kim Davis is suing Gov. Steve Beshear for telling her to do her job by serving all citizens equally. Davis, who has been married four times, is being sued by two same-sex couples for refusing to issue and sign marriage licenses for them. Davis would be better off living in Alabama where Win Johnson, a lawyer who works for the state’s Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, wrote a long letter, including this:

“Public officials are ministers of God assigned the duty of punishing the wicked and protecting the righteous.”

Os Hillman, a Dominionist, explains where Donald Trump is getting some of his supporters: Those who want to know where Donald Trump is getting his supporters might want to read what Os Hillman, a Dominionist, has to say about how God is using Trump to spread His message:

“I believe part of this is that God is using [Trump] to uncover the veil of the current political leadership and culture in America to show us the corrupt nature of what is under that veil. He is espousing a new way of operating because he is sounding a trumpet to the nation that our nation is broken and needs to be fixed. He is becoming a new prophetic voice…”

In Oregon, Coty Richardson is suing Eugene’s Northwest Christian University for firing her from her assistant professor position because she is pregnant but not married. Part of her suit states that men have continued teaching at the school although they lived with unmarried partners and fathered children in the relationships. In a recent letter to the editor, Gary Crum gives his perspective on the firing:

“NCU should ‘hold the line’ for abstinence! They should get Sarah and Bristol Palin to come to campus and give a presentation on ‘abstinence, God’s way to birth control.’ They should have physicians give examinations for ‘intact hymens’ to all the unmarried female staff and all unmarried female students. Those who fail should be immediately fired or expelled! Unmarried male faculty and unmarried male students should be required to take supervised doses of saltpeter every morning just before morning chapel. The problem of ‘loose morals’ can be solved if NCU just has the fortitude to enforce these simple rules.”

It’s Sunday, three days after the debate, and some GOP presidential candidates finally got enough courage to criticize Trump for his sexist remarks. The polls show that Fox’s tactics to get rid of Trump and preserve its favorites failed–at least the first time around. Five Fox-supported candidates went down in the polls, and Trump picked up an additional point, putting him ten points above his nearest competitor, Ted Cruz. The clear winner of the debate was Carly Fiorina, now moved up to the top ten and tied for fifth with Marco Rubio. Chris Christie is now firmly in the bottom seven, and John Kasick is still tied with Rick Perry for tenth.

They all have less than eight weeks to practice for the next debate on September 16, but this one is moderated by CNN, conservative but not rabidly so as Fox proves itself to be. It’s crazy in GOP and Christian Land.

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