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July 9, 2015

GOP Transgressions Outdo Those of Clinton; Media Ignores Them

When GOP presidential candidates talk, they are usually more concerned about smearing Hillary Clinton than explaining what they can do for the United States. The candidates have a lot of company in this area: the media follows suit in lambasting Clinton, calling what she’s done in the past or present as “scandalous.”

Clinton’s supposedly erased emails and her family foundation’s fundraising methods occupy reporters at infinitum while they ignore missing from Republicans. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s private emails have been erased, and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice claimed to never use email when the State Department asked her for hers. Yet reporters and conservatives have evidenced no interest in what Powell and Rice communicated about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction.

Other GOP presidential candidates with records of private and deleted emails:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker: He called Clinton’s use of the private email address an “outrage” while he was caught running a secret e-mail network for his inner circle of advisers when he was Milwaukee County executive.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio: He deleted emails from his private account while in state government despite using his personal account to conduct business related to his official duties.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie: Lawyers hired to protect him in the George Washington Bridge lane-closing scandal found that members of his staff communicated through private emails.

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal: Although both GOP governors conducted official business from their private email accounts, they have not released the emails for public scrutiny.

Reporters also ignored the Bush/Cheney White House losing millions of important emails and Mitt Romney going to great lengths to hide his public emails from scrutiny in the last presidential campaign.

Other high officials have also used private email accounts:

While governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin kept a separate personal email account, separate from her official government account and regular personal account, to conduct official business. Eventually she was forced to release almost 25,000 emails for all these accounts.

While governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney and top aides used private email accounts for state business although his administration warned state agencies against private email accounts.

While top advisor to then President George W. Bush, Karl Rove made inappropriate use of RNC email resulting in the disappearance of four years of correspondence–22 million emails. As many as 22 other Bush aides did the same thing.

GOP-deleted emails were a part of the Florida’s Supreme Court ruling against the legislature’s design of congressional districts to defraud voters and win more seats. Five years ago, the state’s voters passed a constitutional amendment to make gerrymandering illegal. The GOP process to circumvent the amendment was to get rid of any evidence that they were manipulating the congressional districts. Because the GOP members of the state legislature knew that communication between Speaker Dean Cannon and political consultant Marc Reichelderfer was not privileged—and therefore available in litigation—they failed to keep these communications.  Redistricting maps were sent to Reichelderfer with a personal e-mail account and a since-deleted “Dropbox” account.


Above is an example of one of the congressional district carefully designed in secret. Black voters were collected in this strangely-elongated district so that their votes wouldn’t interfere in other districts for white, GOP candidates. Corrine Brown won the black district, and the other districts were handed to Republicans. The Supreme Court ruling requires redrawing the districts before the 2016 election, and one of the mandates for deciding congressional districts is that all emails and documents related to drawing the map should be preserved.

Although critics consider the Clinton Foundation to be suspect, the website has posted the names of its donors for years. At the same time, George W. Bush’s foundation refused to disclose names of the donors who provided $500 million, ostensibly for Bush’s presidential library in Texas. Those donations began while Bush was still in office, an ethical problem especially because Bush raised money from foreign donors and didn’t disclose any names until several years later. While president, he also hosted White House dinners and meetings potential library contributors, also unnamed. He continued to do this until the London Sunday Times found that one of Bush’s lobbyist friends solicited $200,000 for the library from someone representing a Central Asian dictator. Reporters fail to find this behavior “scandalous” although Bush’s brother is running for president and may be influenced by the donors.

Reporters even claim that the Clinton Foundation isn’t even a charity: a Wall Street Journal editorial sniped that any good done by the foundation is merely “incidental to its bigger role as a fund-raising network and a jobs program for Clinton political operatives.” Few of the thousands of employees have political ties, and they take services to the poor throughout the world.

One tax-exempt entity overlooked by the media is the “Campaign for Liberty,” subsidized by Ron Paul’s leftover campaign funds and employing political aides and Paul family members. The group reimbursed Ron Paul’s expenses after taxpayers paid the same travel bills, and the leadership is involved in an Iowa investigation of the alleged bribery of a GOP official who transferred loyalty from Michele Bachman to Ron Paul in 2012. Nothing has been said about the “scandalous” problem surround Sen. Rand Paul (R-TX), another GOP presidential candidate.

Although Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) condemns the “constant scandal” surrounding Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, he has suffered little media attention concerning his own controversies. His ties to Florida billionaire Norman Braman and access to Braman’s private plane have largely flown under the radar despite the way that Rubio has done favors for Braman such as $80 million state funding to finance a genomics university and another $5 million for cancer research at a Miami institute.

Rubio finally broke his connection with scandal-plagued former Rep. David Rivera by selling his Tallahassee house for $18,000 less than what the two men paid ten years ago. Rivera, who Rubio describes as his “most loyal friend and supporter,” has never been formerly charged, but a former girlfriend told prosecutors about his 2012 shadow campaign to undercut a Democratic rival for Congress before he helped her flee to Nicaragua. A Florida ethics commission fined Rivera for $58,000 because he billed the state for travel and other expenses during his time as a legislator while paying the same expenses from campaign accounts. Rubio followed Rivera’s pattern by using the Republican Party credit to buy personal items and even repair the family van. Even after Rivera’s scandals became public, Rubio hosted a fundraiser for him. Three years ago, Rivera was the reason that Mitt Romney turned Rubio down for his vice-presidential candidate.

Conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza, who spreads lies through books and films about Barack Obama, is so desperate to slime Clinton that he photoshopped a Conferate flag into the background of a 1969 picture of her at Wellesley. He tweeted the doctored photo to 198,000 followers with the message, “Look closely at this Hillary photo; isn’t that a Confederate flag behind her on the bookshelf?” He has retracted the allegation, but the photo will certainly appear on millions of conservatives emails.

Reporters whine about how Clinton won’t talk to them. When she does, they complain that she doesn’t say anything. Neither do the GOP presidential candidates—with the exception of Donald Trump—do. Maybe that’s why Trump is getting so much press time.

The latest smear campaign against Clinton comes from Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), chair of the most recent Benghazi investigation committee. Asked whether it was right that she delete mails while facing a subpoena, Clinton said, “I’ve never had a subpoena.” Gowdy called her claim “inaccurate,” but the copy of the subpoena that he released was sent after she had turned more than 55,000 pages of work-related emails to the State Department for review, not while she was reviewing which emails should be preserved or deleted. Gowdy’s subpoena came months after the review. As Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) said, Gowdy’s release is “nothing but a stunt.” Gowdy had issued a press release last March about issuing the subpoena.

The nitpicking about Clinton continues, ad nauseum, because the GOP has no substance to attack.


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