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October 5, 2014

Religion Overriding U.S. Constitution

Jan Morgan, owner of the Gun Cave Indoor Shooting Range in Hot Springs (AK), bans Muslims from using her facility with the following logic:

“Not all muslims are terrorists, but almost all terrorists in the world right now are muslim. Since you can’t determine by visual assessment, which ones will kill you and which ones will not, I am going to go with the line of thought that ANY HUMAN BEING who would either knowingly or unknowingly support a “religion” that commands the murder of all people who refuse to submit or convert to that religion, is not someone I want to know or do business with. I hold adults accountable for the religion they align themselves with.”

Using Morgan’s logic, not all men are mass murderers but most mass murderers are men. These are the people who believe that they have the right to kill and mostly follow the Bible which is far more violent than the Koran. If Muslins lose their rights to bear arms, then everyone can lose the so-called rights of the Second Amendment. Far-right people think that President Obama is a Muslim who is taking gun rights and religious freedom from people. That’s what Morgan is doing.

The “pro-life” people are now coming out for pro-death for any woman who has had an abortion. In a recent piece in the National Review, Kevin D. Williamson started out by claiming that liberals and 20-somethings (probably also those liberals) are “too dumb to vote.” His problem is writer Lena Dunham’s encouraging young people to vote. Without segue, he wrote that we should “get Big Government out of the bedroom” into an anti-abortion rant. When asked if people who have had abortions should spend life in prison, Williamson wrote, “I have hanging more in mind.” He justified his opinion by writing he was “old fashioned” and then quickly deleted the tweet. (The Internet never forgets!) Williamson is opposed to the concept of the death penalty except for women who have had abortions. He is a frequent guest on the Fox network.

When Charles Perry was recently sworn in as a new Texas state senator, he used his inauguration speech to deliver his beliefs about the secular nature of the United States making it like Nazi Germany. The values of Germany in the first part of the last century do, however, bear a strong resemblance to current GOP viewpoints:

  • Obsession with national power and pride as well as security and war
  • Rule of the few and survival of the fittest
  • Indoctrination through education of revisionist history
  • Hatred of intellectuals and unions
  • Obsession with keeping women in the home
  • Strong alignment with corporations
  • Racial superiority of the white race
  • Use of scapegoats for problems
  • Obsession with Christianity and creating a Christian state

One Supreme Court justice who would agree with much of the Nazi philosophy above is Antonin Scalia. In a speech last week at Colorado Christian University, he argued that the First Amendment statement of separation of church and state doesn’t mean “the government cannot favor religion over non-religion.” Scalia has always claimed to be an originalist, meaning that he follows the words in the U.S. Constitution; therefore he says that the protection of the First Amendment is only “freedom of religion,” not “freedom from it.” After joining the Court’s majority opinion in Town of Greece v. Galloway, permitting the New York town to open city council sessions with sectarian prayers, he is pushing for public prayers in schools, legislatures, and courtrooms.

The same crowd that cheered Scalia and eagerly awaits his decision to support their Christian superiority are most likely the ones calling on Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to recuse herself for any cases on abortion. The conservatives’ biggest distress is Ginsburg’s statement that state legislatures and courts cannot be trust to ensure that poor women have access to reproductive health services. Conservative law professor Josh Blackman said that it appeared she had made up her mind about the law. He has made no comment on Scalia’s and Thomas’ biases. For example, Scalia has said that the Constitution has no guarantee for the right to privacy, a part of the Roe v. Wade pro-choice decision and the Griswold v. Connecticut right to contraception rulings. He has also compared homosexuality to bestiality and murder.

Another justice caught up in using religion for his decisions is Samuel Alito. One of his references in the Hobby Lobby ruling came from a 1935 religious tract, “Moral and Pastoral Theology.” The citation supports the proposition that when one person helps another to commit a sin, even by a non-sinful act or with no approval of the sin, the person has compromised “cooperation” in the sinning. Alito evidently considers any opinion that differs from his own is a sin-enabling act. That’s Alito’s excuse for allowing Hobby Lobby to refuse its employees any contraception through insurance.

When Ginsburg asked about other religious beliefs such as vaccines, blood transfusions, Alito stated that his decision “is concerned SOLELY with the contraceptive mandate.” (His actual words, opinion p. 46, emphasis supplied.) If a law offends his personal religious beliefs, then that law violates the constitution. He did not make a legal decision, just a religious one.

“The Bible says homosexuality is wrong. I forget the chapter. It’s somewhere between the talking snake and the virgin birth.”— Viktor Winetrout.

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