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November 29, 2011

The Party of NO

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[Many thanks to my partner who wrote the following.]

I am so grateful for the men of YES, our founding fathers. Everything they wrote was YES to better days. YES to self-evident truth that we are equal; YES that we have the unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; YES to freely electing our own leaders; YES to freedom of speech, freedom of press, and freedom of religion; YES to protection from unlawful searches and seizures; YES to due process of the law; YES to protecting our person and property, YES to public education. Most important, YES to separation of church and state. And yes, yes, yes except for the eighteenth amendment (which our founding fathers didn’t write anyway) that said we could NOT imbibe in alcohol. We know how well that went.

So now the party of NO says they are protecting these original rights for the 99% of us. I keep wondering where and how. Certainly they are saying NO to equality as the rich take over our politicians and make the laws to protect their property and profits; NO to life as the rich refuse to allow health care for the rest of us; NO to freedom of speech and voting rights as the rich buy up TV, radio stations and newspapers and lie to us to protect their profits; NO to separation of church and state and freedom of religion as the far right’s need to control impose their religious beliefs including taking away the right to choose; NO to protection of the law against big business; NO to clean air, water, and the land on which we raise our food; NO to unions, collective bargaining, social security, medicare, and pensions. It’s a tragic fact that under the party of NO we have even lost four of our guaranteed constitutional rights.

Obviously, with record-breaking profits and the law on their side, the rich get richer by over-charging for goods and services against the 99% workers who continue to live with dwindling income. The 1% has convinced us that unregulated free enterprise is the true American way and we buy it. They feed us the old line that you too will be rich someday but not if we have regulations. Yet we have become third-class country compared to the free enterprise systems based in social programs of Canada and Europe in which the system takes care of the 99% people, and, in turn, the 99% take care of the 1%.

Even more frightening are the “Too Big to Fail” companies who are still running amuck and are undercutting and buying up small businesses to get rid of competition which is the only thing that actually keeps free enterprise and democracy alive. Look around. For every big business such as Walmart that moves into town, at least fifteen businesses bite the dust along with the families that scatter to the four winds because they can no longer afford to stay together. And they destroy good government jobs by taking over services once provided by government workers , overcharge the public, take more tax money along with public money and pay crappy wages, and we know that for every government job lost two private sector jobs are lost.

How long will it be before we have to live with three or four huge corporations that sell franchises and businesses  that have to buy their goods through the corporations who still make and keep the profits. We now have a government that only cares about what big business cares about. And this system protects the family unit? I think not!

It’s time to put people back to work. That and the rich paying their fair share will pay our debt off. Use the government to create the jobs. Money earned will be returned to all of us one way or the other in goods bought, taxes paid, services used. So, maybe we can start building again. Maybe the family can stay together again. Maybe we’ll be free again. Maybe we can say YES again.

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  1. Nice job, Sue! Thanks for the encouraging words.


    Comment by Jane — November 30, 2011 @ 11:12 AM | Reply

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