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October 9, 2011

Protesters Increase Each Day

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The conservatives are in trouble.

In looking through my archives, I found an entry described “why people don’t fight back.” The article gave two reasons that people aren’t fighting back against the inequities between the wealthy and the others “with overwhelming force and running the mega-wealthy aristocrats out of town”:  People’s energies are dissipated in frantically trying to survive, and they fail to understand the severe inequities that have consolidated the wealth in the top economic one-tenth of one percent.

Those days are over. No longer are people looking down, desperately trying to hang on to what they have. And no longer are they ignorant of the wealth that has moved from the bottom 99 percent to the top one percent. Across the nation, people are camping out in the cities continuing the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement to protest the way that government has treated them during the past decade, taking money from them to give to the wealthiest in the nation.

Despite the way that conservatives describe the protesters as a bunch of young hippies who have no idea what they want, the media is starting to disabuse readers of this belief. One headline I saw today read, “Protesters Blur Age, Gender, Race Lines.” The New York Times editorial page has endorsed the 99 Percenters in both their tactics and their message, saying that it is not their job to draft legislation. Although most of the protesters up until now have been white, two Queens men have started Occupy the Hood—a solidarity group to educate poor blacks and Latinos as to why a successful OWS will have the most significant impact on their communities.

Even Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke understands the protesters. He said he “can’t blame” them for taking to the streets, considering continued high employment and slow economic growth. “They blame, with some justification, the financial sector for getting us into this mess,” Bernanke said.

As always, the conservatives are plying the fear game to control protesters. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) called them a “mob” and suggested they had been encouraged by the Obama administration. He also worried about pitting Americans against Americans, a concern he did not indicate when the Tea Party members were actually behaving like mobs. White House press spokesman Jay Carney said that Cantor’s remarks were “hypocrisy unbound.” “I don’t understand why one man’s mob is another man’s democracy,” Carney said.

Cantor’s remarks came after a Wall Street Journal  interview with Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain who said that the protestors were “anti-capitalism,” orchestrated to distract from Obama’s failed economic policies. Two of his statements will come back to haunt him in future TV commercials. One was when he said, “I have no facts to back that up.” The other was when he said, “Don’t blame Wall Street. Don’t blame the big banks. If you don’t have a job, and you’re not rich, blame yourself.” These people don’t understand that video is forever.

Mitt Romney, who pays 14 percent income tax on his millions, said, “I think it’s dangerous–this class warfare.” His lasting quote comes from Iowa last August: “Corporations are people, my friend.”

Earlier in the protests, Wall Street “workers” leaned over the balconies, drinking champagne and watching the people below. The video that has gone viral on YouTube was filmed at the end of the first week. Someone must have told the Wall Street folk that this looked really bad because there has not been a reenactment of this event.

The conservatives thought that by sneering at the rabble below them that these people would disappear. Instead the protests are growing by leaps and bounds around the world. It’s time for conservatives to be afraid.

If you can’t join a protest, you can still use your money to buy from corporations who support this movement—like Ben & Jerrys.

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