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October 7, 2011

Summit Pushes ‘Christian Values’

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The annual Family Research Council’s Value Voters Summit, sponsored by the Family Research Council, the American Family Association, and other evangelical Christian groups, is taking up much of the media space this weekend. With its concentration on the social issues, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said, “People understand the reason we have big, expensive government is because we have neglected and in many ways discouraged family formation, and that core economic foundation, which is the family.”

Except for Jon Huntsman, the entire motley crew of Republican presidential candidates speak at the summit, even Mitt Romney who will have to face  the prejudice from other speakers. Mitt Romney has not only upset conservatives for his previous support for abortion rights and gay rights but also offended the born-again Christian contingent because he is a Mormon. A pastor supporting Rick Perry at the summit stated that the Mormon religion is a cult, and Bryan Fischer, chief spokesman for the American Family Association, claims that Mormons, as well as Muslims, should not have First Amendment protections because these are reserved for Christians.

Fischer, who speaks after Romney, has also likened gay rights advocates to domestic terrorists, argued that gay men and lesbians should be barred from public office, and repeated the discredited theory that homosexuals built the Nazi Party. “If Mitt Romney wants to appeal to mainstream audiences, he should publicly disassociate himself from Fischer’s bigotry before handing him the podium,” said Michael Keegan, president of People for theAmerican Way.

To succeed with the people at this summit and the rest of the Teavangelicals, candidates have to emphasize their religious conservative credentials, but doing so may hurt the winner next year when the Republican candidate needs the moderates to win a majority of the votes. It’s a hard choice to make.

The Southern Poverty Law Center looks upon both major sponsors as hate groups and had a news conference outside the summit today to denounce the unsubstantiated claims about the LGBT community that these groups make. “I think it is appalling that major public figures are legitimizing these groups, which regularly lie about the LGBT community, by attending their functions and treating them as serious commentators on the values of their society,” said Mark Potok, who heads the division of SPLC that analyzes hate groups.

Perry and Michele Bachman want the United States to follow Christian values with the Bible replacing the U.S. Constitution as the guiding principle of their governmental policy. Perry sees defending Israel as a religious imperative for Christian politicians. What these politicians ignore, however, is the Bible’s view of  government. The Bible opposes democracy; its approved system is a divine-right male monarchy with a throne that passes only from father to son. In the Bible’s ideal government, church and state are one with an official religion which all citizens are required to profess and where priests make the law. Iran might be used as a contemporary example for this model. Or perhaps England at the time of the American Revolution.

New Testament teaches the virtue of total submission to the authorities. Earthly rulers, even when they act unjustly, are ordained to their position by God, and Christian believers must obey them without question or be in peril of eternal damnation. In the Bible racial purity was vital because the Israelites were the chosen people of God and instructed to keep themselves separate, not marrying people of another race, tribe, or ethnicity.

Our country’s “founding fathers” recognized the danger of mandating a Christian theocracy and totally avoided the mention of religion in the Constitution except for two negative statements: Article IV forbids any religious test for office, and the First Amendment forbids Congress from passing any law respecting an establishment of religion. Nowhere in the Constitution is there any mention of God.

In addition, the Constitution states that governing power comes from the will of the people. The United States of America was the first modern republic created on the foundation of reason, without seeking blessings from a god, without imploring divine assistance or invoking divine favor. At the time it was written and signed, the religious right attacked the Constitution, warning that this godless document would doom the nation.

The 21st-century conservatives can only follow rigid doctrines without reasoning. Taxes are always bad. Government is always bad. Foreign enemies must be attacked. All beliefs other than Christianity are not religions. Climate change is an elite conspiracy to impoverish America. Terror suspects are terrorists. U.S. people do not torture no matter what they do. Christians do not murder. Anyone disagreeing with them is a liberal and must be attacked.

All the current Republican presidential candidates believe that they must agree with these precepts to get elected except Jon Huntsman—the only candidate not to look cordially at the angry, arrogant people at this weekend’s summit. Fewer than 3,000 people are involved in this summit, yet the media are all over this event. In contrast, the Occupy Wall Street group, with far more people involved, was ignored for over a week and then denigrated for not having a purpose. People who argue that the media are far-left don’t pay attention to its focus on the conservatives.

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