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October 2, 2011

Republicans Flip-Flop

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Flip-flopping was a major criticism of John Kerry when he ran for president in 2004. The Republicans have now mastered the art or reversing their positions on anything. Here are some of the policies that they supported until President Barack Obama thought they were good ideas:

1. Health Care Mandates: Newt Gingrich was a huge supporter of  an individual health care insurance mandate. Republicans want people to take responsibility for themselves but not if it’s Obama’s idea.

2. The Nuclear START Treaty: Ronald Reagan, the conservative’s god, negotiated the very first START Treaty which was signed by yet another Republican, George H. W. Bush, in 1991. After that treaty expired in 2009, President Obama negotiated a new one to continue the Reagan legacy. Conservatives opposed Reagan’s treaty.

3. Dream Act: Reagan granted amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants in the 1980s, and Republicans worked on immigration reform under the Bush II administration. George W. Bush and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) both worked with Democrats, notably Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA), for immigration. Obama has followed Reagan’s Dream, but Republicans refuse hear anything of it.

4. TARP: Republicans supported TARP when they helped pass it in response to the economic collapse in 2008. George W. Bush even signed the legislation into law. Republicans take credit for the stimulus checks that they give to state constituents, but lambast Obama for the idea that wasn’t even his.

5. Bail-out of Auto Industry: Republicans supported the idea but abandoned it once President Obama called for it. The auto industry is a “job creator,” but conservatives wanted the bail-out to fail because Obama supported it. Now Mitt Romney tries to take credit for the successful idea.

6. Israel Going Back to Pre-1967 Borders: Among other presidents, both Bushes suggested this, but Republicans denounced Obama for the idea.

7. Gun Control: Ronald Reagan supported the Brady Handgun Act, and Republicans have supported gun control measures. Today’s conservatives want war against liberals so they want guns in everyone’s hands in all places.

8. Public Education: The Founding Fathers believed in education for all, and every Republican president has supported the public education system. Ronald Reagan campaigned on axing the Department of Education but, once president, amped up its budget. When George W. Bush sought to improve public education, Republicans were on board. With Obama, Republicans have decided that all public schools are evil liberal institutions that must be destroyed.

9. Infrastructure Spending: Republicans used the power of the federal government to build the railroads in the 1860s and 1870s, the Panama Canal in the beginning of the twentieth century, and the interstate highway system in the 1950s. Republicans immediately opposed President Obama’s call for new infrastructure spending to improve crumbling roads and bridges and to improve rail lines.

10. Child Labor Laws: Republicans began championing child labor laws starting in 1852 and tried to pass a Constitutional amendment in 1924. After Democrats passed the Fair Labor Standards Act, child labor laws became federal law. Now Republicans want cheap labor for huge corporations which means killing child labor laws—and Obama’s policy.

11. Civil Rights: Republicans ended slavery and adopted the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments. They splintered over the Civil Rights Act in 1964, but a Republican-led Supreme Court ruled against school segregation in Brown v. Board of Education. President Obama has called for increased civil rights; Republicans oppose them for everyone except Christian white males.

12. Environmental Protection: Originally championed by Theodore Roosevelt, environmental protection has been supported by Republicans. They even supported the environment in the 1970s when Nixon created the EPA. Now Republicans support the oil and coal industry and want to open the entire American coastline and federally protected lands to drilling and mining. George H.W. Bush signed legislation in 1990 that implemented the cap-and-trade system, and many Republicans still support cap-and-trade. Now President Obama supports it; most Republicans oppose it.

13. Deficit Spending: Republicans employed deficit spending since the Reagan years and abused it during the W. Bush administration to pass their conservative agenda and fund wars. Reagan doubled the national debt, and George W. Bush doubled it again. Because Democrats controlled the White House and the Congress from 2008 to 2010, Republicans completely reversed their stance on deficit spending and oppose deficit spending solely on the grounds that a Republican isn’t President. If a Republican were president right now, they would abuse deficit spending once again to slam their destructive anti-middle class, anti-poor, anti-women, and anti-America agenda through Congress with no thought about fiscal responsibility whatsoever.

14. Federal Reserve: Now a target for most Republicans, it was a Republican idea, proposed by Republican leader Nelson Aldrich, to organize and regulate the banking system and to enforce monetary policy, thereby stabilizing the financial system. Obama needs the 1913 Federal Reserve Act to enforce Dodd-Frank which will make banks more responsible and accountable and will protect consumers. Conservatives don’t want to protect consumers.

15. Women’s Rights: The women’s rights movement was born in and grew with the Republican Party in the mid 1800s. Ronald Reagan legalized abortion as governor of California, and a moderate conservative Supreme Court handed down the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. Today’s Republican Party is now waging a war against women. The harder Democrats and President Obama fight for women’s rights, the harder Republicans fight to eliminate these rights because of orders from white Christian extremists.

16. End-of-Life Counseling: Republicans referred to this as “death panels” in 2009 in response to Obama’s Affordable Care Act, but they supported end-of-life counseling in their own 2003 Medicare bill. Both Bushes supported end-of-life counseling, and even Sarah Palin was for it until she was against it.

17. Financial Disclosure: Republicans were all for this transparency in 2002 when George W. Bush signed the McCain-Feingold Act into law. Obama supports campaign finance laws so Republicans are now completely against financial disclosure. They and the activist Supreme Court have allied themselves with the corporate world over the nation’s people in their effort to steer elections their direction. To do that, campaign finance laws must not exist.

18. Minimum Wage: Eighty-two House Republicans and 39 Senate Republicans joined the Democratic majority in passing the Fair Minimum Wage Act of 2007. George W. Bush signed the bill into law, and Republicans voted to raise it. Three times. Now that Obama stands with the workers, Republicans oppose the minimum wage on behalf of their corporate masters, most notably, Koch Industries.

19. Military Intervention in the Middle East: Reagan and both Bushes supported military intervention in the Middle East. Republicans became doves when Obama used the military to intervene in Libya although the dictator was overthrown without one lost U.S. life.

20. Abortion: As mentioned above, Reagan made abortion legal in California. Presidential candidate Rick Santorum’s wife had an abortion to save her own life. Conservatives who support legal abortion are terrified to say so.

21. Economic Development Administration: This program provides grants to local projects which have created jobs. Republicans such as Susan Collins, Chuck Grassley, and even John Cornyn have supported it in the past. Cornyn stated in March 2010 that funds from an EDA grant “would pave the way for the creation of new jobs and business opportunities, which will strengthen the region’s economy,” according to a local East Texas NBC news affiliate. Republicans are now calling for an end to the EDA.

22. Lower Taxes: Republican support lower taxes only for the wealthy. As they crusade to eliminate taxes on corporations and the wealthy, they support a proposal that would raise taxes for the bottom 90 percent. Once again they oppose Obama in wanting to lower taxes for the middle-class.

23. Medicare: Even Theodore Roosevelt supported national health care. Republicans originally opposed Medicare but then defended it after it became the law of the land. As president, Reagan saved Medicare. Obama wants Medicare, and it represents how popular government-run universal health care is in this country. Technically speaking, Republicans were against Medicare before they were for it before they were against it.

24. Social Security: Ronald Reagan and Milton Freidman supported the New Deal programs of the 1930s, and even Ayn Rand collected Social Security up to her dying breath. Ronald Reagan saved Social Security by raising payroll taxes which also saved Medicare because it is part of the Social Security Act. Republicans had control of Congress and the White House from 2001-2006: if they wanted to kill Social Security, they could have done so. But now, just as big bankers have proved that they are irresponsible, conservatives want to privatize. Did I mention that Obama supports Social Security?

Watching the Republicans try to destroy Obama at any cost to the country and hearing conservatives talk about their faith in the Founders of the United States, we can assume that Republicans were for this country before they were against it.

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  1. This should be in every voter’s pamphlet. For those voters fortunate enough to live in a state that has a voters’ pamphlet.


    Comment by Lee Lynch — October 2, 2011 @ 8:30 PM | Reply

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