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July 26, 2011

Tea Party Needs to Grow Up

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As an adolescent, I admired the philosophy of Ayn Rand because of her independence. What teenager doesn’t want independence! But Tea Party leaders are past their teenage years, and they are worshipping at the trough of her beliefs.

Republican budget leader Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) says Rand is his guide. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) claims her Atlas Shrugged is his “foundation book.” Rep. Michelle Bachman (R-MN), presidential candidate, uses Rand’s term “collectivism” to justify her wanting to kill social programs. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas requires his law clerks to watch The Fountainhead. Fox News and conservative blogs promote Rand. Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh started pushing Rand years ago although Beck is getting a bit wary of her. Alan Greenspan implemented her ideas before the housing bubble crashed and he figured out he was wrong.

So what is the recent political result of Rand’s “on your own” philosophy praising the wealthy and discarding the rest? Ryan tried to destroy Medicare, punishing seniors while at the same time trying to raise debts by over $1 trillion in the next ten years because of increased tax cuts for the wealthy. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has said that his primary goal is to destroy President Obama and has blocked every major jobs program for more than two years. Eric Cantor stomps out of the debt-ceiling talks like—a teenager!

What exactly is the philosophy of this woman who died in 1982? She glorifies Nietzsche’s Ubermensch, the superman who need not be concerned by “the ordinary man.” Adolf Hitler’s Master Race theories came from this superman philosophy: ego-deification, social Darwinism, arbitrary stratification of human types. Thus capitalism gives license to those who own nearly everything to take the rest, because they can.

Early in her writings Rand became fascinated with a serial killer named William Hickman and wrote that he was an “ideal man,” a superior form of human because he didn’t let society impose their morals on him. Although Hickman dismembered a 12-year-old girl,Rand admired his sociopathic qualities: “Other people do not exist for him, and he does not see why they should.” She wrote that Hickman had “no regard whatsoever for all that society holds sacred, and with a consciousness all his own. He has the true, innate psychology of a Superman. He can never realize and feel ‘other people.'”

This woman worshipped by Ryan, Thomas, etc. was actually a pacifist who opposed the Vietnam War, a feminist (although she hated the term) who supported abortion, an adulteress who preached free love, a bohemian who ridiculed family life and child-bearing, an elitist who sneered at the common man, and, after all her “nanny state” rhetoric, a recipient of Social Security and Medicare and a convert to socialized medicine because of her personal needs.

In Rand’s ideology, religious faith was “a sign of psychological weakness,” a sniveling retreat from the hardheaded, self-centered “objectivism” that she had her heroes impose on the world. She rejected Jesus and his gospels because Christ’s message that the poor are blessed and the meek will inherit the earth is antithetical toRand’s belief that the poor and meek are no more than garbage. Rand’s solution to a problem was to blow it up–literally.

Those conservatives who worship at the foot of Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead also probably don’t realize what she would think of them. She rejected Libertarians as “emotional hippies of the right.” Opposing Ronald Reagan, she said, “His likeliest motive for entering the Presidential race is power lust.” Although she believed in extremely limited government, she also said, “Government ‘help’ to business is just as disastrous as government persecution.” And she did most of her writing while on amphetamines and nicotine.

This is the person who Tea Partiers follow. Like many teenagers in their first year of college, freshmen Congressmen act as if this is the first time that they have left home, eager to sign pledges like good little first-year fraternity boys. They have so much ego that they have no common sense or decency. Rep. Allen West (R-FL) is a prime example. He’s 50 years old but takes a debate on the House floor personally when Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) disagrees with his position on Medicare and dashes back an email calling her “vile, unprofessional, and despicable.” Like all the other Tea Party conservatives, West needs to grow up and heed Rand’s statement: “Upper classes are a nation’s past; the middle class is its future.”

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