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June 28, 2011

Ron Paul’s Libertarian View

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Ron Paul is the longest running presidential candidate, starting with his 1988 victory to be the Libertarian candidate in 1988. Covering 22 counties, his current Texas district is larger than Massachusetts but with only 10 percent of that state. Considering his opposition to programs that would help his constituents, it’s amazing that Paul ever gets elected, but his closeness to the people results in their strong support. He travels over 300 miles daily to attend civic ceremonies and help those in need find programs that he opposes.

Advocating the libertarian replacement of state control with individual liberty and freedom, Paul wants to get rid of federal income tax, gas tax, stimulus, war, IDs, gender-equal pay, death penalty, Department of Education and the Department of Homeland Security, United Nations involvement, foreign aid to the Middle East, environmental protection, Selective Service, aliens’ birthright citizenship, minimum wage, Social Security, laws against drugs, federally funded flood insurance, farm subsidies, and welfare. He regularly votes against any new government spending, initiatives, and taxes while supporting corporate income tax, tariffs, and excise taxes. The American Journal of Political Science found him to be the most conservative of all 3,320 members of Congress from 1937 to 2002.

According to Paul, the “war” in Iraq was the senseless invasion of a sovereign state and bombing Libya was wrong. At the New Hampshire debate, he said, “I wouldn’t wait for my generals. I’m the commander in chief. … I’d bring them home as quick as possible.”

Not all of his policies show minimal government, however. He voted to build the fence along the Mexican border in 2006, and the conservative anti-immigration group American Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR) gave him a 100-percent rating in late 2003. Three years later he received 83-percent approval from another conservative group, U.S. Border Control (USBC).

Adamant about his opposition to abortion, he recent spoke at the National Right to Life Committee’s annual conference in Florida. “Abortion is murder,” he said, claiming that science defines life as beginning with conception. He also wants to prevent stem-cell research and to guarantee no experiments on frozen embryos—that no one else wants. During each of the past four House of Representative sessions, Paul has introduced the Sanctity of Life Act that would establish “personhood” from conception.

His LGBT views are a bit murkier. Twelve years ago he voted to ban gay adoptions in Washington, D.C.In 2007, he stated that “don’t ask don’t tell” was a “decent policy” for gays in the army but that the policy should be changed to focus on both heterosexual and homosexual disruptive sexual behavior. During the same year he opposed putting the classification “sexual orientation” in the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. He also opposed a Marriage Amendment (meaning no same-sex marriages) because “the current DOMA is enough.”

During an Iowa stop, Paul said that the individual states should settle issues such as gay marriage and abortion. In the first Republican presidential candidate debate in Greenville (SC) Paul said, “The Defense of Marriage Act was really designed to make sure the states have the privilege of dealing with it [marriage].” Paul added that marriage is a very personal religious matter that ideally should not involve government. Unfortunately his responses don’t answer the sticky questions of legal rights.

What sets Ron Paul apart from all the Republican presidential candidates already discussed as well as Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney, however, is that he is honest. He says what he thinks, no matter how politically suicidal that statement might be. He doesn’t lie.

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