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June 22, 2011

Herman Cain a Shill for Koch Brothers

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Only one of the current Republican presidential candidates has no elected experience, which made me think that there wouldn’t be much about him because of that—and that he probably wouldn’t lie. Boy, was I wrong!

Herman Cain came out of a political obscurity as CEO of Godfather’s Pizza into standing ovations by Tea Party folk and a high percentage in polls, at least until recently. No matter what, he’s definitely made a name for himself.

Here are some of his positions. At least for today. They change quickly.

Foreign policy: His perception and approach appear to be several steps below the one from Sarah Palin’s when she says, “I can see Russia from my house.” His Afghanistan plan. No plan. “No. At this point, I don’t know all the facts,” he said. No plan for the war on terror. And he declines to share his thoughts with voters until he gets into the White House. “The right approach is that the day I’m elected, I would start on that plan,” Cain told Fox Sunday News. He also said, “You don’t need foreign policy experience to know your friends and your enemies.” Conservatives often want elected officials to run government like a business. Cain uses his business experience, specifically denying pizza deliveries to a black neighborhood in Omaha (NE), as his foreign policy. He refused to send delivery drivers into a violent neighborhood, and he said he would apply the same logic to his foreign policy decisions.

Abortion: He has told the Religious Right that he believes life begins at conception and that he wants to revoke taxpayer funding of that group. (Like lots of other conservatives, he confuses women’s reproductive care paid for by Medicaid and abortions which aren’t.) Yet he has offended conservatives by refusing to sign the Susan B. Anthony List’s Pro-Life Presidential Leadership Pledge.

Fiscal policy: He favors a return to the gold standard and supports economic stimulus but calls President Obama’s stimulus plan a “spending bill.” His plan: (1) lower top corporate and individual tax rates to 23 percent; (2) drop capital gains tax to zero; (3) suspend taxes on repatriated profits; (4) provide what he calls a “real” payroll tax holiday; and (5) make those tax rates permanent. When asked whether he was concerned that those tax cuts would exacerbate the deficit and debt problem, Cain said he is “not concerned that it’s going to leave a hole.” 

Illegal Immigrants: Cain’s solution to keep people from coming across the Mexican border illegally is a 20-foot-tall, barbed-wire-studded, electrified Great Wall and a moat with alligators. If China can build a wall, so can the U.S., he claims. 

LGBT Issues: Cain believes that homosexuality is a sin and a choice. He supports a constitutional amendment preventing same-sex marriage but supports civil unions. He seems to have a higher regard for the LGBT community than he does for Muslins, however, because he said that he would allow gay people into his cabinet. His reason? Gay people would be opposed to Sharia Law.

Separation of Church and State: The country should embrace its “religious heritage,” according to Cain. He believes that the United States’ founding documents are based on biblical principals. He originally stated that he would allow no Muslins in his cabinet and then backed off that, indicating that he just didn’t want any “bad” Muslins. (The far far right is pretty irritated with his increased tolerance.) Cain said if he were president that he would require all Muslims to sign a loyalty oath. Evidently he hasn’t read Article VI of the Constitution, which states “no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.”

Legislation: “I am only going to allow small bills — three pages. You’ll have time to read that one over the dinner table,” said Cain. Jon Stewart joked that “the State of the Union Address will be delivered in the form of a fortune cookie!” before the media knocked him for imitating Cain’s accent.

As with many other people who wave the Constitution as support for all that they say, Cain isn’t really sure what it says. For example, he talked about the importance of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” in the Constitution followed by the statement “when any form of government becomes destructive of those ideals, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.” Sorry, Mr. Cain, that’s in the Declaration of Independence, not the Constitution. I don’t expect that everyone will know this information, but any presidential candidate who bases his arguments on the Constitution should know what’s in it. (You can also check out Separation of Church and State above.)

Cain also has no idea about the background of  the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. When Chris Wallace interviewed him about this conflict, he criticized Obama’s suggestion that there should be a shift to the time before the 1967 war but finally said that he thought that people should always have the right to return.

Cain has been the spokesperson for a group called America’s PAC that, among other things, suggested Democrats wanted to kill “black babies.” The mission of the group is to get black voters to join the Republican cause if they want to enjoy the same success as whites and has run some vicious, lying television advertising to frighten Black voters.

Cain is funded and promoted by the Koch brothers and their ultra-conservative political organization Americans for Prosperity. The Koch brothers will not be happy until the wealthiest corporations in the nation appoint the few government leaders who would remove all regulations, the corporations would not be taxed, and the corporations could pay workers lower salaries than they would receive in China. The brothers hope to use Cain as their path to these goals.

What does Herman Cain believe? From what he has said, Christianity and corporations should rule the United States, the country should have no involvement with foreign countries, women should have no rights, and the top one percent should own 99 percent of the country instead of just 90 percent.

Cain has  little knowledge and less experience to become the President of the United States. Somehow this gives him more credence than with experienced, knowledgeable people–at least among Republicans. Only in politics and marriage are the characteristics of ignorance and lack of experience highly prized.

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